Samurai Shodown Talk


Samurai Shodown V Special is a masterpiece!! the current ultimate Samurai Shodown game!! and now definitive edition is on PS4 and VIta!!


If anyone is interested in joining our Samsho5 special discord go here:

We’re having a tournament tomorrow at 4pm EST on fightcade if anyone wants to sign up!


According to the reviews my friends have given, the netcode is actually good for the 5sp release and there are a lot of Japanesers online lol


Its cause ss4 sucks


We had a really fantastic 5sp tournament this past weekend and are going to be doing bi-weeklies for anyone interested in getting in on the action!

For anyone interested, here’s a full video of the tournament.


Damn I would have entered the tourney. Missed it ; ;


You should have, it was a blast. We’re going to be having bi-weekly tournies coming up in October so you’ll have plenty of chances to play.


SSV Special is so outstanding on playstation platforms!! Some people have epic connection speeds

Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!

that is a profound slash!!


Yeah only Hao in rage can do that to basara, his fierce fierce.





Lightspeed connection speed! It’s a bloodbath of amazing slashes!


A bunch of us folks have a tourney going on on fightcade if anyone wants to join. 26 entrants thus far.

edit: Challonge likes to fuck up time conversions. Use this for the correct tourney time.


the blood and the kills are glorious!!


There will be an online tourney of 5sp on Fightcade, saturday 21st, at 3 PM EDT:


Hope it’s at Canada Cup :o


For anyone that wants to sign up for next tourney:
It’s on a saturday, you do your time conversion. [1pm pst tho]


Fightcade tournament for Samsho5sp going on this Saturday! There are players of all skill levels taking part and this time were doing more of a 3vs3 format (characters not players.)

If anyone’s interested in signing up, go here:

And as always we have a great discord (that includes @sfkingalpha as an FBI agent :lol:) that includes some OG top players as well. You should all join:


A tad late but, merry christmas and happy new year, samsho’ers