Samurai Shodown V Special

what are the tiers in this game?

This kind of discusion goes nowhere at SRK. Check

Yet Mortal Kombat/GGXX#r discussion goes on? Stop assuming things. Hey Ed is this game out on rom now?

There IS a ROM that exists, but it’s not complete. The sound is messed up, and it seems that [old]Issens (BCD during enlightenment) always kill, and they shouldn’t.[/old] ISSENS ARE FINE. There may be other bugs, but who knows.

As far as balance goes, right now I think SSVSp is very balanced. There are currently some matches up on A-Cho, and they show a big variety of characters, unlike vanilla SSV.

From what I’ve seen (which is not that much), here are some very loose tiers (not in order):






Tam Tam

Anyone I left out, I have not seen or had any experience with. I’ve heard that Gaoh, Zankuro, and Mizuki are kinda weak, but I have no idea really.

too bad this game will likely never get large exposure in the US due to the mvs release being jp only (supposedly only 1000 made). sure, AES owners–don’t think there are plans to port it at this time–can rock it forever, but that’s nothing compared to solid arcade support.

i did manage to grab the mvs kit by paying out the ass, and will be adding it to the durham tournament found here:

cygnus’ tier list is fairly accurate. i’d argue with a few of the placements but i just don’t care about tiering enough to do so. the game is overall much more refined and balanced than ssv.

come support the tournament if you’re in the area, i’d love for people to experience the game despite the fact that it probably won’t raise above a small fanbase. :wasted:

This is one HELL of a game. I didn’t know the sisters were that high up though.

aint this coming out for xbox? Hopefully it hasnt been canned. im feiinding

SO Yoshitora whom is top tier in SSV lowers to High Mid-Tier. Care to explain why he became mid-tier in SSV Special.

top two reasons would be the removed infinite and slower qcf+b

Other reasons also are less comboability off of random multi-hitting jumpins, lack of a good B&B, and lessened priority on other moves. Far AB is now punishable by EVERYONE, at any range.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ so his jumping A+B did get nerfed? Just less hitstun/less blockstun? Didn’t know his A+B got toned, good shit.

Yah let’s get some discussion up in this piece!

Well, firstly, again I gotta say that those tiers aren’t in order at all, just a quick high/mid/low list. So Yoshi is IMO somewhere in the middle.

Basically there is only 1 reason why Yoshi was top and why he’s not anymore: Nadeshiko (236+B). This move was so broken in the context of the game. It gave him massive frame advantage on hit, so you’d see a lot of this crap:

Bxx236+B, throw
Bxx236+B, 2+C, throw
Bxx236+B, 236+B until it gets blocked, then backdash

It was so hard to poke him out of the throw (maybe impossible), so you HAD to 2+D/4+D to defend. Also, if it got blocked, the frame disadvantage was not much at all, and it wasn’t really a big risk to keep throwing them out after one got blocked. So basically in a very defense/baiting/zoning-centric game, he was the only character that can rushdown so easily. Oh, he also had an infinite with this move. :rofl:

In Special, the move is a lot slower overall, all versions knock down, and only the A version is comboable off his standing B. The A version is also punishable, so it’s really only for combos now, and you can’t whore it out anymore.

The other thing that made him good was his jumping A+B, but it’s not something that can make him too good just by itself. Just something he had that was good, in excess of the crap he already had. I’ve heard it’s toned somehow in Special, but I can’t tell a difference.

He definitely doesn’t suck though. He is still a great character, just not a man-whore.

For the record- How did Yunfei get nerfed?

I think there was a way to fly indefinitely with him, which if it existed, was taken out…not sure of they changed anything major. He was top IMO in SSV so maybe I didn’t have any reason to put him in the mid-tier.

The only real nerf that he got (that I know of) is the toning-down/balancing of enlightenment. Yunfei is the “enlightenment master” character…so gets the most enlightenment charge for his meter out of anyone.

But it runs out a LOT faster now, and everyone starts off with about 20% of their enlightenment charged, as opposed to 1% or whatever. And you can now use your enlightenment after your opponent has used theirs (in SSV, once someone used it, the other player couldn’t use their’s IIRC). So he doesn’t completely dominate against characters that have poor enlightenment usage…he won’t get as much time to mix up, and they can fight back with their own.


he’s actually much better imho as he can now cancel crouching AB into any of his air moves (try d+AB, qcf+AB to see what i mean).

he can also still use his dp+C command throw to steal the opponents super, even if they already used rage explosion (ABC) or enlightenment (BCD). it also powers up his qcf+AB move, and cancelling close standing AB into qcf+AB is easily 50% every time.

im feinding to play this
any US console release expected? if so which console?

