Samurai showdown 2 greatest ever?

For me i still believe SS2 is the greatest fighting game i have ever played to date. the characters and character designs are incredible, the art is fantastic , the music is splendid and most importantly the gameplay and balance is top notch. Character wise i still believe ss2 and also ss3&4 had one of the best unique and original set of characters

I support the OP.

yeah pretty good points, agreed. i don’t think ss2 is the greatest fighting game but it is up there.

Balance? You must have not played the game very much. Or never played against good a Ukyo, Galford, or Hanzo.

I agree with you, SS2 is a great game, why,? Cause it was balanced, it was uniqe, and there was was out of things, unlike MvC3, yes there are no infinites but this is because dmg is insane. One hit will lead to a air combo then death. SS2 had rolling back and forward and the lie low, if two sword clashed you can fight it out and the loser would lose theyre weapon, the person who lose theyre weapon can still fight and catch the other guys weapon and disarm him. If you never played SS2 give it a try, its out on the Xbox 360 its not as good looking as some of the fighting games out now but game play is very good, or at the least look it up on youtube. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is another very good game. My question is why is SFA3 not out for the Xbox 360?

is Samurai Showdown 2 better than Samurai Showdown 5sp?

They are two different games.

Also don’t listen to ShinOwen, he has obviously never played the game against a human opponent, or at least a very good one before.

I am going to have to disagree with you you can play at a high level with most of the characters.

i used to run local tournaments for this, and i have seen players dominate with jubei, wan fu, haohamru, genguro, ukyo, gen an, nicotine, earthquake, hanzo , galford, charlotte and kyoshiro

Hmm 12 characters which is about half of the cast IIRC. seems decently balanced then.

Running a local tournament with players who choose a wide character selection does not mean the game is balanced. Nor do i care if it is or not. It’s just false information to say that it is. I play this game a lot with fairly good players and I’ll tell you it’s not balanced, as will they.

Wan-fu does not beat Ukyo, Earthquake… does not beat Ukyo, Kyoshiro… does not beat Ukyo. The end all to this is that they all fall to Ukyo and both ninjas. Plain and simple. Can you win against those characters? Sure. Can you do it consistently against above average players that choose those 3 characters? No.

I’m a big fan of 5 Special but have never played two. How do they compare?

I have never played 5 myself but SS2 is a great game. Uyko is mostly the strongest char but he is not unbeatable. And it take skill to play with him you just cant pick him and then your a god. When I say balanced, I dont mean like todays games where only the top 3 guys out of 39 ppl are the best. Everyone in SS2 was useable and worthy of your time to learn how to play. All im saying is check the game out and im sure you will like it. As for the comments of booty clapper he or she sounds more like a defeated person who gets his but kicked by those guys he is complaining about.

I like SS2, but I wouldn’t even say it’s the best game in the SS series. I actually prefer SS1 and SS5sp to 2. And I’m an Ukyo player.

I’d be more worried about Kyoshiro/Charlotte/Gen-An long before I’d worry about Galford. Hanzo is a little closer though since he actually does damage.

If you’re not talking Ukyo, then you probably didn’t play this game for real. He, Charlotte, and Genan ruined the game.

Frankly, I hate the way this game plays. And those 3 make terribly good use of the system to almost frightening levels.

a big balance patch and some bug fixes, that game is probably the ultimate 2d weapon vs fighter.
It was just too far ahead it doesn’t fade in time.

After 4, the game sort of became a different style of game… it’s a lot less flashy, and a lot more tactical… at least, that’s how I see it.

SS3 never happened.

I find it ironic that Samurai Shodown 3, easily the most unplayable game in the series, is always the one packaged with those NeoGeo cabinets you see at laundromats and grocery stores back in the 90s. I think the 4-in-1 was Bubble Bobble, some platformer, Art of Fighting 1, and Samurai Showdown 3.

The one at the laundromat where I lived in Brooklyn was the best ever… had some SHMUP, Fatal Fury Real Bout, a Metal Slug, and Samurai Shodown 2.

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]Repeat Step 3.