Samurai Shodown Talk


I only linked the thread for the screenshots. I didn’t mean 2004 as the perfect time. I meant NOW 2017, just like you said, as the perfect time.


Most people who play fighting games want to play other people, not just the computer. The AI would be basically like playing the same person without having any variation. You’re a bit of an outlier if you’re happy playing the AI and only the AI, and that’s fine, but that isn’t going to sell the game to the majority of fighting game fans who want to play other people and don’t have anyone in their vicinity who plays the game. It’s not the SNES/Genesis days anymore, we have options now. Back then we didn’t. But now that we do, there’s no excuse for SNK to be releasing games with no netcode, and I, for one, would love to have a huge base of people to play SSS5sp against, so I have a vested personal interest in SNK releasing a port of what is probably the best SamSho game with decent netcode.

As it is, we have a handful of people who play SS5sp on Fightcade/xzone, and that’s from all over the world. We wouldn’t have been able to get our little community started without the ability to play online. That’s how communities are fostered and how a game gains an audience. It would be incredibly shortsighted of SNK to put out a bunch of games with no online, but thankfully they seem to understand this, at least for the purpose of these ports.

SS4 is a fun piece of shit of a game. It’s good to see it getting some love too.


which makes Samurai Shodown V Special on PS4 and Vita all the more worthy of getting more hype and success since it has online play,
now the messed up thing is that babies are going to nitpick and underrate the netcode.

even Samurai Shodown II’s, KOF98, and Fatal Fury Special’s netcode on X360 wasn’t perfect, but still had some great matches, so great, didn’t even notice the lag much or at all, it’s a case by case basis. same for PS3 with M2’s netcode for the KOF ports, KOF95 and 96 had noticable better netcode. and if there’s input lag? so what? just adapt and enjoy it! Even if the netcode was perfect, no one’s getting paid to play their best. some just take things too seriously.

netcode isn’t going to beat local match smoothness for every player, that’s just how it is for the genre. still, the ability to play with others worldwide, is still great, and these netcodes are sorely overrated.

ok, if someone plays with someone with incompatible connection, then just scratch them off the list, don’t base the ENTIRE netcode on your incompatible experiences. find and play with compatible connections.

Look at KOFXIV, the greatest netcode the company ever established, played longer online on console than all the previous KOFs combined, and still played now and then online, but the haters don’t wanna see that, they just glare at the imperfections, and expect the online to give them players, instead of forming their own PSN community or joining one, and expanding their friends list for the game.

so if there’s any reason SNK games with online are empty, is because the fighting game communities own toxic viewpoints and expect the netcode to do everything for anyone of any region, ISP and router. they blame the netcode before they blame other factors, and that is unjustified.

And its sickening that it’s said that SSV Special beta booth got ignored at EVO. WTF. anyone in the world can see any of the tournament vids on twitch and youtube archives, but ONLY the people that attended EVO had the priviledge to play the upcoming edition of SSV Special, and no one even cared to play it for a round or two???
I tell ya, there’s a poisonous stigma among the fighting game communities attitude towards SNK classics, and it’s not funny at all. even players that been around since the 16 bit days, it’s just messed up they wouldn’t even be mildly interested to play that SSV Special beta.

that might of been a little demoralizing for Code Mystics, the only developer in this ENTIRE INDUSTRY that can do Samurai Shodown V Special right on PS4 and vita.

and it goes to show the fighting game mainstream have such twizzler sized interests. graphics and big names are all the rage, but the EVO crowd doesn’t represent the PSN crowd as a whole, I think SSV Special could do well on PS4, but somehow they really gotta build more hype and interest towards it, more than any port.


well some action on fightcade

not sure what date they will bring SSV Special. I barely have $17 on PSN and dont wanna spend it. I know it’s gonna be like $15 or more.


Didnt know that SSVS beta was at evo lol. I wasn’t there, but still, sad.


it’s really upsetting Code Mystics still doesn’t update their twitter about Samurai Shodown V Special. like where is the hype buildup? they expect the lazy SNK/FGC crowd to do it for them the FGC doesn’t care unless its capcom, ASW or namco. and the SNK fanbase are too passive.

they dont even update their facebook.

the only evidence of SSV Special is found in news sources like the playstation blog

they said summer! it’s gonna arrive either this month or next month. Like, they should get a clue, they can easily build more hype if they like dedicate an official site for it just like nintendo did with Smash Dojo. stuff like that could draw more mainstream attention. but their port has no foundation, just a PSN announcement, what are they just gonna quietly launch it on PSN? that’s not how , even Cosmic Star Heroine got a bit of promotional enthusiasm before its launch. and they dont need to hire a marketer to do those things, the makers of Friday the 13th The Game promoted their game by themselves, with a single person wearing multiple hats.

