samurai cub


sup all. just breakin into the boards with some old work.

i’ll bring some chun li x cammy stuff later on.

thanks for looking.



Shit is pretty tight bro. Shoryuken fanart boards is suddenly populated with badass artist now. This board is now top tier.


Wow! how nice pic! the desing of armor is very nice! Waiting for your chun li x cammy.


uh oh

Just when I thought we couldnt get better talent in here, you stroll in from the shadows. Very nice introduction peice. Is this some concept art for something?



wow!!!:eek: i mean wow!!! omg!!! i didn’t think i would see any better work, but u come along, damn u color like a pro!!! do u have a website!!! i would love to know how to color like u!!! :smiley: please teach!!! ur amazing!!! can i be like u :lol:


i saw that on gaia.


two thumbs up

very nice! :slight_smile:


i love the armor, your really intredusing a new style of samurai, more futuristic IMO instead of the classic japan one.

he sort of reminds me of mega man with the fore-arm piece and the wings piece.

very nice, defently a new fresh look, im getting lots of my ideas of my own just by looking at it.


OMG!! that is awesome. dude i was wondering if i can make a wallpaper out of the samurai dude. thanks.



that is awesome. yeah, i’m with the other dude…how did you color like that?
how long have you been doing that?
what programs do you use? who do you work for? when’s it coming out? wow, that is really tight.


Very nice and smoooth. Slick color job and sharp design. I dig the spades on the cat. Nice to see more top-notch stuff from these forums, keep ‘em comin’.


Outstanding! Excellent! That’s a great picture there…


thanks all. i appreciate the feedback

SFMC: thx, man. i saw ur work in streetfighter #5 . great great work.

gureiduson: thx, man

Deonysios: thx. it’s a concept for a comic i’m drawing next year.

hitshiro: hahaha. thx, dude. i dont have a site yet. bit i’ll be gettin one up before the summer. i’ll be sure to make a tutorial too :]

klakalou: i thought ur name looked familiar.

rook: thx

hoaxe: glad u noticed, man. i’m a big fan of megaman and swordplay.

Archangel_Ryu: sure, man. just let me get one when it’s done

Motoki Imawano: i colored this in painter 7. i been doing this for a year. right now my first published work is coming out next month in street fighter #7. i’ll be coloring cheapshots. :]

Jashugan: thx. i’ll post more soon.


Just finished it my screen is bigger than most so I shunk it down to 1024 res for everyone enjoy.


P.S. i also had to reduce the quality so if any one wants a maximum quality tell me and i will email it to you.


awsome!! coloring cheap shots!!!:smiley: it’s gonna be great!!! make sure u post when ur site is up, i love seeing ur work, i need to learn how to use painter, heard good stuff about it, but i only have photoshop 7 :bluu: i need to practice more to be as great like u :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah cool wallpaper there