Samurai Shodown Talk


what the, they send AOF2, the greatest Art of Fighting game in the series, to Xbox One, instead of PS4

well PS4 is getting Fatal Fury 2, but considering they are adding more Fatal Fury, perhaps the next round of ACA Samurai Shodown is coming to PS4, which could be II or III, though Switch got arcade ports PS4 received, PS4 should get Samurai Shodown IV as well.


I wonder how they decide who gets what? Seems pretty random. Happy to get a Magical Drop game on PS4 (tho for some reason gFAQs has it listed as an xbone game?)


Why not just release Fatal Fury Special? It’s basically everything 2 was and more.

SNK launch decisions are weird.


because ACA working on releasing SNk entire libary and trying to them in chornigical order.


LOL chronological order? first they release Samurai Shodown VI (which was directly extracted from PS2’s SS Anthology), then ACA Samurai Shodown on PS4, then Samurai Shodown IV on Switch. it’s ok they released arcade perfect Metal Slug games when Anthology already has six of the games, but at least they released a game that included pretty much all the games up to that point.

whereas with Samurai Shodown, they are so random and insane, and turned to bad platform decisions bringing SSIV to Switch first, as if PS4 gamers are going to buy a Switch for SSIV.
or Art of Fighting fans on PS4 are going to buy a Xbox One (LOL) for Art of Fighting 2, even when its the greatest in the series.

bring the series to PS4 first, then go multiplatform. if SNK games sell more on Switch, thats only because Switch has nothing to play, they still have less fans than PS4’s population.

we wouldnt have had this problem if they at least brought Samurai Shodown Anthology to PS2, although I’m grateful for the ACA ports, which are superior and arcade perfect, SSIV on Switch really pushed back the circumstances where Samurai Shodown fans on PS4 could have been one game closer to having at least the first 4 masterpieces in the series.
not saying they should launch II, III, and IV on PS4 every week, but really, we couldve gotten SSIV, and SSII or III would be right around the corner, but now we have three games that are still not on PS4, and it’s just insane they would pick Switch over PS4 for SSIV.


Download FightCade and play it on that. We have a group of folks who play 5sp regularly.


If SNK was really that interested in selling copies of these games, they’d release them with netcode. The fact that they don’t means that ports of them are kind of pointless unless they’re being used for tournaments, and who’s having side-by-side SamSho tournaments nowadays?

SS4 is probably the most popular SamSho title other than 2, and it’s less graphically intense than Vi so it makes sense they’d release it on the Switch, but I’m kind of surprised they chose that one instead of VI.


SSVI has roster and graphics and easier command input, but hollow without blood and cutting opponents in half. that’s why ACA Samurai Shodown gets more plays than SSVI.

adding netcode would not make profit compared to the costs adding netcode.

look at X360. Samurai Shodown II had netcode, but its online community went vacant rather quick.

and look at all the PS3 neo geo games with netcode, KOF95 and 96’s netcode were underrated, and they still underperformed in sales.

even without online, the Samurai Shodown games are still valuable, even in the single player, plus it has SNK difficulty levels, so the action stays interesting and challenging.

it still doesnt make much sense to bring SSIV to Switch first. the starved platform with no games may get more attention towards it, but the nintendo fanbase takes things for granted, they don’t take Samurai Shodown seriously like the PS4 userbase, and nintendo controllers are junk, you can’t even share record and archive gameplay videos on Switch, it’s the most overpriced and overrated console this gen, and Nintendo is even too stupid on capitalizing on it being the successor of 3DS besides Wii U,
instead, they let 3DS continue to gobble up sales and developers, leaving Switch to starve just like Wii U.
they continue to needlessly have internal competition juggling two platforms at once, the 3DS masses arent going to jump into Switch until 3DS is cut loose and there’s no nintendo platform other than Switch in the market.

Samurai Shodown IV is wasted on Switch, as is Art of Fighting 2 on Xbox One.


REgardless of any of that other stuff, releasing a fighting game without netcode in this day and age is pointless because in order for it to have any kind of real shot at having an audience, the folks buying it need to be able to play people. As it is, fightcade or xzone are the best ways to play SamSho because there’s an actual community of people who play the games. Releasing them without netcode just shows that SNKP doesn’t care about fostering a community for these games, just selling ports that people will play for a week and put down because they have no way of finding competition if they don’t have any friends who play.


Samurai showdown 6 is not rip from SS Anthology. SS 6 had stand alone PS2 release befor it got added to the SS Anthology.

The SS6 on PS4 is just ps2 emulator ripp, same for Fatal fury Achrives, ADK damashi, FUUN super combo, Metal anthology ect. Its an Emulation of emulation thus not true arcade ports of say games. ALso these release was done by SNK.

ACA Neo neo are straight arcade ports of the game done by Hamster.

