Samurai question



if you were to charge, u gain super armor… i knwo this… but if you charge, while you’re already charged, does your super armor get ehanched…

i was fighting the cpu the other day, and he wasted a nice five meters in a row charging up… and after taht, i couldn’t seem to knock him out of super armor, so i decided to just throw him and snap him out, cuz it was pissing me off…


Dude, try this…
charge like 4 times (ice) with him…do his Ground ice against someone and watch the damage, its RIDICULOUS. and yeah, the more you charge, the more stronger he gets. i think its only for ice though.


After each power up his strength, defense , and speed increase after each power up. The limit is x3 and only one type of power up at a time.

Lightning Power up (qcb + P)

This move grants you more speed, allows you to do the Chou Shuriken while in midair, and gives you the ability to perform button-tapping chain combos. However, your attack damage is cut to 50%, your shurikens are faster but inflict only one lousy hit, and you take about 110-115% damage. By using Touki Lightning three times, your speed rivals woverine and your damage is reduced to only 70% also you take your usual 90% damage.

Fire Power up (qcb + HK)

Samurai raises his sword and enchants himself with the power of fire. This is his “Touki Fire” enhancement. Lasts for about 15 sec.
This move grants you 20% more attack power, faster shurikens, a faster-hitting Hyaku Sakuchi, and access to the Inferno Spiral (qcf+KK) but you take what seems like 140% damage. Fire times 2 increase attack damage by 30% and defense to 115%. You can also triple up Touki Fire to increase your attack damage by 50% and bring your defense back to normal.

Ice Power Up (qcb + LK)

He raises his sword and enchants himself with the power of ice. Lasts for about 15 sec. This move grants you a lot of defensive bonuses. You defense increase by 50%, you get access to the Glacial Spikes, and you also gain super armor, which allows you to endure the blows from weak hits. However, your attack damage is cut in half and the setup time for your shurikens is very long. Double up the Ice Power Up and your attack damage will only be reduced to 70%. Tripling up gives you the greatest effects: your attack damage is brought
back up to full strength and you gain Hyper Armor that rivals Colossus’ Armor Super, which prevents you from becoming "air comboed by your opponent. Your reduced speeds remains the same, however.

Sounds like good stuff but is it really worth 3 bars. I don’t think so.


3 bars huh…well w/e. i never really counted how many are really counted. but its some interesting stuff you said.:o