Samurai Shodown Project

Well guys…my old post is gone but I am returning here to discuss again about my samurai shodown
project for mugen (love it or hate it…make your choice :wink: )

I already said that I have 4 chars in course: Yoshitora, Haohmaru, Zankuro and Gen-an, but now
I decided to put all my efforts on 2 of them: Yoshitora and Haohmaru…

Both already have all basic, normal, super and hyper moves.

Before I realease the first beta I need to make:

  • Issen
  • Tag Team
  • Screen pack
  • IA
  • Minor adjustments like some sounds, colors, sparks, etc…

Either way, you already can watch some videos about the game. Unfortunately duo my bad skills in
recording videos they are all made in poor quality but I promise I will try better next time. (I learned to
use camtasia in 10 minuts!)

Enjoy the links here and “PLEASE!!” post your suggestions and comments…they are really important to me…and
I know this is the best place to take suggestions about gameplay and balance…




is this a joke…

Wow, whoever said retarded users have to be from 2006/2007? :confused:

Sure it is man…I mean…I spent more than a year and a half ripping, cleaning, aplying pallet and aligning 3000+ sprites, extracting 400+ game sounds, coding 100000+ lines, studing the 68000 CPU to exaust from SSVS to make a game as close as possible to the original…and all this just to make a fucking joke here right…

Yeah…they can be from Mar 2001 also…:confused:

I keep asking myself what happend to those guys that answered the first tread I did like Dark Geese…I hope to get some respect here and plz…if you don’t have any usefull comment to make just don’t do it…There are tons of extra other topics that you can participate…

I respect the effort, but my take on it is “what’s the point?” I am a huge SS fan, but if you are just trying to replicate it… We already have the games, unless you are doing something new to them, “whats the point”

If you are going to replicate it and have online play, cool. If you are going to do all this work just to make the same game in mugen “whats the point of it?”

Just curious on what you are actually working towards.

Maybe if you hadn’t started this off in MUGEN?


Well…there is not point at all in making the same game for mugen, but to make something better you have to do, at least, something really closer to the original. If I make the game for mugen , we (the community) have the chance to make changes, improvements, make it better…This is the point in doing all this. Imaging the infinity possibilities we can make with a game that we have access to the codes…

I opened this topic with the intention to collect some expert ideas that could improve the samsho gameplay we already have…This is the chance we all have to modelate a game acording to the community’s opinion instead of waiting for the gamedevelopers on the company to guess what is the best choice according to their point of view…

At the moment I am working on a tag team for samsho, something that the game doesn’t have…But , how could a tag team fits in a samsho game? How should the partner change works? There are lots of questions that I make to myself looking for the best answer and I thought here I could find some helping in answering those questions…

Why dont you try doing something a little different, like making a more interesting combo system…

lmao…ur mad off it but u wasted ur time making that shit…

:rofl: Like THAT’S possible in a MUGEN engine… :rolleyes:

Maybe you guys could respect his effort of doing something he wants to do? He’s only going to learn from his endevour, and become better.

What’s the point of playing video games?

To have fun.

Well that’s all this guy is doing, is having fun recreating a game he likes.

oh it is, believe it. i can tell you just saw the crap mugen has to offer, and not the good stuff that’s out there. or you probably never tested it at all

recruta: good luck with your project :wink: (not that you’ll need it)

Oh man. Phantom of the Server.

You are my hero.

Seriously, you inspired me to get MUGEN with your great characters.


Those characters are great. My only suggestion in terms of engine is to make the differences in character defense more noticeable. If and when you get to Gedo, make sure he only takes 80% or something. And keep the damage high.

Also, for character tweaking, give Haohmaru’s Cyclone the ability to set up a juggle (if it doesn’t do so already). Maybe give him back his old air Cyclone from SS3.

Thanks for the support guys…I really apreciate that…but the main reason for making this tread is to collect gameplay ideas like Ultima is giving…but remeber…this is samurai shodown, not GG or MvC2…so I won’t be putting things like insane combo system, lauchers, etc…

At the moment I am thinking in how should tag team works…Any idea? Also plz…don’t give vague suggestions like: make a new groove, make a new system, make him better, etc…

I know mugen is not welcome here, but recently I released a beta file on the following link of my samurai shodown project:

All I ask is that before saying something at least give a try.

RECRUTA: Keep it up. It does look promising. Add new stuff like a more flexible combo system or more Juggles and stuff like that.