Samurai Showdown 5 for Xbox Backwards Compatible


Okay is SamSho 5 backwards compatible for xbox 360. If you know if it is please respond.


how about look up the backwards compatibility list which would have taken less time than making this thread.


Oh my god, that took me all of five seconds. Maybe even eight if I typed Samurai Shodown 5 or whatever. Glad I wasted all that time instead of doing it the easy way, like making a fucking thread about it on SRK.

Obvious troll is obvious.


I wasn’t asking for all that smart asses its obvious y’all either didn’t know or just wanted to comment negatively either way you did not answer the question .


No, it does not play on the 360, as far as I know.

Now, good day sir


[quote=“SN3S, post:5, topic:75917”]

No, it does not play on the 360, as far as I know.


Most 09ers are lazy.


Okay how am I lazy because I did not know about the game being on that list I couldn’t find a backwards com list that was current so just wanted to ask a simple question. Yo ProjectJustice get a life man your more than lazy in the threads you post in .


Instead of getting all butthurt and lolmadz at everybody for pointing out that you could have found the info yourself with a small amount of effort. Just thank them for answering your question and move on.


Dude what you said was pointless I posted at what two in the morning with that question and all of a sudden somebody comes out and says something stupid then accuse me of trolling .Srk has a huge double standard going on man If I defend my self online I come off as angry and trolling and when i don’t I get a huge tirade going on about how 09ers are lazy for asking questions. But if a 06er asks the same exact question he gets good posters .


The link I gave you was the backwards compatibility link you jackass, you just needed to type Samurai Shodown V in, and figure out if it was or not. You are a lazy moron who types like a retard, if people call you out on it, last thing you can say is their a liar.