Samurai Shodown Talk


Hope it’s at Canada Cup :o


For anyone that wants to sign up for next tourney:
It’s on a saturday, you do your time conversion. [1pm pst tho]


Fightcade tournament for Samsho5sp going on this Saturday! There are players of all skill levels taking part and this time were doing more of a 3vs3 format (characters not players.)

If anyone’s interested in signing up, go here:

And as always we have a great discord (that includes @sfkingalpha as an FBI agent :lol:) that includes some OG top players as well. You should all join:


A tad late but, merry christmas and happy new year, samsho’ers


Happy New year everyone!

I got the PSN version of 5 Special, so if anyone wants games or even wants to train, add me (and mention Samsho) PSN: TheDoctaMario


I hope SNK aren’t being cheeky, and it’s a really Happy New Year for SamSho fans!


That would be pretty cool too get news on a new Samsho game!


Turns out Samurai Shodown 5 Special is one of the games that’ll be at AnimEvo in Japan this weekend! They’re streaming part of the 67 player tournament I believe on this Twitch account:

Stream starts at 8:30am EST Sunday


ah cool thanks


Sadly, the Twitch stream of the Samsho5sp tournament at AnimEvo wasn’t archived. Fortunately a couple people clipped a few highlights from the tourney:

Also, SNK released a free 5sp theme for PS4 and Vita today that’s got some hype wallpapers and fantastic music!


they didnt archive it? those fools! how can they be so half baked and short sighted with their efforts? that SSVS tournament is history in the making.


I guess they didn’t know that Twitch doesn’t archive by default until it was too late. Either way, we got some highlight clips of the stream:


ah thanks


Who thinks they got Samsho chops? Online tournament?


Me @WorstPlayer (depending on which game were talking about anyway.) Which SamSho games do you play?

We also have a SamSho community discord and have regular biweekly tournies. Join up!


What is currently the best way to play each of the SamSho titles on (non-Neo Geo) console with physical media (not digital)? Are the anthology games the same on the Wii and PS2? Any reason 3 and 4 would be better on the Saturn than on the collections? Were there any collections released after that? Thanks for any help!


If seems like it would be more convenient to get them all at once with the Anthology titles and I haven’t experienced any bad emulation with those. I can’t really speak to the quality of the stand alone titles though.


Only possible reason to get Samurai Shodown in any other physical form than PS2/Wii Anthology is the presence of Cham Cham in Samurai Shodown IV on PS1 at the cost of cut frames and excessive loading or to experience Samurai Shodown 5 Special as that version is exclusive to Neo Geo with only a recent port to PS4/Vita (GOG version has worse emulation than fightcade).


SamSho5 Special is pretty much the crown Jewel of the series imo, and the PSN port is really excellent. I bought the gog version before the PSN version came out mainly to support SNK and its wack. You can’t even remap the buttons, or you couldn’t before. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get SS6 because while it can be fun it’s still kind of janky. If you get it as part of the Anthology it’s kind of an added bonus tho I guess.


Online SamSho2 tourney happening this coming Saturday at 3pm Eastern US time if anyone is interested in signing up! It’ll take place on Fightcade. Here’s the challonge link if anyone is interested: