Samurai Showdown Pushed Back To Dec6

Yeah i know it totally sucks i realy had my hopes up when gamespot said it was coming out nov15 well anyways it’s gonna be an expectedly awsm port and it’s got xbox live of course but the special edition version is coming out in 06 so when i buy the normal one this december can i exchange it for when the enhanced edition comes out? Also who else is gonna pick it up when it’s released?

It’s on my “Buy when/if I get my X-Mas bonus list.” Along with SFAC and KOF 2002/2003.

Ok…I was with you at this point

Uhhh…wha? I’m afraid Sam Sho V Special is not coming to home consoles. sadly. Not in '05, not in '06, not ever. Maybe you’re confusing Samurai Shodown 5 Special and Samurai Spirits Tenka/Sam Sho 6?

You can always trade one game in towards another at a used game store…why would this be any different?


Well at leat it won’t be completely overshadowed by the X-box 360 launch like it would have been on Nov 22

Why would they even bother now? Tenka is coming out early next year…

I too was disappointed when I heard it was pushed back, but it’s not like it’s been pushed back six months or something. Just a few more weeks. I’ve got to keep practicing my 3s anyway, no time for Samurai just now.

Be very, very wary of this port, guys. This is being ported in the US, not Japan. The Japanese port was kinda sucky, so the US branch decided to do it themselves, and it seems even worse.

Some people played it last month at some gaming event and the thing was unplayable, with bugs everywhere and controls not even responding right.

Wait for reviews before you buy it.

i’d say fuck it. just import samurai spirits/sam sho 6 in janurary. i doubt live will help it out that much at all.

Yes early IN JAPAN! US might get it end of 2006.

So wait is this X-Box version of SamSho V the normal one or Special?

sam sho normal the broken one apparently.