Samurai Shodown Anthology


The Japanese version of Samurai Shodown Anthology has been released. It does NOT have 5 Special which will be an exclusive to the US version. Once again, as with the Metal Slug Anthology, SNK has botched the ports of the earlier games in the series (1 and 2). Tenka is different from the stand alone PS2 version and has much shortened load times. Here is a brief rundown of the individual ports:


EDIT: Dude doesn’t appear to know shit about Samurai Shodown. Well, I will leave his “review” up until someone disproves what he says about 1 and 2.


There’s going to be a US version of SS Anthology for sure?


Yeah I know they made some glaring oversights in their review


also whats with the top middle panel? between tenkaiachi and practice mode, looks like vs but for some reason it stays faded out for me even with 2 sticks in


So is the SS Tenka in this collection good for tournament play?
I thought about buying Tenka before but I figure it would be more practical to wait for this collection instead.


SS6 has had decent tournament play already when it was out. It’s dead now though. It is a good game, but my guess is that it’s not very balanced. In Korea, Amakusa is infamous for how easy it is to drag screen when opponent weapon was let go, essentially disabling them to retrieve the weapon. I personally had a LOT of time burned out on it, it’s good stuff despite some beef I got. The game itself I’d only rate average, it’s about as fun as SS4.

I’m waiting on the actual game to come out. If they pull MS Anthology’s loading shit(lol double loading screen), I’m gonna get PS3 and get the import SS6 only version. 6~7 games in a single disc is dumbass idea, whoever thought of it was.


Can’t wait for the psp version…


I think you misunderstood my post. I’m not asking whether or not Tenka is a good game/balanced/whatever, I’m just asking if the port included in the SS Collection is good enough for tournament play.


So the version of Tenka isn’t the PS2 version with all the extra characters? Booooooo.


it is, all the extra characters are unlocked from the very start (including all the pets and pak pak) you have all the options that were available on the ps2 version, colour edit, blah blah blah you also get the option have rearranged voices, but to me they sound really low and muffled, maybe it’s just my sound setup, all the ports look pretty spot on to me.
the loading times are a bit annoying, but the camera zooming is spot on in all of them that guy is talking out of his arse, he seems like your typical internet twat spreading missinformation, possibly a disgruntled neo cart owner


What ports have there been on Samurai Shodown 2 other than on PC (not talking about emulators either)?


SS1 and 2 were released as a double (“fencing”) pack for the PSX in '97-'98 (?) - not very good conversions, from what I have read.


For what it’s worth, a preview of the English version.


yeah they were really choppy, and plauged by possibly the worst loading times i’ve ever seen for a fighter, but on the plus side it did have an interesting combo conpendium

after reading through that i had to chuckle at the end, what the fuck do you need a rumble feature for, one thing i would complain about is the lack of options in training mode, no abilty to put one hit guard on, no shortcut for checking commands, no real option to get the dummy to do what you want, with the exception of tenkaichi the options are really minimal, oh yeah NO RUMBLE FEATURE!


I wasn’t even aware people even thought of rumble in fighting games though chalk that up to another reason I don?t go to mainstream sites for shit on fighting games. Anyways, I am really looking forward to the US release for this. Always wanted to get into SamSho but was never sure where to start, now I don’t have any excuse. :woot:


Oh snaps I forgot all about. I’m glad it was shitty because if I had a PSX when I was in Japan I would have money on it.

Luckily I had a Saturn and the shodown games on it weren’t bad…


Reaaaaaally. Well, don’t I look stupid. Hooray for not having to jump through a million hoops to unlock Kuroko! Maybe I’ll pick this up after all…


turns out that middle panel is Vs mode after all, dodgey connection on my stick


So there is going to be a US release, awesome.

I’ll just wait for that one since it will cost less (maybe) and be in English. It’s going to be ugly when I get it considering I haven’t played SS in about a decade.


Has anyone found out any more info about the loading? I find it strange that these games should have ANY loading at all. If Capcom can make SFA Anthology or the SF Anniversary Collection run smoothly without in game loading, why can’t SNK? MSA was just terrible with that loading for the menu screen. Of course I may be complaining about nothing, but does anyone know anything about the loading yet?