Samurai Showdown V: Yoshitora Guide


Here goes nothing. I’ll update as I feel like it.



A: Normal. Yellow outfit with light brown hair.
B: My fav, dark blue hair, light blue outfit.
C: I forgot. :slight_smile:
D: Dark orangish/red costume with bright blonde hair. Should be my fav since it’s the most “red” costume, but it’s not.

Normal Moves:


B: Yoshi’s B&B move, it can be canceled at any point of it’s three hits into ANY of his special moves, most commonly Pink Flower since it’s his combo and offensive starter. It’s got good range and speed, does decent damage, and is safe on block. Please note however, that if the opponent block’s it, you’ll get a recoil effect that can not be canceled, so… :slight_smile: Not that you’re screwed if they block it, it just can’t be canceled.

j.B: A horizontal slash that REALLY REALLY does well against air to air type combat. Sucks for a jump in though.

2B: Great AA slash if the opponent is coming in from a more frontal type diagonal. Hit’s 2 or 3 times, I’ll tell you later. :stuck_out_tongue: Can not be canceled.

C: A little sliding kick that knocks down.

j.C: A jumping kick that doesn’t seem to do too well in the jump in department. I’ll stick to j.B for air-to-air.

2C: A little footsie move that’s not really too good when compared to his other opitions.

3C: Actually really good, probably his best C, it’s a fast, low hitting (It looks like it hits mid, but I think it hits low) kick that’s really fast.

6C: A larger start up for a further sliding C. Woo.

Close AB:

Far AB: The infamous butterfly slash. Yoshi swings his arms like a bird or butterfly would flap it’s wings, once down, once up. This move has five hits total. There is also an energy wave that extends even further than the sword slash. If you connect the full thing, you’re looking at five hits and a huge chunk of the opponents life bar. If it’s blocked, you push them back into Yoshi’s happy zone, where he can zone/poke to his hearts content; however, this will not work all to well since he lags at the end of it and fast characters (ex: Rera, Hanzo) can run in and beast. Because of the reach horizontally, and the energy wave, Yoshi can pretty much out prioritize a lot of moves with this. If used as AA, only a few hits (1-3) will hit, and do only mediocum damage. So? Don’t use it as AA, regardless of how fun it will be to see someone land on the energy wave. They’ll bounce off, recovery, and be able to hit you, and that sucks, since you’ll have just lost your momentum.


2AB: A sweep with his big sword hilt, hits twice, and is fairly decent.

Close AB:

2146D (Without Weapon)

Special Moves:

236 + S
1st Long Sword: Pink (Flower)
Description: A quick dash forward while slicing. The screen covered with this move is alright, and it’s pretty quick with very little start up time, but please… please make sure this move hits or is at least blocked, because it recovers horribly if you miss it. However, if you hit it, it’s kinda of like instant momentum since it knocks your opponent into the air and sorta floats them. New update, this is his bread and butter combo move, so, um, usefulness inside and combo is 10 of 10. :slight_smile:
Usefulness: 8 of 10

623 + S
2nd Long Sword: White Lily
Description: An upwards sword slash that covers a good distance in front of and over him, protecting him from a lot of jump ins. If it hit’s, it’s instant offense, and it’s a really great uppercut to boot. Definately a staple AA. Usefulness: 9 of 10.

236 + S in air
3rd Long Sword: Tree Peony
Description: A forward sword slash covering from the 7oclock position to the 11 oclock positon while he’s in the air. I’ve
seen it used as a random jump in, air to air, and as a jump-back rushdown stopper. His third really good special. This pretty
much is his jump in move, if it hits, fine, if it misses, ouch, if it’s blocked, you bounce away. I should mention Yosh seems
to have no real reason to jump considering all the AA he’s packing. You CAN tiger knee this, which will send Yoshi flying
diagonally up/foreward REALLY fast with the Tree Peony coming out at most char’s head heights. I haven’t played with this yet. Usefulness: 7 of 10.

421 + S
4th Long Sword: Camellia
Description: With this move, Yoshi hops back and holds a sword behind his head, which glows green, then he takes a larger hop
forward and slashes down with it. It’s not too safe on a block, but it autoguards a single hit and completely passes through
fireballs for a trade or a counter hit. Note, if you anticipate a fireball, throw this out. You’ll be one special away from FBF. I can’t find any links for it, since it’s start up is so slow. Also, I find it worth noting that the A version has no attack, being just a quick, autoguarded hop foreward. The B version is a small hop back, foreward hop, then slash, and AB is an even bigger hop back/foreward slash. Usefulness: 5 of 10 (Has it’s moments, and I still need to see how good the A version is for advancing.)

214 + S
5th Long Sword: Morning Glory
Description: This move is basically your typical repeated slash, except Yoshi’s range is just so big. If it hits, the opponent is lifted into the air as a spinning card-type object appears on them, spinning with Yoshi’s slashes. I don’t know if this move is mashable yet (I always mash and get like, 18 hits). Yoshi ends it with a power slash upwards that knocks the opponent away. If blocked, the power slash will completely whiff, leaving Yoshi open. If whiffed, Yoshi’s in a bad place. Try making your opponents land on it. Usefulness: 5 of 10.

623 + C
6th Long Sword: Moonflower
Description: Yoshi’s command throw, and yes, it’s blockable. It’s pretty quick though, and the range isn’t THAT poor for a throw, so you might find some uses for it. The best way I see to hit this move is to counter hit a laggy move, and since the throw does good damage and causes knockdown, it’s good to use at least once, so you can get the FBS. Usefulness: 4 of 10.

