Samurai extended aircombo?

About his aircombo. The other day I launched and did magic series 1,2,3,4,5, then I hit hk and it OTGed the opponent, stopping flying screen and forcing a roll out. I was midscreen at the time, so it totally surprised me. Since then, I’ve been trying to reproduce it with no luck. Anybody know how to make this combo work every time? I tried slowing down/speeding up the series and leaving out the mk, but nothing seems to work. If you could, you could probably set up a short rejump extension afterwards or maybe there might be some FS deterioration stuff.

i’ve only tested this a little bit, but if your in electric mode you have more stun.

i didn’t find a otg combo that would work on anyone that ins’t sentinal size (and it doesn’t even work on sentinal)

but what i did find was a double fierce combo that works on cable so it should work on most average sized characters.

i’m not sure if this is known but you basically super jump up and are attacking with lp as soon as you can you do the magic series pretyt fast and you do hp , hk.

as far as a otg combo i acn’t see how you can do it

the only way i did it on cable was off of ruby heart’s assist, silver samurai’s medium attacks hit way too high and his hard punch doesn’t hit that high so you have to get them at a lower height.

sorry if that doesn’t help.