Samurai Showdown Making A Comeback?

I don’t know how credible this is but i hope it’s true…hopefully more info will be revealed by SNK if this is legit.


hopes it’s SS7 in HD

I hope its true. Lord knows there aren’t very many real fighting games on the market made for real fighting game fans.

the question if this is true is if it wouldt be 3d, 2d, 2.5d?

I hope 2D. Its expensive but how hard would it be to create a HD 2D Samurai Showdown game in the style of KOF XIII?

Anyone seen the last two Samurai Showdown “comebacks”?

Yeah, this will be shit. Don’t give up whatever you’re playing now.

Well, with all the hits it’s taken over the years, it probably has a full enough Ultra meter for one. The only question is if it can land it.

At least its a real fighting game. Can’t be any worse than Super Scrub Fighter 4 Yun Edition and Marvel vs Casual 3: X-Factor’s Fate of Phoenix

Apparently, it’s 3D and involves environmental damage… yep, it’s gonna be shit.

So it’s going to be a sequel to the Hyper Neo Geo SS games. Do not want

Even if it somehow accidently ends up being playable, it’ll probably be 3 years minimum before a console version turns up. SNK takes forever to put anything out these days.

Is there a link to an article? I don’t really wanna watch this guy’s show.

Eh I’m willing to give it a chance, Sen didn’t turn out quite right but it wasn’t that bad just boring. SS seems like the kind of game that could do well in 3D.

And the Hyper Neo Geo games were 2.5d.

looks at sig

looks at registration date


really hard, and kofxiii is not hd btw

What’s a clown with an extra medium tank top have to do with Samurai Shodown

I used to like SS, but I don’t care if it comes back or not. HOWEVER IF IT DOES, anything other than KoF13-level 2D is a waste of everyone’s time.

If SNK wasn’t run by incompetent morons who apparently haven’t learned much from going bankrupt in 2000, I would legit back Samurai Showdown over Soul Calibur.

Come on SNK: give me a reason to trust you again (though KOFXIII looks like the bees knees. Good start guys)

jesus, why cant they just do a 2.5d fighter and sell a ton of copies? don’t they see how well sf4 and mk9 have done? of course i’d love sprites but i’m trying to be realistic here. also give it to examu, they did a better job with tenka than i trust snk to do with anything these days.

I’m going to have to agree with all this.

SNK has been fuckin’ up left and right.
I’m trying to stay positive about about them and the new Sam Showdown, but in they are NOT making a come back unless they get some help. It’s hard to tell where they are even going with these games (KoF 13… why are you so bad…).