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Summer 2017 in Northern Hemisphere began on
Tuesday, June 20
and ends on
Friday, September 22
All dates are in Pacific Time.


So could be this month

Also, a new hint from SNK twitter regarding Samurai Shodown 7 possibly being their next esports fighting game being developed.

notice besides KOF characters, Haohmaru and Nakoruru have more Samurai Shodown style art, also Haohmaru was not in KOFXIV, and Nakoruru seems obviously a first step to promoting a new Samurai Shodown and promote Samurai Shodown brand in modern generation.
So either SSV Special and/or a SS7 could be planned to be their next promoted esports supported fighting game. and they did confirm they have several fighting game projects.


OH MY WAFFLES am I seeing things?

september 12, 2017


Someone in our 5sp discord posted a Twitter pic that makes it look like PS4 5sp will be coming out Tuesday. We’ll see I guess.

Either way, I’ve been messing with SS6 and it’s interesting. I don’t like it as much as 5sp but I’m having fun with it and I like the different grooves you can pick.

As for SS7, I’d be all over it as long as it doesn’t wind up being busted like most of the other Samsho games. Although even if it is, it could still be fun but I’d hope snkp would learn from previous times and do their due diligence as far as beta testing goes (protip: they won’t)


It’s finally releasing tommorrow!! the duels will be glorious!!


If I knew there would be a steady scene for it on PSN I’d buy a Vita for this. That’s of course assuming there’s be cross platform play, which I haven’t heard anything about. Either way, it’s great that more people are getting to play this game.

This is a couple matches between Dyne, an American top player, and Yoop, whos a fantastic Yunfei player:

And THIS, is a combo video showing some really crazy stuff that’s possible in 5sp:


Yea it has crossplay, at least that’s what I read.


Yeah I saw that too. I might pull the trigger…

Glad 5sp is out on legit sources now though


Practice mode has a glitch that doesn’t show the entire fatality finisher (or some say the glitch is practice thinks its always set to medium),
even with violence set to high and red blood on,

but other modes (including arcade and online) are fine and not censored. :slight_smile:


It’s probably not a glitch, it’s probably that they took practice mode from the AES version of the game that IS censored. The only totally uncensored version of the game is MVS Set 1 which is what the game is based on, but it didn’t have practice mode. So if I’m right, practice mode slips into “AES censored” mode because they didn’t fix the code.


Don’t agree with the music but:


Samurai Shodown V Special is a masterpiece!! the current ultimate Samurai Shodown game!! and now definitive edition is on PS4 and VIta!!


If anyone is interested in joining our Samsho5 special discord go here:

We’re having a tournament tomorrow at 4pm EST on fightcade if anyone wants to sign up!


According to the reviews my friends have given, the netcode is actually good for the 5sp release and there are a lot of Japanesers online lol


Its cause ss4 sucks


We had a really fantastic 5sp tournament this past weekend and are going to be doing bi-weeklies for anyone interested in getting in on the action!

For anyone interested, here’s a full video of the tournament.


Damn I would have entered the tourney. Missed it ; ;


You should have, it was a blast. We’re going to be having bi-weekly tournies coming up in October so you’ll have plenty of chances to play.


SSV Special is so outstanding on playstation platforms!! Some people have epic connection speeds

Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!

that is a profound slash!!