Samurai Shodown VI arcade button layout?

I can’t seem to find a picture of this cab anywhere. Anyone know how the layout was for each button?

It has 5 buttons I believe and was for the Naomi so it wasn’t traditional Sam Sodown style. Unless it was the same 4 button layout and the spirit/dodge button was your thumb?

Anyone? Thanks.

It was Atomiswave, and yes it had 5 buttons.

So it was probably


Which was the layout used for the other SNK Atomiswave fighting games (KOF Neowave, KOFXI, and NGBC)

i’m bumping this for a quick moment here.
i can’t seem to find an explanation as to what “meditation” does when you choose that particular spirit where A+B=mediation.
all the character does is get into a meditative mode for a second…but i’ve seen the cpu do it and hold it for a while.

what’s the initiator to pull off a full meditation?
anybody know?

  1. the game actually gives you a display of the button layout when choosing your “spirit”(groove)

  2. @axl Meditation is based off the remaining rage you have, the more meter you have the longer you’ll stay in that position to build timeslow mode. Each char has a different rage meter build rate, and it directly reflects how much their meter will contribute to the extension of the timeslow mode’s minimum activation requirement. Chars that rage in 2-3 hits(Enja, Rasetsumaru) will empty their meter for little gain, while “calm” chars(Yunfei, Ukyo) will be able to get large gains out of smaller amounts. Also remember that once your meter is full you can’t meditate.

thanks brother. i browsed all over the net trying to find what meditation does without success, so i had to ask here.
i couldn’t find the samurai shodown ubforum but i’m not even sure if one exist here at SRK.

yeah, i knew some characters build rage meter at different rates coz when i use Kazuki with 3rd spirit(A+B=rage increase) he builds it much faster than Sogetsu. like 2 seconds faster.

so i’ll assume when you say “timeslow”, you mean that the opponent’s speed slows down. the more you meditate=the more slowed down your opponent becomes…or is it that the opponent gets slowed down for a longer duration of time?

lastly, one more question.
the VIII spirit-able to arrange the system.
now this one i can’t figure out.
when you choose it, it brings up another spirits screen where it shows only a series of VIII spirit symbols with small arabic numerals ranging from 1 to 8.
but they all are the same!
they all have this description. as follows:


Weapon dropped

gauge use


roll forth-back

samurai drive

each VIII spirit symbol from 1 through 8 has the same exact system…why?
and number 7 and 8 VIII spirit symbol is blue, while the others are red.
what does that mean?

this VIII spirit is a mystery to me.
coz i assumeed that 8th spirit lets you add on a particular power or attribute from another spirit.
like for example, if i choose VIII spirit with VIII 1…it would give me the default VIII spirit attributes till my rage meter gets full, then it would allow me to do a I’s spirit hyper slash…but, it doesn’t.

what am i doing wrong with VIII spirit? what’s the point of that second spirits screen that comes up with 8 different VIII spirits that all seem to do the same exact thing?

is it that i haven’t unlocked something yet?

any help would be appreciated here.
thanks in advance.

In the console ports of Samurai Shodown VI sans PSP, there are 6 default spirits and 3 extra spirits. The defaults are Do (I), Shin (II), Zan (III), Ten (IV), Rei (V), and Ken (VI). The first 2 extra spirits are the Demon and Animal Spirits. The last one lets you select 8 other spirits, those are custom spirits. Basically you can make your own spirits and include what you want to put in based on the amount of points you have, like include Air blocking and chain combos etc.

You will always have the same amount of time and slowdown in timeslow mode, all meditation does is raise the amount of life you need before you can activate it. Normally it’s at your last 5%, with meditation and a lot of management of your meter you can raise it to 50%+(more like 33% in a real battle with a char that has slow rage).

but how exactly do i make my own spirits?
where are my points and how do i attribute/apply them?
because during the second screen after i choose VIII spirit that shows the 8 VIII spirits…i’ve hit every button minus X and nothing happens. on what screen or in what mode can i apply points towards the 8th spirit?
btw, i’m playing the SAMURAI SHODOWN ANTHOLOGY PS2 US version, not a PSP SS6 sans psp.

i found nothing on when it comes to SS6…there’s only info on Samurai Shodown 5, but i found nothing for 6.
lastly, so after meditating it auto activates if my life is only at 5%?
or do i activate it by doing something like L1+R1? AB+SP?

EDIT:scratch that VIII question…i see the spirits edit mode now. never noticed it before. thx.

2nd EDIT:15 minutes later after customizing VIII-8 spirit…heh heh, i’m going to assume VIII is banned from tournament play…do i assume this correctly, coz i can’t imagine this being allowed. anywhere, at anytime. by anyone.

Arcade button layout was:

D – E


Took this screen from the official Japanese website for the game:

5SP on mizuumi has all the basic system info you need for the 5 spirit in 6.
It never auto-activates. 6 should tell you in the spirit select how to activate it.

And yes, just like how EX grooves aren’t allowed in CvS2 edit spirits aren’t allowed in 6.