Samurai Showdown question

I never got the chance to play Samurai Showdown 5 Special and was thinking of picking it up. But I recently found out that a Samurai Showdown 6 was released as well.

Which one should I pick up? And if anyone knows, which is the preferred game? Also, how do these two stack up to the popularity of the first four games?

Samurai Showdown 5 Special is really fun, and you other people to play with on’s #poverty channel.

SS6 is, uh, not preferred.

I haven’t played either one against other people, but they both have their merits. SS5 Special is apparently pretty good because it features a much improved fighting system over SSV, no censorship on fatalities, and seems to be just fun in general. SS6 is like some sort of SamSho dream match where almost every character from the series is playable, plus a few more. They also have a groove system like CvS2 in that you can play by the “rules” of each game in the series, plus there’s like a few hidden grooves that are interesting as well.

You’ll likely find more comp in 5 SP since you can go on 2df/Supercade and duke it out there, whereas AFAIK SamSho 6 isn’t entirely emulated yet, although the emulator that will eventually emulate it does have a netplay plugin…

SS V Special is on GGPO thanks to yours truly. Plus it’s uncut. Great balance but one thing hinders it. The lack of teching throws. Keep in mind that throws beat a lot of normals and some specials and do about 20% dmg. So it can get pretty dumb pretty quick because of that.

6 I’ve yet to play but some like it.

Oh sweet, they finally added another game to GGPO. I was almost convinced that it was dead/dying in terms of adding new games. Hoping for more adds in the future, especially if FBA ever implements Naomi stuff…

SamSho 6 sin’t bad, just different.