Samurai Shodown V Special - PS4/Vita


Teaser trailer.


Nice for SSVSP. Btw, does this has online?


Samurai Shodown IV Special was my favourite, but count me in for this


ONLINE MULTIPLAYER CONFIRMED!! and UNCENSORED!! the ultimate of the ultimate on PS4!! (vita fans can rejoice too)

maybe millions among fighting game communities will get SSV Special on PS4/Vita and convince SNK that Samurai Shodown VII is worth developing similiar to uncensored SSV Special style, it can become a prosperous mainstream franchise for SNK.


I’m glad it’s getting ported and all but i’d rather have a new fucking game

I’m surprised more noobs dont pick this up, it’s easy as fuck to play.
Some character’s have zero execution ie tam tam kyoshiro but there’s some real technical characters to suija gedo
The game is nice and slow not centered around combos pretty balanced, noobs dream if you ask me


Cause and effect, if people don’t appreciate and buy these masterful ports/remasters, then there’s less incentive for developers to
make a new game (see Darkstalkers)

Also a new game would not guarantee meeting or surpassing expectations (see SSVI, that skipped blood and gore, which sucks and the fighting is so hollow without those things that’s been standard since the very first one, and improved upon in the later games.

And Samurai Shodown Sen is another example, not enough sales, which I feel is underrated, but hey, the mainstream consumers influence how supported and prioritized a series is to publishers. though yea they did worsen their sales making it a xbox exclusive. )

Also, as amazing as KOFXIV is, it didn’t make as much sales and mainstream hype as it should have gotten, especially when its overrated competitors in the industry provided less than even their own series standards.)

Regardless, SNK may be planning a SSVII anyways, however, SSV Special sales on PS4 and Vita, could be used to gauge how much they would invest in a new Samurai Shodown game, and what direction they take with it.

the fighting game communities as a whole didn’t support the Samurai Shodown series as much as it should have, it would have much grander sequels and a better fed legacy if the mainstream consumers respected and supported it, and talk with their money,
instead of the majority fighting fans just jabbering for a new game, which did nothing for the Darkstalkers series.

SSV Special is getting the red carpet treatment, finally getting definitive version on PS4, and even Vita fans are getting it, if both masses of consumers skip/ignore it, then its the FGC and mainstream gamers and so called fighting fans to blame, all the ones who don’t buy Samurai Shodown V Special on PS4/Vita, they are all to blame for Samurai Shodown series continuing to remain in the niche and unjustified pond of obscurity overall.

Just learned it has cross buy and cross play, not new news for consumers of previous Code Mystics ports, but new news for those that weren’t interested/aware of Code Mystics games until SSV Special!!

very great points!! They really should add great online trophies, that can help motivate more online matches, maybe like a 1000 matches trophy, 1000 ranked matches trophy, and 1000 online wins trophy would keep trophy hunters around longer.