Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden (2nd loke test)


Considering that in the first loke there were 12 empty slots, and now some of those are occupied by Gen-an, Nicotine and so on… I hope theyll finish the cast. There are only 5 characters missing, after all…


6 grooves taken from the other games? So basically it’s like SamSho AE? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m suddenly a bit more interested in this game now that they’ve brought back enlightenment (even if it is toned way down).

The Grooves sound good to me and the same goes for Nicotine being in the game. I look forward to this SS …^^

Vagina dog?! :confused:

THANK YOU. when i read that i was like, what the fuck?

Mizuki has a move in Samurai Spirits V Special where a dog would come from her dress (or something like that). MMCafe forum people
started to call it “vagina dog”

To elaborate even further, Mizuki, back in SamSho2(Shin Samurai Spirits), had a “dog” that accompanied her, similar to Galford’s Poppy assist. Said dog would transform into this ugly looking demon whenever it performed its moves. In SamSho0SP, they redrew her, and made an interesting change to her gameplay. All her kicks are really the “dog” clawing at you from under her hakama, and one of her moves makes her hop a bit, then spit the dog out to the ground from underneath her. All those things combined made up “Vagina Dog”.

Guys, theres more info, but i really dont want to do the cut and paste crap anymore. If anyone wants to do it, here:

Just check the two SST threads there.

P.S: Im already loving the shinto doll and the matsuri monk. Actually, evreything so far sounds damn good (even if they didnt fucking redraw everybody like the Sammy rep promised). Hopefully theyll tune everything with multiple lokes, like NGBC, and add the final five characters (hell, even without playable Kuroko and Poppy it would be fine). Six grooves in SS is something unheard of.

Hopefully, Cham Cham, Earthquake and Sieger won’t be completely abandoned. Kuroko I can definitely see as the final hidden character. Poppy could be playable but probably by doing a special code on Galford just like in SS5. If they’re the final hidden characters, all I need is a US release for the consoles and this game will rock.


hurray! my prayers have been answered!

And 6 grooves? holy shit!

This looks like SS done the right way. Looks like maybe this’ll finally be the SS game that gets some major support around here…

And here’s hoping for Seiger and Cham Cham…I could care less about earthquake and kuroko.

And that one new char’s name is way to close to “masturbatio”


sounds awesome…

she was like the only character I bothered playing in SS2!

matsuribayashi isnt anything like it if you know how to say it.

Damn I want this game. I hope the grooves are somewhat balanced. I don’t want some cvs2 shit like A vs. K or P, i mean like one grooves kinda dominates another one hard. Or a barely used one like S lol. hopefully they redraw the sprits in the next samsho.

According to mmcafe, arcade operators at Segas last presentation were less than happy with SSTenka. Not because it was a bad game, but because SS doesnt make them any money. SS5 and SS5S were huge flops, only grabbing the attention from a handful of hardcore SS players. NeoWave and KOF2003, on the other hand, make them a lot of money (KOF2003 was the most profitable machine in Japan, in 2004).

Plus, the fact its being released a month after NGBC means they will just choose one of the two (NGBC, obviously).

Also, they were happy with NGBCs controls and gameplay.

NGBC will also be the last AW-Net game from Sammy (meaning, AW-Net failed after only three games… nobody liked having to gather points to play with the secret characters… not even SNKP, which was forced to do it. way to go, Sammy!).

logical move- the people who made Kohan did such a thing to get out of their contract with Strategy First (Who didn’t even pay them)

Too bad Kohan II stunk.

really though, SNK’s moneymaker is KOF. Seems that and FF are the only popular Neo games in Japan. SS always was more popular in the US I think anyways.

I think she’s been peaced out by snk. “Nei tan iroku waka keeeeii!”

they should put all SS characters in if not any new ones. Shiki, Asura, etc…

mainly/most importantly : ss2 must play/feel like ss2
(aswell as the others)

erm…wtf is a copipe?


copy and paste.

DA GAME didn’t know this game was coming out?Have to check out for more info.

wow thank’s for the info time stop.