Samurai Shodown Sen aka Edge of Destiny


i’m surprised i haven’t heard more about this game???

does anyone have character info on this game. like combos and what not. also i was wondering when and if it would be released in the states?


tournament footage


official site <— english

beta test footage

when i first heard about this game i thought nothing of it but after reviewing screens and seeing it in action, its freaking beautiful… :hitit:

more videos can be found here

Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny (Taito Type X2) Trailer #2
short trailer showing the different characters



I have no oppinon about this.


I haven’t got to play this yet, and probably won’t for a long time, but just from the looks of it I think many players haven’t jumped on this because it’s too derivative of Namco’s 3D fighter style. It really doesn’t look like it plays like good ol’ SamSho at all. I haven’t played any of the other 3D SS titles either; is SamSho Sen even similar to them?


Personally, I look forward to playing this after it gets a console release. There is something elegant and pretty about it’s stages and the overall flow of the game. The last time I saw vids was back from the same big video release that showed us the first shots of SF4 in action…

Watching hands, heads, and torso’s being severed off was pretty interesting. So the Japanese Arcade edition is censored, but the eventual American release had full on dismemberment and death, if I remember right. Such the opposite, compared to the old Arcade and Neo Geo releases.

Any Samurai Shodown that takes a proper step towards the games original, artistically satisfying “fatal slashes” at least deserves some attention, and a promise to at least try it out!


Its seems that the Japanese doesnt give a shit about SS Sen and mostly no one plays it… its even hard to find actual video matches in Youtube or Nico Douga and THATS a lot to say for a somewhat new game.


Yeah from the videos I’ve seen the gameplay just looks bland…not that interesting at all. The Japanese have all but completely dropped this game already.

EDIT: Yeah this is really too bad too because the graphics do look nice, and you can hack people’s limbs off.


I’m still saving up for a SS64 and SS642 board. Those games and Fatal Fury Wild Ambition are some of SNK’s best 3-D titles.


I was expecting to squint my eyes and see Soul Calibur or something but this game actually looks cool. Air juggles aside that is.


It’s a terrible SC clone. I don’t know why they had to do that; a more realistic SamSho would have worked pretty well IMO, and it would still retain most of its personality. Taking out projectiles but then adding retarded juggles is pretty pointless.


This game looks hella awesome!!!

What system is it for?


Just doesn’t look like Sam Sho. I mean look at those damage stats, and air juggling? Not Sam Sho.


this is just Samurai shodown maximum impact



the game looks cool, i cant wait for the console release :rock:


Supposed to be out 360/PS3 this summer.

Arcade right now, but neglected due to well, better things being out.


Yeah the air juggles look fucking silly.




Hey, KoFMI(2) was way more awesome than this hunk of crap.


Guess we’re gonna have to wait for Samurai Shodown MIRA then.


If it uses the same engine as 3D KOF games (KOF MI, KOF 2k6), it may be pretty good. These two games felt like they kept to the classic feeling of SNK, but in 3D.


As somone who is pretty awesome at Tekken and who loves Namco style 3D fighters, this game compliments me already…can’t wait to try it.