Samurai Showdown Thread

Wow. What an under appreciated game series. I snagged every copy I could of the SamSho series (sans the Hyper NeoGeo 64 games, obviously :(), and I’m justd oing a massive gaming rush of all of them possible. I mean, these games are hawt. The mechanics, atmosphere, music, all of it is pretty freaking amazing. Wish I had gotten into this series much sooner than I have.

So, SamSho fans out there?


i play nakoruru in 2, rimu/yoshi in 5sp and iroha/shizumaru in tenka

not enough people play these games i think
it’s one of those games where they really become fun once you figure everything out :7)

i agree… i play tenka and i think its one of the most underrated games of our times… it really is a shame there really isnt a following over here in the west coast especially seeing as there are arcades that have this game available to be played… AI and Super Arcade come to mind… my Sogetsu and Suija are killers i wish there was some comp in the local area to prove me otherwise…

ninja edit: AI is the only arcade that has this game in my area… Super only HAD SamSho 5

I play haohmaru mostly.

Favorite SS = 2

When is the damn Samurai collection for PS2 coming out? :annoy:

They already put one out in Japan I think 1-6, but not Special.

You sure thats out already? I checked placeslike play-asia and still nothing. It’s supposed to have 1-4 on it.

I play 2 and 4, i like the characters in 5sp but i dont like the gameplay.

It’s not out yet (I’d have it if it was)

I too am a great fan of the series but I play only SS2 and Tenka nowadays (I used to play SS0S but the gameplay is somehow too repetitive for me).

Though I enjoy playing most of the cast, my mains are:

  • SS2: Ukyo
  • SST: Ken Hanzo (though I also use Shin Hanzo)

My favorite still is SS2, on NeoCDZ since the loading are then very short and SNK folks outdone themselves on the music. Tenka would be perfect if it wasn’t for arguable music, arguable CvS2-like effects and lack of blood and more than anything backgrounds that don’t fit the atmosphere AND kill my eyes since they use the same color palette as the characters and effects (and I hate not to see clearly what happens on the screen). For the same reason, I play SS2 without flashes and I enjoy it.

Ahhh, I remember playing SS2 at Break Point in the VCU Commons back in the day.


Don’t forget Samurai Showdown! 2 for Neo Pocket Color. I have all the cards.

Okay not to knock on you but what are you trying to do with this thread?

Talk about all the Sam Shos period in general? I am doing that with my Eye of the Ragin Storm thread.

I got all the Sam Sho fans in there too.

Dont get the wrong impression…while I dont mind you all talking about SNK stuff…in general I am just trying to keep everything centralized to my thread.

I work hard to make my thread the place for ALL SNK Discussion. So I hope everyone works with me to understand that.

Thanks for understanding.

-Dark Geese

There’s no blood in Tenka? Wow then that I totally missed that.

That’s fine, but also keep in mind that since your thread is all SNK related things, it’ll be a lot harder to find things specific to the game you want to read about without sifting through tons of posts.

Well true…but I also have much of that archived on my first page see just to make it easier for people to find and go RIGHT TO THE HEART OF WHAT THEY WANT to curtail this very issue you have spoken about…

Thats the thing…I bust my ass so you guys wont have to make new threads and archive it so you wont…now if you are lazy I aint got anything to say to you!!!

I have archived all of that…Certainly SST stuff guys…its all archived on the first page (and vids on the second)

Once again I dont mind you all making new threads etc but I may have already made all of this easier for you…

I have archived even the SST thread etc so you guys just gotta look through the first and second page to find what you are looking for. If it aint there THEN you may wanna make a new thread…or first use the search engine to see if there has been a thread made about it beforehand.

I saw like 5 Breakers Revenge Threads that couldve been put together INTO ONE.

Even this thread couldve been kinda combined with the “Which Sam sho is your favorite” thread to a degree.

Once again guys I bust my ass to make things easy for all SNK gamers…

But you gotta help me help you!! :tup:

-Dark Geese

Ah. I had no idea all that stuff was on the first page. I never check it. Haha.

And as far as this thread goes; I love Tenka. More people need to play that game.

I’m not a fan of mass threads focusing on over 30 games. It’s too much crap going on at once. It’s not about vids. It’s about a topic for people whom are fans of Samurai Showdown, and that’s it. Whatever conversations, and links that follow, are expected.

But, feel free to merge this into the sticky. Whatever.

On-Topic -

Snagged the Pocket ShamSho’s aswell. Herd it would be the closest I’d get to the HNG64 board’s SamSho’s. =(

As long as the Tenka info is not from Mr. “It-would-be-so-cool-if-Yumeji-really-was-a-boy-lost-on-a-battlefield-and-then-raped-and-forced-to-become-a-girl” then said info is likely to be of any value. If not it probably has been badly copy-pasted from gamefaqs or worse or even invented

You’re warned.

On a side note, GC.netstill holds some good strats for tenka though it’s not been updated for ages.

I subscribe to this guy on youtube. He’s always uploading Tenka vids.

He just uploaded a 3 min vid with some combos for a decent amount of the characters.


They’re mostly combos that lead to a knock down that end with the hit on a downed opponent. Still good stuff.

Sorry Shade, but there will be no merging, and that thread will never be stickied.

This thread is fine, as well as any others that want to get in depth on any particular game or series. This is what FGD is about, not petty MM threads or EC/WC beef.