Samurai Showdown II

this game is dead online, come on peeps get this game on an iv stat!

It’s mostly HD Remix that has stolen its thunder. I fought a few people online on SamSho II just last night.

The people are still there.

I was thinking of D/L-ing this tonight but if no one is playing on-line…

Does anyone play HF on-line? At this point I plan on getting one of the two tonight…see you there!


I’m down for some SamSho2 online… I was looking for a match the other night after playing some HDRemix but there wasn’t a single person online… Yet, there was a lobby of 4 people on Fatal Fury Special (which was bizarre to me).

Yo, I’m up for a few matches on SS2. I’ve been looking for other people to go against online but it’s been dead for the longest.

I play

I’m really surprised that you can’t find a match. I usually only have to wait about 5 minutes before someone pops on to play. There are still a ton of people playing this game. Also, if you get a chance to play during the day, a lot of Japanese players get on at that time. Some matches are better with the lag than others if you’re playing against those from Japan. Either way, you should be able to find others to play against.

I am always willing to play some SamShoII and/or Fatal Fury Special. Add me, I usually get on XBL about 1:00am CST.

Dude put me in i love FFS and SS2