SNK should promote it too! maybe they are waiting close to the date? it’s absurd they are so casual about it. and you know in fact, it was SNK that made that playstation blog. but they should do more building SSV Special hype.

how they expect the series to gain a larger following if there’s no hype from the publisher and developer’s side? other publishers are shoving their bandwagons all over the place for their products, large and small.


What? they actually played it at EVO 2017!

that’s great someone at least shared some original footage and positive enthusiasm for the definitive port


Samurai Shodown V Special MVS is worth over $900.

guess they really are trying to sell those before the PS4/Vita port/remaster arrives.
maybe more will appreciate PSN Store prices more. they don’t have to spend $900 to own it on PS4/Vita.


if anybody is looking to play ss5sp and wondering if it’s for them this i’ll give brief idiots guide rundown

This game is a very aquired taste, it’s slow, some might even say flat out boring

I think of this game as the exact opposite of darkstalkers 3, so if you enjoy that sort of game with heavy rush down, normals where you are at MASSIVE advantage on block like + 5 or sometimes higher like plus +7 you’ll find this game hard to deal with because offence in this game is stifled by the fact pretty much everything is negative on block, and when i mean everything i mean everything.

So in most games you lk or lp with give you advantage on block i used darkstalkers 3 to ram it home, because in that game you get more frames than most, if you’re a complete noob all this means is that on offence you’re able to move before the defender which is why you see alot of the sick rushdown from sako with BB hood or nukis bishamon and so on
In s5p there’s only a couple of things that are plus on block and even then you’re only at like +1 which is barely anything at all.

What this means is that attacking in ss5sp is very very risky, which makes the game very turtley, because why would you wanna go in and start partying if you’re leaving yourself at risk? you’re not! which means you have to pick your spots wisely

If you’re thinking i’m being negative i’m not, it just takes getting used to and also has benefits and again i’ll use darkstalkers 3 to ram this point home
So how does this having everything negative on block benefit the game in relation to DS3?
Execution, to me and this is just personal opinon DS3 is one of the hardest if not the hardest 2d fighter it terms of being able to compete at a good level in terms of execution, the game is very link heavy, ss5sp benefits because it’s the reverse, there’s barely any links and the ones that are in the game are obscure backturnt shit, all the combos are very very basic

You can basically pick a chracter like say kyoshiro or tamtam and press buttons and win providing you know the system and match ups, but what i’m getting at is that the game is some respects is very simple

On the face of it ss5sp is a very noob friendly game, low execution, slower gameplay where as DS3 is the exact opposite, very fast with a very high execution barrier
It just depends on the type of game you prefer, maybe if you’re from a SF backround you might like the slower more methodical neutral heavy, whiff punisment type of game over the more flashy faster games that seem to be more common place today

The last point is just me rambling, of other strong point of ss5sp is the difference in play styles between chracters, my own view is that it’s much stronger than a game like ds3.
Of course in ds3 bishamon is nothing like sasquatch who is turn is nothing like lei lei, but then i feel that sasquatch is kinda similar to j talbain bishamon kinda similar to bbhood in terms of dash pressure blah bah, and you could say others like morrigan to lillth and dimitri.

Don’t misunderstand me, i know they are different but i feel that the difference between playstyles in 5sp is much greater and this might be possibly due to the rather odd engine and restrictive offence, i mean gaira is nothing like mina, kazuki is nothing like hanzo, even the clones like rasetsumaru suija play completley unique i just feel it’s one of the games strong points that’s all

If you’re looking to pick up ss5sp please consider the above before buying, know what to expect and what you’re getting yourself into


There’s a bit of misinformation in this post, and imo it’s disingenuous to compare SS5sp to Vampire Savior when the two games couldn’t be any more different. Why don’t we compare Tetris to Devil May Cry while we’re at it?

-Not everything is negative on block. AB normals and some specials are, but most kicks, A and B normals leave you able to block if they’re blocked. Any frame data tables for this game that are out there are pretty inaccurate unfortunately, but spending time with the game shows you that it’s not true that not everything is negative on block.

-No SS5sp doesn’t have a twitchy heavy rushdown rhythm to it, but the game can move incredibly fast especially if you’re playing characters like Ukyo, Basara, Yunfei, and many others. If anything, the fact that you actually have to think about what you’re going to do and pick your moment to attack is a plus in my book. It makes the game a lot more tense.

-There are plenty of combos in SS5sp. Watch players like KardboardKing, From Beyond, and Tank, and you’ll see tons of them. They aren’t massive “wait for 10 min while i finish my combo” types, but that’s never been how SamSho worked except in SamSho4, which is a lot faster paced and has the combo starter mechanics that lead to big combos. If you can’t maximize damage, you’re not going to win games, and one of the ways to maximize damage is to use combos, of which there are tons in this game.

