Samurai shodown sen worth $20?

i did a search on this forum and found the samurai shodown sen thread on people talking about the gameplay and what not but i have a question about buying it.

i was very tempted to buy samurai shodown sen when it came out but i made the mistake of buying kof 12 at full price and with the online being shit and not much to the game in terms of number of characters and stages, etc., i was unhappy with it and i returned it the next day. now i recently bought kof 12 for like 12 bucks and i’m much more happy with it that i only paid that price because i think that’s the only price it’s worth.

i’ve read the reviews and everyone’s opinions on the game. i understand it plays nothing like the original samurai shodown. i understand it plays more like soul calibur and all the original moves are pretty much gone. i know it’s almost like a different game entirely. BUT. my question is this. now it’s finally in an affordable “this could be worth it price range.” however, i’ve heard everyone talk mad shit on the game and i understand why. BUT. i am an avid fighting game fan and i have every fighting game there is out now on xbox 360. i want to add this to my collection.

is this game worth at least $20?

I guess. I mean it’s all about if you enjoy the game or not, right? People are free to enjoy ‘bad’ games like Mortal Kombat, SVC Chaos, and that Jackie Chan game.

well that’s a little extreme, that jackie chan game. that’s like saying i’m free to like and enjoy that sandra bullock movie all about steve but we all know it was shit.

i just want to know if anyone who has played it has disliked it because it’s just a horribly shit game. i mean not liking it because it’s not classic samurai shodown is one thing, but not liking it because it’s an overall piece of shit game that’s a waste of money is another. and the latter is more of an answer i’m looking for. either it’s good for what it is or it’s completely not even worth my money. not that “it’s not samurai shodown and i don’t like that.” i know that. i’m asking overall, is it worth $20? will i find enjoyment in what it is?

It only has 3 infinites, with one of them for a boss character, and other needing constant just frame inputs, so I guess its not too broken. Its not too deep either, since it took away many many gameplay options from previous games. Basically Sen is
Long range: Nothing (or fullscreen unblockable 8 hit juggle if you play as sub-boss)
Mid range: Footsies based on 1)wide variety of normals with different traectories/ranges; 2)fact that all horisontal slashes are duckable but cant be sidestepped; 3)fact that all vertical slashes are sidesteppable but cant be ducked
Close range: Braindead stuff (weak slash spam often safe on block, damaging generic grab that all characters share, juggle combos)
Misc: No aerial combat, no dashes, no rolls, no zoning aside of footsies, no long-range moves, no supers, no chip damage, etc etc

Videos of more or less highlevel play

Demonstration of Rage Techniques of all characters
Combo footage of classic characters
Combo footage of newcomer characters