632146 + BC
7th Long Sword: Floating Butterfly Flower
Description: This move is so pretty. Unsheathing the big sword, Yoshi starts the swing from the top of his head (Big sword
reachs to the mooooon.), and brings it down in front of him, unleashing an energy arc that travels the screen and pretty much
takes up an entire screen. I’ve always hit with it, so I don’t know the if blocked characteristics of it, or chipping power, but I do know it’s monsterious. If you by some act of God get this move, you’ve won the round. Period. Usefulness: 10 of 10.

  • Weapon needed for: All specials.

  • The Floating Butterfly Sword (FBS) can only be used after hitting your opponent with all six of his other specials moves. You don’t have to do this all in one round, either (you could do four in the first round and two in the second, then the FBS would be usable).

  • Note about the FBS, during most matchs, you’ll typically hit the Pink Flower, White Lilly, and Tree Peony anyways, because they’re just useful moves. The Camellia on the other hand, can be hard to hit if your opponent doesn’t have a fireball or is very careful with their pokes. The Morning Glory isn’t to hard to land, but it’s not safe if whiffed or blocked because it’ll push the opponent too far for the very last (And laggy!) slash to connect (Unless you get them to block it point blank, in which the move does SUPER nice chip). Try making your opponents land on it since they can’t air block. As of now, Moonflower is a pain to connect, since it’s a blockable command throw. (Though I’ve had marginal success canceling the first hit of the B into it, sometimes it’ll trick em!) I’ll do a section on how to land the moves here as I get more indepth. On a complete side note, you can land them all in enlightenment mode, giving you access to the FBS during your last round if you enlightenment on the 2nd, so it kinda promotes Yoshi dying the first round, getting his FBS the second round, and abusing it the third round. Note, will work on how to connect all the specials during an enlightenment.

236 + CD Hollyhock
Description: A quick, low hitting super. Awesome! Even though I tend to go the enlightenment mode route, this is definately a useful super incase you get raged. It’s fast, hits low, and does good damage. Basically, Yoshi will glow in a golden hue, and do a quick low slash that’s safe if blocked. If it hits, he’ll jump into the air slashing the opponent repeatedly and finishing with a big punch (Seven swords and he PUNCHES?) that sends the opponent flying. Good move overall. Usefulness: 8 of 10.


Tier Position: Big Four (Yoshi, Rera, Rimaruru, Mina)


B, Pink Flower (You can cancel any of the three B hits, but only the first two are garunteed to connect. I think the third hit cancelled can be blocked.)

B, White Lilly (I assume, if close enough, you can cancel the first his of B into the White Lilly, not sure WHY you’d want to, but maybe you caught them anti-air with a standing B.)



man what’s this 745982+28193 F crap. This is SRK foolio, use qcf. qcb. hcb,f. DP.

i hate that number stuff.


this aint soul calibur 2 foo :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are sooooo gay.

Fine, I’ll do dual notation, since I personally perfer numbers. The moves will read 236 (QCF) Slash. Happy? Huh?!


PS: God, don’t tell me good job or nothing, just cock slap me and shit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck dem fools. Yo Violent this faq is awsome!!. I don’t give a shit about the numbers just put down what each one means like left=1 or right=3 or something cuz i don’t know what numbers correspond to each direction. Thx again for da FAQ bro!



Sweetness. Will you be doing other characters?

Is looking for Yunfei, Mina, and KusareGedou in particular, with Rasetsumaru, Rera, Enja, and Suija at a lesser priority


Well. I was actually doing Yoshitora because I play him, and this not only helps me (Writing things down re-enforces the concept in my brain, and also lets me theory fight out battles), but helps you. I know Mummy-B is playing the fuck outta Charolette, Shizamaru, Rera, and Rimaruru. Uncauzi was suppose to get a webpage up so we could do a SSV page with all this kinda info on it. If they shit falls through, then I guess I might start doing guides for all the chars, but keep in mind they’ll be basic guides at first. No where as near indepth as the Yoshi guide, since I play Yoshi first hand. If you want, I can start up guides for char’s one at a time, and hopefully people who play them will post in the guides offering advice and hints, which I can in turn, incorperate into the guides. Just gimmie a holla and I’ll see what I can do.


PS: I can’t believe I forgot this.

789 u/b u u/f
456 b n f
132 d/b d d/f

IE: 236 = qcf
623 = dp

so on and so on.


Just use the numerical keypad on your keyboard as a reference for the numbers. 5 is neutral, all other numbers are the 8 directions. Piece of cake.

Nice faq VR. I can’t wait to give Yoshi a try (after checking out my boy Hanzo of course). It’s good to hear that Uncauzi is playing. Too bad he left the FL scene. :bluu: Anyways, we will get SS0 here in Gainesville, Florida next week. Can’t wait!!!



Hell, I’ll just settle for descriptions of the various characters special moves.

(Incidentally, what does Yoshi’s grab look like? Does he throw the opponent & slash him while he’s in the air, or something like that?)


Thanks for reminding me, Yoshi grabs you, tosses you behind him, then does the infamous reverse stab. A white flower appears and it does hella damage. Just is blockable.

Hanzo is a monster with 3BC after knockdown.



Awesome thanks for putting that together.


Yesterday, I was messing around with the Moon Flower attack, and it seems that you can combo it from a standing B. Could you try to confirm it?


Logically, I’d say no. It’s a command grab, thus needs to ‘hit’, but it can not ‘hit’ someone in blocking position, or in hit stun. B puts them in hit stun. What’s probably happening is that they’re trying to mash A to force you to block after your B, or wiggling their joystick and that causes them to enter a neutral state (Since you canceled your attack, and B doesn’t have a LOT of hit stun, especially not if the first hit is canceled). Going into this neutral, unblocking state makes them get hit. A nice trick, but unlikey to work on higher level, since they’ll just block hoping you cancel, and a blocked MF is suicide.