Samurai, colored by that boy, SFMC


this fob collab

tao voi thang peter ve chung.

Yep, that’s defintly Pistol Pete’s coloring

that’s a nice pic to Dreaded. Let’s see, something to gripe about… mm, nothing coming to mind, I think its a solid drawing.

1 mo fo the g you know?

Well tao color le qua, I’ll do a better job next time. Definitely Fob squad collab.

Hey SFMC, color something of mine! I want to see how it comes out.

These pieces are so beautiful, the initial sketching was very well done, but SFMC’s colour really brings the pictures to life and into a world of their own. So inspiring…

sfmc, you should upload all your pictures to a website, just use photoshop

file>export>gallery something

to make the html and then upload all the files.

cam on

Great collaboration guys. Great colours as usual. I really need to learn how to put highlights effectively. You know what we all should make a collaboration pic together…

… oh wait… nope that didn’t work last time.

Thats a helluva fine picture. Man it’s good to see two great artists working together. Cant wait for the SFMC Sweet showdown pics soon. And the Alex Yun and Yang too SFMC.

nice, digging the style.