-Playing defensively is advantageous in this game because the pacing mimics an actual duel. If you were fighting another swordsman in real life, you’d be an idiot to just RTSD. But there are characters who are best played more aggressively (Ukyo and Genjuro being a couple) so like you said, and I agree, there are many different styles of play to choose from here.

-Mechanically the game is incredibly deep. Sure, the game isn’t as executionally heavy as Guilty Gear at its most complex, but choosing whether to let your meter get to POW so you can utilize your super and do higher damage, or meditate it away and be able to use State Of Nothingness when things get down to the wire can be the difference between winning and losing. And it changes from character to character and matchup to matchup.

It doesn’t sound to me like you’ve played the game enough to really wrap your head around it beyond a basic level, and while it’s fairly easy to pick up initially, when you really start to play it more, it reveals itself. People can just download it on MAME and give it a shot if they have any doubts, or come join us in the SamSho5sp room on Fightcade, even if just to watch. There are always folks of all levels playing and I have to say, in the 6 or so months I’ve been playing this game seriously, the amount of people playing has really increased.


Most new players will compair it when they start playing, which is why i used such a extreme example, do not say X is better than y or vice versa, the bottom line is they are both 2d fighters

Please tell me the list of moves that are plus on block or EVEN without obscure distancing like hanzos running slide, rasetsumarus shoulder, i didn’t insinuate that everything leaves punishable on block did i?
Yes i know about canceling the recoil state in order to catch punishes which in itself is extremly risky.
In alot of cases it’s very hard to build offence in the game without taking incredible risks which to some players especially new players used to other games is possibly off putting

As for speed yes maybe i worded it wrong, maybe match pace, but yes you’re right but then i think about my time with the game and lets use ukyo as an example, yes he is fast, as in dash speed instant overhead, running B for reverse blocking running C for the low and AB for damage, but most of those are very unsafe, which leaves you with what? standing A standing B which are deflect bait, forward C (only safe at max range) to bait deflects or just catch them sleeping so yes i’ve got one of the quickest chracter’s in the game, but if get it wrong i’m losing 35% which bring me to the point of because of the nature of the game and me being a pussy it causes me to turtle hardcore, which in turn for somebody watching is kinda boring, yeah sure i can start partying linking down C swollow swipe, running C running B but against good players that will get me killed, hence slowing the match down

I know the game has combos, think i dont know about kazukis fireball running b shit or zankuros back turn small loop genjuros unblockable sogetsus yadda yadda, but really out side of a couple of obscure situational ones what is there? i’ve not played in 5 years what new combos are there?
Most of the time you’ll just be 2 in 1ing into small or large pursuit i did not mean the game has litreally NO combos come on, again for new players used to other games it could be seen as a negative which is why i said what i did, this game is very simple in terms of execution you can compete at a mid to high level as long as you have an understanding of fighting games and obviously the system which you are in, which is a strong point

Most high damaging combos do not come from the CD series in ss4 outside of infinents if we are talking about peoples lack of knowledge on how the game works here ss4 is not faster for that reason alone, better throws, more back turn states, slightley faster, retarded POW moves
It’s very easy to take your sentance and bash you with it when i’m only reading what i want to read right?

Playing defensively is advantageous because playing aggressivley gets you killed which is my whole really, so you kinda confirm what i’m saying no?
The frame data in the game causes you to take less risks at a higher level, At no point did i say i found the game boring, but to the casual onlooker it could possibly be deemed boring, especially those who might not understand what is going on or have only played a certain style of fighter IE GG BB SF to which ss5sp is very different which is why i use DS3 it’s the polar opposite

At no point do i question the games mechanics, but in fact you overstate the choice between powing and building enlightment, some chracters are forced to pow ie enja zankuro kyoshiro if i remember correctly
Where others are forced to use enlightenment yunfei hanzo, when i say forced i dont want you twisting my words again so let me say this chracter played at there optimal it’s a better choice, much ike ken using SA3 or chun using SA2 in 3rd

To me it sounds like you got kinda butthurt that i’m shitting on your game when really i’m not, but then again what do i know i’m just chatting shit right and i dont know anything


I’m not butthurt about you shitting on the game, I couldn’t care less. But you’re spreading misinformation about it and I feel the need, as someone who plays the game seriously, to correct you. You don’t want to get corrected, stop being hyperbolic and talking out your ass .

You said, and I quote,

which isn’t at all true, and I gave you a short list of moves that aren’t negative on block. Reread my post.

