Samurai Shodown V on PS2 , good ? bad?


hola team , i was wondering if the PS2 version of Samurai Shodown V has slowdown or missing frames or other huge nasties.

any knowledge helps



ridiculously long loading times :).


hiya chippermonky , thats not too bad unless its over 25+ seconds or so.


Wait for the Anthology, all of the games on 1 disk and I’ve heard improved play.


roger that great info KY i didnt know a Anthology was coming out


PlayStation 2

-Many characters
-the PS2 version also includes three new fighting styles - Beast style for all the pets in the game, Fiesta Style, and Evil Style.

-long loading
-loss frames of animation

the Atomiswave coin-op original,


  • Many characters
  • Short loading
  • Flewless frames of animation

-No English language

Those game are no improvement on loss frames of animation for PS2. If less loading mean more loss frames of animation.


^SamSho 5 was on the MVS, Tenka is the one on Atmoniswave.


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