Oh wow i’ve been waiting for such a thread for this fantastic game to lazy to start one.

with regards to yun fei he could cancel his ducking a and b in 5 all be it when whiffed i know he can now tag on a qcf ab when it hits but the damage is minimal, also with regards to how they nerfed yun fei there’s only one answer well two actually the first and most important is they removed his wall jump which allowed him to allmost fly indefinently ( allthough it was not indefinently it just seemed like it) the second point has been touched on allready to do with enlightenment, overall everybodys enlightment is poor due to the fact that universal overheads knockdown of course there are moments when you’ll be guranteed an enlightment but it’s no longer the case you can just activate and rush in overall the enlightment system is alot fairer.

I’m actually surprised how usefull the instant kill moves they have MASSIVE inviceablity and will pass through ALOT of things espeically normal slashes even certain specials i need to experiment, also i’ve found at least two characters and combo into there iks, ok this might not be usefull againest people that dont build there enlighenment but againest the suijas and yun feis it comes in handy.

I’ve been using the 4 boss alot definently fun to play with regards to them being weak hmm it’s kind of a mix bag really, imo amakusa is definently the better of the 4 but the other 3 are by no means fodder take goah he argubly has the best anti air in the game (down+b) it owns the crap out of alot of characters his projectile deflect is awsome he’s got a great bnb combo (standing c,b,dp+ anyslash) he’s pretty damn neat in the air jumping C, and a decent high low game, but he also has alot of pitfalls, for a guy with a staff of that lenth his range is crap i mean REALLY crap he’s as slow as shit and he’s crap at building enlightment, overall i’d say he’s a soild chracter that will struggle againest the likes of suija, rera, shizumaru,

then there is zankuro, he’s definently an odd one i’m a massive zankuro fan so i’m gonna obviously gonna give him alot of props, he’s basically ss 4 zankuro so is this a good thing or a bad thing? the point is that i dont really know he keeps his god like down a and b but there’s one thing that hurts him more than anything and that’s kenki gauge consumtion ( kenki = the green bar that decreases when you slash weakening damage right? i’m shit on names hehe) this and this alone really hinders zankuro after a jumping ab or standing the kenki gauge emptys or emptys by around 90% now you might say “so what” basically this turns zankuro into a turtle ( this is just my personal opinion) he does not have great pokes so you’ll probably be wanting to nail them with a jumping ab or a ducking ab anti air so to do this to any effect IE damge you’re gonna be running away ALOT.
zankuro does have some neat tricks and traps even pokes dare i say it with regards to pokes his standing a is really quite usefull and has a fair bit of priority ( i’ve stopped charlotte alot with this) his standing c is decent and his foward c is very usefull as it still retains the amazing hit stun from ss4 this leads to allmost leads to chun li 3rd strike like linking oppertunitys if you land a foward c you cancel into his super with ease or any move noteably his rushing knuckle also you can link a IK into this foward c, also he can use his counter (qcbk) after a blocks up close ab and down ab while jubei can do the same thing jubies counters are height specific zankuros covers low and mids so using this tactic is alot more effective.

I’d like to go into mizuki but i’ve allready typed a shitload just thought i’d contribute to this thread, As far as roms go i’ve had no issues with the issens And IKs just the sounds which fkn sucks, i cannot wait till this gets a console release that’s if it does :\

Well, the AES cart is available whenever the fuck SNK sends the bug-free carts back across the ocean. Outside of that, it’s supposed to be coming to Xbox Live sometime early next year.

I’ve been looking forward to playing this for quite a while, from everything I’ve heard, it’s the best fighting game on the neo geo, at worst, top 3.

i’d agree with that last statement uber. easily in the top 3 of all time neo games.

the bosses aren’t bad at all, i feel that they did a good job making them playable and not too overpowered. i’ve not spent enough time with any of them in truly serious matches to see how well they fair, i’m still mainly using basara, gaira, and rimururu right now :karate:

oh and even the “fixed” AES carts won’t have full fatalities (for anyone who hasn’t heard/checked

Do J-tournaments use SSV or SSVSP? Been checking out some a-cho vids lately, high-level play seems pretty varied and interesting.

Everyone is playing Special now.