Samurai Shodown Talk


Most new players will compair it when they start playing, which is why i used such a extreme example, do not say X is better than y or vice versa, the bottom line is they are both 2d fighters

Please tell me the list of moves that are plus on block or EVEN without obscure distancing like hanzos running slide, rasetsumarus shoulder, i didn’t insinuate that everything leaves punishable on block did i?
Yes i know about canceling the recoil state in order to catch punishes which in itself is extremly risky.
In alot of cases it’s very hard to build offence in the game without taking incredible risks which to some players especially new players used to other games is possibly off putting

As for speed yes maybe i worded it wrong, maybe match pace, but yes you’re right but then i think about my time with the game and lets use ukyo as an example, yes he is fast, as in dash speed instant overhead, running B for reverse blocking running C for the low and AB for damage, but most of those are very unsafe, which leaves you with what? standing A standing B which are deflect bait, forward C (only safe at max range) to bait deflects or just catch them sleeping so yes i’ve got one of the quickest chracter’s in the game, but if get it wrong i’m losing 35% which bring me to the point of because of the nature of the game and me being a pussy it causes me to turtle hardcore, which in turn for somebody watching is kinda boring, yeah sure i can start partying linking down C swollow swipe, running C running B but against good players that will get me killed, hence slowing the match down

I know the game has combos, think i dont know about kazukis fireball running b shit or zankuros back turn small loop genjuros unblockable sogetsus yadda yadda, but really out side of a couple of obscure situational ones what is there? i’ve not played in 5 years what new combos are there?
Most of the time you’ll just be 2 in 1ing into small or large pursuit i did not mean the game has litreally NO combos come on, again for new players used to other games it could be seen as a negative which is why i said what i did, this game is very simple in terms of execution you can compete at a mid to high level as long as you have an understanding of fighting games and obviously the system which you are in, which is a strong point

Most high damaging combos do not come from the CD series in ss4 outside of infinents if we are talking about peoples lack of knowledge on how the game works here ss4 is not faster for that reason alone, better throws, more back turn states, slightley faster, retarded POW moves
It’s very easy to take your sentance and bash you with it when i’m only reading what i want to read right?

Playing defensively is advantageous because playing aggressivley gets you killed which is my whole really, so you kinda confirm what i’m saying no?
The frame data in the game causes you to take less risks at a higher level, At no point did i say i found the game boring, but to the casual onlooker it could possibly be deemed boring, especially those who might not understand what is going on or have only played a certain style of fighter IE GG BB SF to which ss5sp is very different which is why i use DS3 it’s the polar opposite

At no point do i question the games mechanics, but in fact you overstate the choice between powing and building enlightment, some chracters are forced to pow ie enja zankuro kyoshiro if i remember correctly
Where others are forced to use enlightenment yunfei hanzo, when i say forced i dont want you twisting my words again so let me say this chracter played at there optimal it’s a better choice, much ike ken using SA3 or chun using SA2 in 3rd

To me it sounds like you got kinda butthurt that i’m shitting on your game when really i’m not, but then again what do i know i’m just chatting shit right and i dont know anything


I’m not butthurt about you shitting on the game, I couldn’t care less. But you’re spreading misinformation about it and I feel the need, as someone who plays the game seriously, to correct you. You don’t want to get corrected, stop being hyperbolic and talking out your ass .

You said, and I quote,

which isn’t at all true, and I gave you a short list of moves that aren’t negative on block. Reread my post.

You could make this argument about Sf, GG, BB, Marvel, and pretty much any other fighter out there. You guess wrong, you can get blown up. Which is why no one uses deflects. They’re too unsafe if you guess wrong, so standing A or B being “deflect bait” is a moot point. Stop theory fighting. But yes, I agreed with you that playing carefully is advantageous, because it is. Which brings me to my next point…

Who the fuck cares about the people watching? As much as I love this game, I know it’s not Marvel or SF and will never do those kinds of numbers. If you’re into a game with a small handful of a fanbase, you’re not helping the cause just by watching. Even if you don’t play at a high level (and most of us don’t), diving in and giving it a shot is the best way to show your love for a game.
TBH, I think it’s boring watching some 32 hit combo porn game because then it’s basically one player having to wait for the other person to finish their shit before they can actually play again. It’s why I stopped playing BlazBlue actually. Different strokes for different folks. Stop acting like fighting game fans are a monoculture in terms of tastes. I found 5sp pretty refreshing actually in comparison to a lot of the newer games out there.

I didn’t “overstate” the choice between POW and enlightenment, merely used it as an example to counter your point that “On the face, SSVsp is a very noob friendly game” which in some ways it is. There’s a lot of choice as to how you use your resources, kind of like in KoFXIII, and the choice you make can affect how the match goes later on.

But when you say stuff like,

You try to cover your own ass by adding “providing you know the system and the matchups.” But even knowing matchups and the system, I’d challenge you to just “press buttons and win” against someone who knows what they’re doing.

Again, you obviously haven’t spent much time with the game but want to come in here acting like an authority just because you play another completely unrelated game and then get butthurt when you get called on it. Stop. You’re not doing yourself or anyone else in this thread any favors

BTW I know that the combos in SS4 aren’t what make it fast paced or are a source of big damage. They’re mainly to build POW, the damage is a joke…just like SS4…zinnngggggg!


