Samurai Shodown Tenka New Loke (more 6 grooves info)

KTallGuy from MMCafe:

Great info. Need to play this.

I dunno if I’m going to like this game. I like the idea of the different styles, but I don’t like any of the new character designs. A robot, c’mon! And Andrew, we already had our Western gal Charlotte. I also don’t like the ber bright backgrounds. To me, they just don’t seem to fit. On top of that, the female Ukyo from SSZ is lame, there can only be one Ukyo and the only one that comes close is Hibiki! sigh There are a couple uppers tho, like the one fanservice chick, I like her weapons and the return of Nicotine is nice, even though I don’t like him as a character. It’s still in early testing, so let’s hope it turns out good. But where’s the info on my boyz Genjuro and Yoshitora?!?! :lame:

The chibi thing is from SSS/SS2. No purpose but cuteness. Does French count as “western”?

To Japanese cultue…European was considered western. ^-^

wants pics of Inoha


A festival doll. You know, like the ones they had in festivals… just like the festival in this game?

Or maybe you would prefer if he were useless, completelly static and didnt have a mechanism to move?


Yes, lets get rid of Galford, Earthquake and everyone that is not japanese, since Charlotte is the only “westerner” (?) that should be in the game!


Yes, because a festival-themed game should be dark and moody, right? Lets also ignore the fact SS1 and 2 were colorful and bright!


Yes, lets remove Yumeji of this game that gathers all 2D SS characters, because Turbovec doesnt like “her”!


Yes, lets ask them to waste their time reporting on characters that were in SS5 and SS5s instead of the SS2 and new characters!

Is this Yumeji?

Seiger is back…nice. Is wan-fu in the game?

Yep. He wields a siamese weapon now: a staff with a huge iron ball at the end.

It will be hard to tell which groove will be the most broken and which will be the least used.

They all seem pretty good, but I am sure that some characters will exploit something.

the game sounds raw… i wanna play this shit!

Ok, fair enough…point taken. I was acting like an idiot there and just spouting off. Sorry. :sad: by the way, nice Jolyne av. She was always badass. :pleased:

Maybe we see finally a Hanzo with his SS2 strengh back, I mean we have a Shin Groove and badass artwork. :tup: Anyway, I’ll also liked the short info about the new female. XD

Wow…there are still 6 blank spots on the roster on the official page!

Is anyone already announced missing from that page, or can we expect 6 more characters (Kuroko + Shiki + Asra + who else?)


This game sure seems like it’s going to kick ass can’t wait to play it.

Does anyone have a pic of Hanzo & the fanservice chick?Plus what is the site address?

Is the dinosaur baby in this game? I don’t know it’s name but it is like a dinosaur mixed with a baby and he vomits on you and eats his arm

Yeha, Kusaregedo is in it.

what about the referee guy?