Samurai Showdown

Ok this is due out at the end of next month anyone getting it?

this game is pushed back everytime sept then oct and now coming soon again …
at this rate tenka will coming out before

i wouldnt waste my money on this POS. its like buying ggxx(ss5) when reload(ss5sp) is out & slash(tenka)just hit the cades.
i heard there are added stuff to it,maybe the SSsp balancing without the extra chac maybe?
if not i saw the shit u can do in 5 & i see alot of droppers in the future! :wow:

nothing added its a “pure” arcade port only support live it wont be SP either coz they doesnt have the license to port it since its not snkp who port the xbox version but 3rd editor (that also explain why the game doesnt have any japanese release nor notification in any snkp jp sites)

Well the date for UK release is 28th of October and it says that the sprites are new and 9 new characters never seen before??

looks at back of kof 02/03 xbox it says “Total of 23 combo-moves featuring 8 new moves for the Xbox” :wtf:

enja suija yoshitora mina kuse yunfei yumeji sankuro poppy = 9?

I’ll be picking it up.

“There will also be a tournament ladder system set up so that you can get an organized competition going. The tourneys will be administered by Microsoft through the Live service, though SNK says it may offer officially sponsored tournaments sometime after the game’s release, possibly with prizes for the big winners.”

This a good idea!

Same here, and then I’ll pick up the SP edition if they ever feel like bringing it over. shrugs

Whats the SP version Gybano???

Tenka I believe. I just call it the SP(special) version. Sorry about the confusion.

Ok. So whats the exact day this things suppose to drop?

The SP version is Special. Tenka, is Tenka.

There’s Sam Sho 5, Sam Sho 5 Special, and now Tenka.

Alright, now you’re confusing me. Which one are we getting again, and whats the difference between it and the other two variations out there?

+sigh+ did any1 pay attetion to what i said above?^^^^
speaks slow
were…getting…just…SS5…not SS5sp…

SS5=hella broke pos,saw a tourney vid where some1 got tapped thenthe attacker hovered off the screen until the timer ran out & won.(if this game sells for 20 & they give out cash in the tournies i will be doing this! :tup:
SS5SP=balance & has more char & is neo geo exclusive(at 1st were supposed to get 5 & 5sp
SSTenk=has evzery chacter from ss1 to ss5sp & some new faces. it has 6grooves(cvs2) based on the 6 SS before Tenkua.

Thank you, me with me slow thinking mind thingie hada vary hard thime unstandeth whut ule thed. :tup:

Hmmm, making SP exclusive to the Neo Geo was retarded IMO, especially since that console/arcade machine is dead now. I may have to wait for Tenka(I knew everything about this one already FYI), sounds like the fighter to end all fighters on Live if it ever surfaces.

im getting it.
if it ever comes out
havent played the series since SS2 back in the day

I think SS is suppose to be released on Oct 16th, someone correct me if i’m wrong. =/

oct 26 release date.