Here’s a video of a couple of the better players in our SS5sp discord playing a couple matches. Notice how they use the Rage Explosion mechanic as sort of a “get off me” tactic. If you want to see more, beansprouts made this YouTube channel for 5sp matches and he’s picked some really great sets that show off the game.


Well some hints of Samurai Shodown 7 , also 2018 is Samurai Shodown 25th anniversary ya know. :slight_smile:

awaaaaa, they should release SSV Special already on PS4. it’s not like it has ggpo netcode so not sure why they bother beta testing it, I’m sure the netcode will be adequate for those that aren’t total whiners about lag, and it has single player and SNK quality a.i. challenge, so there would be no shortage of epic duels.


As much as I’d like to, I wouldn’t take her recent sketches as a hint toward SS7 ; ;. FG market is pretty damn saturated right now [or very soon will be], and it looks like they’re going all out with KOF with it’s shitty CGI animated series and all. But hey I’m just a pessimist.


Well even fighting genre oversaturation, more fighting games pour in anyways.

also, KOFXIV is confirmed to have underwhelming reception. maybe they made decent profit, maybe not, but it’s obvious that they can’t bank on KOF unless KOFXV generates a significant stronger reception, and of course they have to update the graphics further cause the PS2 graphics jokes were relentless towards KOFXIV, even after the graphics patch.

So KOF is back on the drawing board, while Samurai Shodown is still fresh and untested for a new gen game.
plus there’s nothing in the fighting genre today that matches Samurai Shodown style. well yes, there’s For Honor, but that’s not within the FGC’s biased preferences.

2.5D (or even 3D) Samurai Shodown could get a lot of interest, especially depending how high tier its graphics are (lets face it, graphics sell games before anything else)

SNK did say they have several projects, it makes sense for SS7 to be one of them if they really are in touch with the most potential franchises. Let’s be series, Garou/Fatal Fury can’t make KOF numbers (not even MOTW got the hype any of the KOFs received), neither would a new Art of Fighting.

Samurai Shodown has greater chance of becoming mainstream , especially if they go more MK route with it like uncensored SSVS(blood and gore sell).

and I’m miffed they still didn’t bother to bring Metal Slug Attack to PS4, that seems to add brand new unique playable characters.
they should do a Player Unknown BattleGrounds inspired 3D Metal Slug game.

well anyways, if SSV Special isn’t on PS4 and Vita within these next two weeks, I might flip a napkin or something.

Code Mystics hasn’t updated their twitter much. SNK like should market it more, even though it’s a port, it’s still a rare masterpiece.


Been playing SSVI on PS4 with my buddies, it is such a shitshow. Why is Rimururu so hard ;-;


It always makes me laugh this stupid way of thinking :rofl:


Hurray a response on Sep 2!! They say SNK will announce SSVS release date


We showed the trailer for SSV Special for PS4/Vita on the Manila Cup 2017 stream.

Sadly, no release date other than “Summer”.


Summer 2017 in Northern Hemisphere began on
Tuesday, June 20
and ends on
Friday, September 22
All dates are in Pacific Time.


So could be this month

Also, a new hint from SNK twitter regarding Samurai Shodown 7 possibly being their next esports fighting game being developed.

notice besides KOF characters, Haohmaru and Nakoruru have more Samurai Shodown style art, also Haohmaru was not in KOFXIV, and Nakoruru seems obviously a first step to promoting a new Samurai Shodown and promote Samurai Shodown brand in modern generation.
So either SSV Special and/or a SS7 could be planned to be their next promoted esports supported fighting game. and they did confirm they have several fighting game projects.


OH MY WAFFLES am I seeing things?

september 12, 2017


Someone in our 5sp discord posted a Twitter pic that makes it look like PS4 5sp will be coming out Tuesday. We’ll see I guess.

Either way, I’ve been messing with SS6 and it’s interesting. I don’t like it as much as 5sp but I’m having fun with it and I like the different grooves you can pick.

As for SS7, I’d be all over it as long as it doesn’t wind up being busted like most of the other Samsho games. Although even if it is, it could still be fun but I’d hope snkp would learn from previous times and do their due diligence as far as beta testing goes (protip: they won’t)


It’s finally releasing tommorrow!! the duels will be glorious!!


If I knew there would be a steady scene for it on PSN I’d buy a Vita for this. That’s of course assuming there’s be cross platform play, which I haven’t heard anything about. Either way, it’s great that more people are getting to play this game.

This is a couple matches between Dyne, an American top player, and Yoop, whos a fantastic Yunfei player:

And THIS, is a combo video showing some really crazy stuff that’s possible in 5sp:


Yea it has crossplay, at least that’s what I read.


Yeah I saw that too. I might pull the trigger…

Glad 5sp is out on legit sources now though


Practice mode has a glitch that doesn’t show the entire fatality finisher (or some say the glitch is practice thinks its always set to medium),
even with violence set to high and red blood on,

but other modes (including arcade and online) are fine and not censored. :slight_smile:


It’s probably not a glitch, it’s probably that they took practice mode from the AES version of the game that IS censored. The only totally uncensored version of the game is MVS Set 1 which is what the game is based on, but it didn’t have practice mode. So if I’m right, practice mode slips into “AES censored” mode because they didn’t fix the code.