Samurai Showdown Xbox!



Samsho 6 is coming out for PS2 in like a month and you can play Samsho 5 Special over Kaillera.

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cares?

I guess if it doesn’t have Live it doesn’t matter?

i hope this will be good, and not a let down!

You know, I hate to be a killjoy, but they’ve pushed the Xbox version back to middle of January.

The release date has been pushed back at least 5 times at this point. It gets close to the release date, then they put it back another month.

It just recently went from Nov 15th -> Nov 22nd -> Dec 6th -> Dec 22 -> mid January.

So you know what? I’m just cancelling my pre-order and picking up Sam Sho Tenka instead.

It’s the original, broken version of SS5, not the infinitely better SS5S. It’s a let down from the get go.

Could they be working on making it compatible with the 360? I steered clear of the 360 launch because none of the 2D fighters made that compatibility list.

Good golly miss molly.

I think this is the only time there has ever been near-simotaneous releases (albeit in different countries), of one game that is 2 sequels ahead of the other.

Damn. And people wonder why their fighters don’t have Live. It takes too damn long to implement it in the first place, and when it’s finished, it still lags like hell. Nice…

It’s population control I tell ya!

Wow this is still open…yeah man SSV is pretty broken and SP is better…but I side with everyone else…

SS TENKA IS COMING OUT…why get this??? Then again you all are getting the year later BS…hahaa…dude just mod your PS2 and get Tenka…a MUCH BETTER INVESTMENT…trust me on this one…

It’s because it has Live.

Yeah, that’s it, they’re making it compatible with the 360, because they know all of those hard-core gamers sleeping out in front of Best Buy to get a 360 are doing it to play a shitty NeoGeo game. And the reason it’s taking so long is that, even with help from Microsoft, SNK needs three months to recompile the binary.

I have a better hypothesis. This game was only ever planned for release because some exec at SNK is stupid enough to think that the hard core SNK fans in this country will run out and buy the game without spending five minutes checking up online and finding out that SS5 was derided by gamers as garbage. And the reason the game keeps getting pushed back is that SNK has a lot of intelligent employees who aren’t going to waste their time pumping out a game that isn’t going to sell.

Nov 15th -> Nov 22nd -> Dec 6th -> Dec 22 -> mid January.

HAHA! Actually, the original release date was mid-October something.

So: Mid-Oct -> Nov 15th -> Nov 22nd -> Dec 6th -> Dec 22 -> mid January -> Apacolypse.


I really hope it’s worth the wait because I really like SamShodown fighters.

Ha, but by the sound of the other posts its really bringing my hopes down. :confused:

It is still some nice news, at least we know some developers are trying to bring 2D fighting games to next gen consoles. Remember 90% of you complain that we don’t have enough 2D’s for consoles, at least this is something.