Samurai Shodown : Edge of Destiney?


I know SFIV’s had all the attention (and rightly so =] ), but the silence on SS EoD - console release is scary. Is anyone else excited about this game? Does anyone know anything about it?



Theres not as much silence as you probably dont hang out with people needed :smiley:
I recommend you to go to Sen (EoD) section on my forum here
Any discussions about game are preferable to do there as well. If you will have troubles with account activation, ask to activate it at Guests Forum (you can post there unlogged in)

And also you can check this game’s videos at
in videos section. Site is unupdated (Im working on update now) but you wont miss much since there is alot of videos starring all characters except BlackHawk (he’s unpopular I guess)


I saw some gameplay vids of this game on you tube. I love snk fighting games, but I think this game is going to be a huge dissapointment. I’ll just stick 2 Sam Sho Anthology for $15.


You can read my mini-review of Sen here:

Also, play me online in SS1/2/3/4/5sp at sometimes.


As I suspected from the vids, it is more or less a new and flawed game in Samurai Shodown dressing. I really wish they could update (or even port) SS 64-2.


Amen to that. But i really wish more people would play Tenka as well.

BTW (to the OP), there is already a thread for this game in GFD…you’ll have to dig through the archives to find it.


Yeah its a shame they produced probably best game in series (SSAZ) on something that still cannot be emulated(!) and never ported it. SNK are sooo weird


i don’t think this game will be much different than any of the other Sam Sho games which to me is a huge dissapointment


Yeah Soul Caliber owns this game from what I’ve seen. The characters are too “floaty” when knocked into the air, I think I saw someone get stick to a “wall” while getting hammered on. So far not impressed, should of kept it 2-D.


i wish i could play it :frowning:
really looks awesome to me
i dont really like the SS series (i’ve only the 5th on my ps2, but already played the others sometime on neogeo) but it’s true that i never played it a lot


One of funniest things I readed at this forum :lol:. Have you even played the “other Sam Sho games” ?


hey anyone found a video of the fatalities in this game?
I really loved Suija’s in SS5Sp, the blood rain was awesome.
I have seen clips where people get cut in half or get their arm cut off, but nothing character specific for this new SEN game.



From what I have heard, there are no character specific fatalities. Pretty much, like the original SS, where you maim them and more or watch gallons of blood to spray.


There are no specific ones but there are new ones never seen before - decapitation and weapon impalements, and also cutting arm off returns from Asura Zanmaden. Others are usual blood spray and slice in half from what I remember. And nothing character specific.

And it seems you can done those only as reward for getting flawless victory


I think I already told you this Black Shroud. You don’t need a perfect to trigger fatality effects in Edge of Destiny. It happens randomly depending on what move you use to win a match with. Of course, harder slashes will probably have a greater chance to cause these effects.


Just watched some newer vids of Sen and I want to say you can get bored to death from watching Sen matches, especially played by japanese players. They use same 2-3 normal attacks over and over, over and over. And watching how Ukyo does his horisontal slash 60 times in a match, and how Kyoshiro responds to him with 40 pokes and 30 high pokes isnt most pleasant experience, its more like reading a big text written by use of 2 letters. Hell, every SS1 battle I saw had more variety and more character personality. And most disappointing fact is that SNK wasted so good graphical engine on this game.

I kinda can understand that with SS6 they had a casual and younger target auditory, but I cant get for what auditory Sen is suited. It seems the game is good to take screenshots from, with colorful realistic graphics and such. Maybe photographers will have a blast playing it :smiley: