Samurai Shodown Tenka Videos

For hardcore SS fans only:

Comments about the videos on post #5.

Wow, the select screen is pretty…different.

Game looks incredibly nice on the Atomiswave hardware. It seems the game has a different speed from the neogeo versions, but it could be just me.

Man, SSTenka is #1 on my “looking forward to” list, but I’m on slow-ass dialup.

Anyone wanna tell me if anything interesting/new was in the vids?
Does Gen-an have a new sprite or what?


Why was there no punishment going on? Atleast in the first video. I’m guessing this was just an exhibition.

Could someone tell me what the story is with the water and fire brothers new forms being seperate characters?

quiche, imagine a CVS1-looking SS and you have it. The select screen is pretty close to CVS1, the sparks, explosions and etcetera are flashy and shiny like CVS, too. Backgrounds are 3D, but not the lame kind like CVS2. Theyre very colorful and detailed. LOTS of chracters in the backgrounds, and theyre not stiff/weird like NGBC or CFJ. The screen scrolls vertically like SVC when a move like Hanzos Mozu Otochi is done.

First video is Hanzo vs Enja, second is Hanzo vs Kusaregedo.

The version being played is the american/international version, with english text in the options and numbers instead of kanji for the six spirits (grooves).

The videos are shot with a camera and only look “ok” (theres a reflection on the top half of the screen). In video 1, they seem to be just messing around. Second video the players actually fight.

Theyre the spririts of the sword or something like that. Im no good with SS info…

Gen-an and Cham-Cham have touched-up sprites (same way they touch up Athena every year) and new frames in some moves. Nicotin is mostly old. Earthquake is mostly old, but his shading has been touched-up to SS3-5 style. Sieger is all-new. So is Wan-fu.

I like the new speed just from watching and hell the game seems pretty complex. I really hope it will be good …

40+ minutes for a damn 75mb file?! How come all the sites that have new vids for games I care about are slow as hell? If I hosted these vids on my own site, it would probably cut the download time in half…

Wow, nice scaling in those backgrounds. Sprites are still ugly, but the new characters and systems are welcome. I’d play it. Hopefully we’ll get some video of that fanservice girl and Gen-an soon.

Not bad.

I wonder what Mummy B would think if he was still alive to see this.

or undead.

is that in poor taste?


yes, that was…

Pretty much half or more of the new characters in SSV/Zero were the Bust forms of established characters from SS3/4. SNKP explained them as being the spirits that Sogestu and Kazuki would later seal in their swords for power.

Also some bizarre shit about them being the two fathers I think.

Feel you on the dial up shit :sad: .

But tight avatar. :clap:

The new forms are actually not the brothers but both of their fathers. That is in the japanese storyline. Basically, they were looking for ways to get back to the human world from hell, the kids are their human form.

Man just checked out the Tenka info, theres like pretty much everyone from the old series in it, even Sieger and Cham Cham and Gen-An and Wan-Fu! That’s nuts!

Yeah, every playable character in a 2D SS is in, including bosses (except Poppy so far). And there are two empty slots on the select screen (im betting Poppy and Kuroko, myself).

This game looks real clean and crisp.

Ok, then I’ll bet Shiki & Asra.

Besides, if Kuroko fights, who referees the match?


Another Kuroko.


omg SNK is doing great job with SS Tenka NGBC and of course KOF IX

Time_Stop: Thanks for the vids. Any chance you got some KOF XI vids to? or NGBC?