Samurai Showdown Zero SP thread

Hi everyone, I was browsing through the pages on this forum and noticed there wasn’t a thread for SSZ:SP. :sad: (if there is, feel free to post it so I can delet this thread) So anyways, I thought it would be nice to hear some strats and suggestions since this version of SSV, while buggy, is MUCH better than the first (tho still not as good as SS4 :karate: ).
So to get things started off, anyone have good suggestions for using Yoshitora? He used to be broken as hell in SSV but he’s been toned down so much, I’m having some problems. :xeye: Here are the things I was kinda looking for:

-Basic Strats
-Mu no Kyouchi combos and strats
-and strategys against lame, overpowered people like Enja, Rimururu and Kusaregedo (god I hate him :lame: )

I hope this isn’t too much to ask for, and I just want to say thanks in advance. :china:

Man we gotta get this going!!! I love Sam Shodown Sp!!! Problem is I only have SSV right now, the NeoGeo is at home. From what I hear Yoshitora’s infinite combo is taken out. If you guys are really interested in a Samurai Shodown thread, go to and go to the message boards!!!

-From a SNK fanatic that lives, eats breathes SNK…and absorbs some CAPCOM also…

I just got the MVS cart the other day so I would also like to know some strategies as well.

does anyone know how to perform the fatalities? Haohmaru?

I don’t know too much about the game yet, but dealing the last winning blow of a match with a special usually does fatality type stuff. Kyoshiro’s DP+A/B cuts the guy in half.

How exactly do you use the L2 button? L1 button you have to input a command like the D,F L1 while in rage to do the special.

Galford got raped so hard from SSV to SSV:SP that I stopped playing :sad:

is there fatalities on the ps2 version of the game?

Nope, they dont exist Trung unfortunately…You gotta play it on M-A-M-E to get the arcade stuff.

I look forward playing you in ss5 at OSC. I always been a fan of ss series, but there are no one that plays the game here.

You know about concentration mode right? It can be the be-all ender of the game…period…

Heres something…Rage Explosion CAN BEAT CONCENTRATION MODE!! It can be your savior…tidbit from some Japanese SSVSP vids…

SS V Special is a really well constucted game, but the 3rd round sometimes turns into meter fighter (meditation/rage explosion)

Rage explosion is also a good way to stop the clock- if you’re losing my time out, if you can rage, you’ll add about 10-30 ticks to the clock, which will frustrate those turtles. I’m 99% sure meditation has the same effect.

Another hint- if someone meditates a lot, rage explosion + fatality will work on them a lot sooner- the longer their lifebar, the easier it is to do an IK on them, even they’re as hard to land as in GG.

I’d say for serious play, it almost has to be 3 of 5 rounds, but it is one of the best fighters to come out in the past few years. To think the series was left for dead after SS3-4, but it has rehabilitated itself into one of the top 2d franchises with Special. The only bannable thing in Speical that I know of is Enja’s turbo mode special, which is some strange motion that gives him triple speed.

That’s right, the metersystem isn’t so hot. Often 1 failure and you are done thx to some good concentration usage… Btw, nearly noone knows to use the Enja Bug right in my area and hey it is banned in the only big tourny I saw (the game wasn’t very popular :().

I like to play the game a lot more, since I found a good opponent. I never thought that matches can take so long. The newer Parrysystem is also a nice thing, finally everyone can react to some mid range B and A Slash whores with better precision.

Oh and if someone has good Sogetsu or Jubei (I just recently found out he can cancel his far s.B. with fireballs for example) strats, post please. :slight_smile:

how is this game? I’ve never touched a ss game before. is it similar to lb2?

The Enja bug is lame- but I’ve only seen it online really. Then again, I’ve only played the game online…

Overall, I’ve always thought the rage gauge was one of the best meter systems- you couldn’t base your game around meter for one thing, unlike say, SFA3, where I’ve seen people whiff throws to build meter, and playstyle doesn’t matter in meter gaining.

My other complaint about the game is that throws seem to be a bit too strong. Personally, I wish they’d have returned to SS2-style throws, which are easier to counterthrow OG style. It’s not a gamebreaker though, just an annoyance- and it is counterable, just more difficult then it needs to be (might be easier in a lag-free environment)

SS Tenka is one of the few fighters I’d buy right now. Hoping they release a PC version.

The game is really nice (especially the sp. version), though I prefer Tenka by far. As for any similarities with LB2… well first of all : it’s not the same! I mean if you expect a SS to be a LB you are bound to have a problem for many reasons and mainly because the key in SS is timing and mindgames, especially since any big slash has some HUGE lag time if you miss, exposing yourself to an even huger punishment since it’ll be a counter. Second, there is no deflect like in LB, though there are other ways to avoid bieing hit. Third, the power meter is a bit specific (and I’m not even talking of the meditation thing) since it basically goes up when you get hit, not when you hit… So all in all it’s a very different game engine. Both games are good, both games are different !

What do you guys think about this idea???

Activate concentration mode- see which ay your opponent is blocking and the Concentration mode will freeze them one way for a little while, enough to go low into your 100% Death Slash combo or UOH to your 100% Death Slash Combo…

Ive done this before…just throwing it out there…Rage Explosion is the only thing that beats it…and I can BAIT RAGE EXPLOSION ALSO.

There is something like deflecting in SSVSP. The Parry is essential, if you are playing on high level and everyone can use it …

Yes, I know, but if you try to use it the way you use the parry in LB, you’re bound to face death quickly !