Samurai Showdown 2 vs Samurai Showdown 4

What is the big differences between these games? People seem to favor SS2 over all the others, but for what reason? Is SS4 broken or something? SS4 sure does look better.

SS 4 has the retarded CD 14-hit combo (same combo for every character), which you can easily link into a super (which has a generic motion for all characters, which is also dumb).

Has its’ share of infinites. Also has some balance issues.

As for gameplay features, it has the Slash/Bust versions of every character, dodging, turning around the enemy, ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ the enemy instead of regular throws (which SS 2 has), and POW Explosion (which allows you to perform a Fatal Slash on the opponent that will reduce their energy drastically).

The fun thing that SS IV has is the preset Fatalities and the Suicides. SS II also has Fatalities, but they come out at random.

SS II is more solid gameplay wise, even if it does have the Untouchable Tier with Ukyo and Charlotte (although ironically, the counter character for Ukyo is the worst character of the game, Nakoruru).

Yes plus its based off the SSIII system which means BT shit all day long…(BT=backturned FYI)

Or you could just go with Samsho 5 Special.

All jokes I think I like 2 a little better than 4. SS 2 looks great in a classic, anime-y way to me.

But as of right now, I’m really liking 5sp the best so far. Extra characters make a whole lot of difference to me.

lol neidel all up on ss for some reason. ss2 and ss4 are both broken by capcom standards tho.

SS2 = best fighting game sword :tup:


You trying to get into Samurai? Well, when SS6 comes out on PS2, which is very soon, we need to play! It’s mad tight have you looked at the SS Tenka forum and videos? As for SS2 do you have it? We can get on that too.

Nak counters Ukyo? How?

yeah man its bad ass.

is SS6 tenka or are they releasing SS5 SP too?

I have all the SS5 and we play it all the time if you want to come over sometime. I will be getting Tenka as as soon as it comes out.

I will gladly play some SS2 too if you want.

Just Tenka. I can’t wait.

really? sweet. maybe you guys can teach me some stuff… pm me your #.

Samsho 2 sucks…Samsho only gets better as it goes on. I can’t play samsho 1 or 2 they are too bad as fighters.

SS2 and SS4 gameplay style is pretty different. It’s more of a preference then anything. If you like SS4, you might want to get SS5 or newer instead. As long as you stay away from 3, you’ll probably be happy with either choice.

Anyone know where I could get SS5 SP? I cant seem to find it anywhere, jsut SSV

the 14-hit combo is not very important in the game, few characters will perform the full 14 hits (i.e. Sogetsu, Haohmaru), as most characters won’t benefit from a full gauge compared to bigger damage. It’s great as a combo starter, but then it should be regarded as a normal instead of a “dial”-combo.

Infinites have to be softbanned, but then the balance is great and the matches look very good, best in a Samsho (incl. Tenka), imo.

How does Nak counters Ukyo?

I liked the Slash/Bust system that appeared in SS 3-4 and the 64 series. I always felt they could have done more with it though.