You could make this argument about Sf, GG, BB, Marvel, and pretty much any other fighter out there. You guess wrong, you can get blown up. Which is why no one uses deflects. They’re too unsafe if you guess wrong, so standing A or B being “deflect bait” is a moot point. Stop theory fighting. But yes, I agreed with you that playing carefully is advantageous, because it is. Which brings me to my next point…

Who the fuck cares about the people watching? As much as I love this game, I know it’s not Marvel or SF and will never do those kinds of numbers. If you’re into a game with a small handful of a fanbase, you’re not helping the cause just by watching. Even if you don’t play at a high level (and most of us don’t), diving in and giving it a shot is the best way to show your love for a game.
TBH, I think it’s boring watching some 32 hit combo porn game because then it’s basically one player having to wait for the other person to finish their shit before they can actually play again. It’s why I stopped playing BlazBlue actually. Different strokes for different folks. Stop acting like fighting game fans are a monoculture in terms of tastes. I found 5sp pretty refreshing actually in comparison to a lot of the newer games out there.

I didn’t “overstate” the choice between POW and enlightenment, merely used it as an example to counter your point that “On the face, SSVsp is a very noob friendly game” which in some ways it is. There’s a lot of choice as to how you use your resources, kind of like in KoFXIII, and the choice you make can affect how the match goes later on.

But when you say stuff like,

You try to cover your own ass by adding “providing you know the system and the matchups.” But even knowing matchups and the system, I’d challenge you to just “press buttons and win” against someone who knows what they’re doing.

Again, you obviously haven’t spent much time with the game but want to come in here acting like an authority just because you play another completely unrelated game and then get butthurt when you get called on it. Stop. You’re not doing yourself or anyone else in this thread any favors

BTW I know that the combos in SS4 aren’t what make it fast paced or are a source of big damage. They’re mainly to build POW, the damage is a joke…just like SS4…zinnngggggg!


Here’s a video of a couple of the better players in our SS5sp discord playing a couple matches. Notice how they use the Rage Explosion mechanic as sort of a “get off me” tactic. If you want to see more, beansprouts made this YouTube channel for 5sp matches and he’s picked some really great sets that show off the game.


Well some hints of Samurai Shodown 7 , also 2018 is Samurai Shodown 25th anniversary ya know. :slight_smile:

awaaaaa, they should release SSV Special already on PS4. it’s not like it has ggpo netcode so not sure why they bother beta testing it, I’m sure the netcode will be adequate for those that aren’t total whiners about lag, and it has single player and SNK quality a.i. challenge, so there would be no shortage of epic duels.


As much as I’d like to, I wouldn’t take her recent sketches as a hint toward SS7 ; ;. FG market is pretty damn saturated right now [or very soon will be], and it looks like they’re going all out with KOF with it’s shitty CGI animated series and all. But hey I’m just a pessimist.


Well even fighting genre oversaturation, more fighting games pour in anyways.

also, KOFXIV is confirmed to have underwhelming reception. maybe they made decent profit, maybe not, but it’s obvious that they can’t bank on KOF unless KOFXV generates a significant stronger reception, and of course they have to update the graphics further cause the PS2 graphics jokes were relentless towards KOFXIV, even after the graphics patch.

So KOF is back on the drawing board, while Samurai Shodown is still fresh and untested for a new gen game.
plus there’s nothing in the fighting genre today that matches Samurai Shodown style. well yes, there’s For Honor, but that’s not within the FGC’s biased preferences.

2.5D (or even 3D) Samurai Shodown could get a lot of interest, especially depending how high tier its graphics are (lets face it, graphics sell games before anything else)

SNK did say they have several projects, it makes sense for SS7 to be one of them if they really are in touch with the most potential franchises. Let’s be series, Garou/Fatal Fury can’t make KOF numbers (not even MOTW got the hype any of the KOFs received), neither would a new Art of Fighting.

Samurai Shodown has greater chance of becoming mainstream , especially if they go more MK route with it like uncensored SSVS(blood and gore sell).

and I’m miffed they still didn’t bother to bring Metal Slug Attack to PS4, that seems to add brand new unique playable characters.
they should do a Player Unknown BattleGrounds inspired 3D Metal Slug game.

well anyways, if SSV Special isn’t on PS4 and Vita within these next two weeks, I might flip a napkin or something.

Code Mystics hasn’t updated their twitter much. SNK like should market it more, even though it’s a port, it’s still a rare masterpiece.


Been playing SSVI on PS4 with my buddies, it is such a shitshow. Why is Rimururu so hard ;-;


It always makes me laugh this stupid way of thinking :rofl:


Hurray a response on Sep 2!! They say SNK will announce SSVS release date


We showed the trailer for SSV Special for PS4/Vita on the Manila Cup 2017 stream.

Sadly, no release date other than “Summer”.