SSIV on switch is due to how nintendo switch is due to how nintendo switch is already had SS1-3 via virtual console wich operate independently from ACA.

As for why not doing the Anthology as whole. well again the anthology is business decision. why not sell each game if people are going to buy them. which they are. also only the wii version of SS anthology was decent. the ps2 one was terrible with glitches and fps drops. I doubt Niny going to let them get that version.

ACA has their own system to how their porting these arcade classic. and server cost money for online games. These are made for collectors and snk enthusiast first who will buy these games.


yea it doesnt need online to be great games to play, even back then, I played the arcade games mostly solo. of course pvp the combat shines more, but these games CPU is so badass, they can be even more formidable and knowledgeable than casual players.

anyways, here’s another example of Hamsters absurd picks. PS4 gets Fatal Fury 2, but Switch gets Fatal Fury Special?!?!!??!!?

that is so messed up, everyone knows FFS is better than FF2 in practically every way. its like the SSF2T of Fatal Fury, with everyone from FF2 including bosses and legendary characters added.

so what and when is the next PS4 ACA Samurai Shodown game??? whether it’s II or III I’d get it, maybe V too, well of course, but yea SSIII would be so flipping awesome, and if they add IV that would be awesome too. Switch got SSIV, so should PS4.

like they are going ham with the Metal Slug ports, Samurai Shodown II/III/IV should get a turn on PS4


Not that I have a PS4, but:


Terrible teaser. Also hopefully they don’t give this to those dotemu hacks and do a proper port instead.


original SS1 coming to Switch


Thank you!! So HYPED!! this is incredible!! GOTY!! Epic!! Wooooosh!!

AND IT HAS ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!! instant 11 out of 10 score!!


This might sound weird, I want to buy the game on PS4 but also buy it on vita without cross buy to support SNK further for future classic releases.


that’s not weird. I’m grateful after three Onechanbara games that weren’t localized, XSEED brought the greatest one of the Z series, Z2 Chaos, to the west, I bought both the 1st print physical and digital versions as support.

if only the mainstream people were grateful like you, Samurai Shodown could prosper as a greater expanded, better cared for, more frequent quality sequels, and higher quality franchise.


Yeah but once you learn the AI’s stupid tricks, there’s no way to grow past that. Playing other players is the whole point of fighting games and if there’s no way to do that, then it cuts down on the life of your game.

That said, I’m glad it’s finally getting legit releases. They should have included this in the SS Anthology, and I’m sure they could have had they cut some corners on things like music quality.


SNK a.i. in high difficulty are always a challenge to most people. so that doesn’t get old to single players.
the competitive seen has too easy opponents and too hard opponents, so I’d say some would rather have beatable opponents,
than unbeatable opponents, and most can’t stand losing to a player.

not entirely, otherwise these games wouldn’t have a.i., and the fighting game sales would only be 1/4 of what they are making

due to people that know they will play the game mostly or entirely solo. even back then when SF first appeared on consoles, I’d say over 90% of the owners only played it on their Genesis or SNES alone against CPU, and those games lasted years, and it wasn’t until generations later when consoles started to have online play for the genre, and fighting games online on consoles didn’t become standard and mainstream until the PS3/Xbox360 generation.

either way SS Anthology wouldn’t do it justice. PS2 limitations, and especially the load times that would dumb it down from streamlined arcade standards. I’m so glad the ACA version of Samurai Shodown came to PS4 if it was the SSA version wouldn’t be as authentic and smooth. and Hamster added cool things like adjustable widescreen and filters

now look at the SSA version of SS1, so limited, fuzzy, low resolution, some slowdown, just stuffed in there, and SSA games generally have loadtimes that really hiccup the whole experience. plus the portable owners got really bad version. and there’s no online (even mediocre netcode is better than no online, especially these days)

yes, at first, before this, I felt they should of brought SS Anthology, since that’s better than nothing, and has most of the games.
but I’m glad the things turned out, no SSV on PS4 and the months of no new SS ports,
is gonna make SSV Special on PS4 even more amazing.

SSV Special can be the most polished and definitive Samurai Shodown game to a lot of fans. and that’s worth more than the first 5 SSs combined!!

and like you said, fighting games are about playing with other players, so with online, that makes SSV Special even more important than a SS Anthology port, though if they later added that, I would get that too. but quality and features do enhance a port, and
SSV Special has the best chance to earn a larger fanbase for the series (of course a new AAA game would do wonders too, though SSV Special is gonna be more affordable and authentic, and chances are modern SNK is probably too squeamish to make a modern Samurai Shodown as epic, graphic and violent like the true SSV Special. So if a new SS is not up to SSV Special standards, fans will probably just play SSV Special as their primary fighting game.)


Is the Wii version SS Anthology without load times?

Any news on SS2, SS3, and SS4 releasing on PS4.
The Switch version of SS4 is oddly released.


Yup. No loadtimes at all.