Samurai Showdown and KOF94


Are many people planning on getting these from the new Neo-Geo store in the PSN store? I’m thinking about it but won’t do it if there won’t be anyone online to play. I already have SS2, KOF98, KOF2K2, and Fatal Fury 2 Special (my favorite) on XBL and hardly anyone plays them anymore.

If anyone has them, how is the netcode? The netcode for the NG games on XBL was a little spotty.


I bought samurai shodown last nite. I jumped into a couple online matches, for the most part the netcode seemed pretty solid. The matches were fairly smooth and had no input lag (I even played a few people in japan) but this morning i jumped on there and had a couple of laggy matches, it might have just been a few random opponents with crappy connections though.


I also have Samurai Shodown and the matches were very smooth. I wonder who did the netcode because it does not suck at all.


I may buy samurai showdown, I loved that game as a child.


got em, love em add me as a friend please.


Anybody from france, england, spain or germany got ss ( or planning to get ss2 and other snk fgs ) and want to play it online ? i just can’ t get any decent connexion with anybody it seems, and if i set the ping to the lowest, i can sit there for 20 minutes waiting for somebody to show up, which never happens…if anybody’s interested, just hit me up, i d be glad to play anybody as long as the connexion is at least half-decent…


So far, I have only bought SS, and I havent been able to find a non laggy match yet. Add me, hopefully I will find a good match soon.


I added you


i’m interested in playing kof94.

are there online rankings such as xbox LIVE games? Thanks.