Samurai Shodown V Question

I’m just wondering is it just me or is this game a giant headache to play online.

I never really understood the hit detection on this game. Meaning the fastest to the button does not automatically get the hit. I do not know how many times I watch my character slash through a character only to leave himself wide open to my opponents attacks. The Rage meter stays full WAY too long leaving your opponent free to rape supers at will. Once you lose your sword it seems next to impossible to get it back cause if your opponent stays next to it tapping the buttons.

I dunno if I am doing something wrong, but isn’t throw fw + HS? I cannot get a throw off to save my life. Then to top it off the new characters are so overpowered it’s like playing Street Fighter Alpha characters against Vs. Series characters.

Anyone else experiencing a migrane getting used to this game?

I told you.

And you seem to be thinking it’s gonna get better…it’s not. In fact, once you find out all the dumb ass shit, you’ll think it’s among the worst fighters ever like me :tup:

Throw is f or b + K, not HS. You follow it up with WS or MS. The length of time the rage meter stays up depends on the character.

Saffy, don’t player hate.

You’re the guy who dropped on me! Why? :wonder:

And yeah, this is the worst fighter ever. Up there with Primal Rage,Clay Fighters and Shaq Fu. :rolleyes:

Primal Rage was awesome, fanboy. :pleased:

I just don’t think the game is as bad as some people make it out to be.

Good games run at a pace that snails can’t keep up to.

Sorry, had to book. Should have said something, but figured since you were kicking my ass It was no big deal to give you the match.

I’m not hating on you. You kicked my ass fair and square.

P.S. Not the I still think KOF Maximum Impact is worse on unbalanced and patheticly stupid ocmbos and Rage of the Dragons was cheap plain and simple., but this is up there for SNK turds.

Oh my god did you just talk shit about RotD?!? :annoy: :annoy:

Rage of the Dragons. Heck yeah it’s all about how bad you can rape the same combos. It’s fighting system is extremely basic. I had fun for the first month or so I owned it, but got bored quicker then DragonBall GT Final Bout for the PSX. No depth whatsoever.,

It doesnt try to be deep, it’s just straight up old school fun with raw ass graphics and moves :shrug:

sweetie im sorry but i loved shaq fu :lovin:

I didn’t say that I didn’t have fun the first month I had it. It just got REALLY boring REALLY quick.

this games cool, you just gotta know what the hell your doing. I like the graphics and the music, the only thing I hate is Sankuro with the gay help he calls on and Yumeji’s ability to turn into other characters.

I still like the game, its cool

I don’t hate the game. Just get major headaches understanding how it works. Then again got the same from the KOF series (most due to a friend who glitched his way to victory). Also I own all 5 Samurai Shodown. If you own all 5 you see how much is rehashed. I guess that is my gripe. That SNK basically after 7 years in between basically made a Samurai Shodown 4 1/2. You think after 7 years you would come up w/ something new to rehash an old series. It would be like Capcom making Street Fighter 4 by leaving everything the same just about. Adding 10 new characters (all unbalanced) 5 backgrounds. Then calling it a day. I wonder what the Street Fighter fanatics would do if that happened.

They would be happy obviously. Balance doesn’t matter when it’s a Capcom game…duh. Look at MvC2. The fanboys will play whatever shit Capcom puts out…as long as only 5-6 characters are able to compete.

MvC2 is balanced BECAUSE of the unbalence, actually. Having so many broken chracters is better than one or two in my eyes. That way I don’t have to pick the same faggot every round against faggots that pick the same tt every round. If KoF03 had more than just Duo and Ash for example, it’d be more fun.

And for the record Spootz, as a capcom fanboy, that’s retarded what you said. Look at SF2 and then SF3 and tell me we’d have been “happy” with a half assed SS5-like port. Give me a fucking break. :rofl:

Haha. I’m just fucking around man. I’m actually a 2-D fighter fanboy. I’ll play any fighter, no matter how broken, just to have something to play. I don’t think I’ve ever played a 2-D fighter that I wouldn’t play (although SNK>Capcom).

If that were true, then SVC Chaos should be celebrated cause it was left broken on purpose (IMO at least) One question I would love answered by Capcom and SNK fans alike is why is it a good thing when Capcom seriously breaks a game like MVC2, but SNK sucks for breaking a game like SVC? That question always baffles me.

good question there Bakaboy, not sure. Prolly cause SNK is known for making broken games, Duo-Lon’s infinite, SNK Bosses, 94 Heidern, SVC CHAOS lol

Anyways, SSV is garabe. I won two matches (no one dropped) but I didnt get my points, wtf is up with that lol?!