Samurai Showdown5:strats,tiers,etc

So i jus got the game 2 days ago and it’s evrything i was expecting and more very tight controls, solid gameplay i love the rage gauge, the characters are all for the most part balanced with only a small handful of slightly overpowered fighters. The sprites look nice but the backgrounds could have looked sharper and the music is pretty generic but overall a great fighting game that easily stands among GG,anniversary collection and whatever else.

I jus made this thread so evrything SS5 related can be clumped into 1 neat cohesive thread so jus post any useful tips i’l start off with my tier list which is pretty accurate and is in order starting with the best on top then descending down:

top tier
yun fei

high tier

middle tier

low tier

bottom tier
tam tam

There u have it a tier list to tule them all! so now i’l jus mention a few ppl

yoshi is the best cuz his mixup game is fucking nasty and his hard slash can easily take out a good 1/3 of ur health but he’s not unbeatable.

yun fei has a crazy aerial game u can’t touch’em enough said.

mina has the best distance/poke game i’ve ever seen but she has a slow run game so don’t b afraid to rush her.

my boy genjuro is jus stong,fast, and has AMAZING priority and his moves flow so so hell yeah he’s my favorite.

hanzo n galford take a while to get good with but when u time them perfectly theyr unstoppable no wonder the top tanked player on live uses hanzo.

basara has decent speed backed by a nasty shot range game and charlotte is the most overal balanced these 2 are definitely the most underrated.

sankuro is so cheap his moves are almost impossible to predict,block,or counter and he recovers mad health at will…WTF? shin akuma? wel they stoped him from being a beast by making him slow and laggy as fuck but if u use him he’s the ultimate scrub killer.

NEVER use a bottom tier fighter in SS5.

Shizu should be higher. Sitting on his charge slash can lead to some crazy fucking damage. His mixups are pretty good thanks to his float. And Projectile Umbrella into Disarm parry is pimp.

Mina takes damage like shit and can’t easily get people off of her.

Tam Tam is better than you think. He can zone pretty well and his command throw, while slow, does decent damage for its range.

Kyoshiro isn’t that bad either.

Suija needs to be put way higher into the end of the high tier at least. His bubbles give him so much options and extremly good ways to combo in some cases, plus they eat up other moves … He also has a great anti air with c.AB a comboable super with lots of damage. However you need to know what to do with him and you need to execute the bubble out of nearly every situation. After a backhop, from the ground (qcf,uf + A), from s.AB, c.AB etc. His air throw is also great, because the damage is not dependend on the Kenki gauge and is often a good surprise move. His jump kick is also very good, because of it’s priority. After ground bubbels it is often the best solution.

Btw, Kyoshiro and Kusaregedo are to low too, watch some old tournament material. Or better switch to SSVSP, the way better game, were the balance is great (noone is really top or low). With Garou SSVSP is the best balanced Bemu from SNK, so far I know.

Btw, there is already a SSV topic here … -->

I wanted SSVSP but it dint come out yet in america and won’t for a while cuz gamespot says the relase date for it is TBA and we all know that that means.

I know shizu’s high slash is pretty fuckin good but it was a very close call n basara has off the chain upper combo damage epsecially up close if u corner an opponent then ur bas is sure to quickly end the round n his attack are not as punishable as u might think so thats y i place him above shizu and as for suija…ur prolly right i jus can’t find an abusable strategy with his bubble but WTF? kusaregedo and kyoshiro are almost useless and have no decent pkes whatsoever plus kus’s moves on the xbox conttroller r a real bitch. where can i find old SS5 tourney material? link any1?

I just say Kuses throw mix ups can be dangerous (no top tier stuff, but not the bottom)and hell, the game is not all about poking. Mad poking would get you killed with some Chars for sure. However I’m not playing SSV anymore since special and so I could only provide SSVSP vids …

For Suija, abuse the bubble in nearly every situation. It delays your jumps and probaly mistimes the opponents anti air. You can hop out of a bubble and can stay that way longer in the air. Together with his ability to corner jump, you nearly never get cornered. It also eats up a lot of moves, which means it is a great tool against poke happy people. You can also cancel every move you like out of the bubble. A good rushdown option could be run C, qcf,uf+A (often people try to counter after the non knockdown dash kick from Suija and so the bubble stops any light slash attempt), C, f+C, df+C(knockdown) then a lot of people like wake up moves after a forward or backward roll from the ground. So go for a qcf,uf+A as their wake up move comes out. 80% of the time you eat it up with the bubble and you can continue with the string or go for a cancelt AB as punisher out of the bubble. If they do nothing and block go for a C out of the bubble and try as fast as possible a groundthrow. You could also go for c.AB if they like to jump after a corner knockdown and cancel this into the bubble and follow up with whatever you like for a small combo. There are tons of more options out of the bubble, I hope these exampels inspired you to find some more on your own. :slight_smile:

I have been trying to find/ start a strat thread on this and noone adds to them. I’m glad I found one. Anywho I mainly use Kusaregedo and Sogetsu.

The only strats/ combos I can offer and add here is that Sogetsu can connect his Standing MEdium Slash with his dp+Light Slash. I try to use him as my anti-Sankuro since his teleports help me dodge those annoying people Sankuro calls forth.

As for Kusaregedo I can’t really offer much, except that you can connect his hand grab (QCF+Slash) with his standing Hard SLash (the far one where he stabs you with his bone) that does 4 hits, and sometimes if you start with a nicely placed vomit (QCB+Slash) it goes to 5 hits. Also his vomit can hit fallen opponents.

Also I saw an SSV video where Sogetsu kicked a fallen opponent with his Forward+K move.  Yet when I do it it never connects.  Does anyone have any tips on this?

I’m not sure if anyone knows this yet (I’m sure majority do) but Sankuro doesn’t need his weapon to still do his specials, that includes his POW! He can still grab you then shoot you for the win (it happened to me on LIVE last night).

Thanks for any help you can give.

Also orochizoolander where do you live on Long Island? I reside there as well.


Hey, cool to find another Sogetsu player. Even if I’m in SSVSP, his SSV self is kinda the same, sadly not Galford, my second char.

The first thing you should know is to learn the right use of the D Button. The rolls get you into close combat faster in or out and evades mid and high slashes, if timed right of course. It is also important to know when to use the qcb,f + D disarming stuff. Sometimes it helps against predictable moves, like a Ukyo player who abuses to much s.B pokes. His of the wall jump in the air is good to get out of a corner. Sogetsu has a good c and s.B, which is pretty safe on distance and does good damage. Like you know already, his close s.B combos into his geyser and also his super, just try it. He has ok foot speed and you should abuse his mid/low/throw game. Mix together run C, BC overhead (evades lows), his guard break throw and for punishing up close the s.B combos. You can also turtle well with his geysers and use them as anti air. Don’t abuse Sogetsu’s c.AB, so that it surprises now and then and does great damage. You can use the bubbels of Sogetsu to get some huge damage. Set up a bubble shortly behind the opponent (you can move the bubbels by holding the slash button and moving the stick) and then activate the rage explosion, which pushes the opponent into the bubble. Now be fast and connect with a AB. This does raged a lot damage and can be your life safer now and then. Sogetsu’s AB is in generel just for such situations or after big mistakes of your opponent. Btw, the AB evades some lows, so if someone abuses these kind of moves try an AB now and then … Try f+C, df+C on CH as a combo. It knocks down and you can get a nice guessing game afterwards with the usual geysers, BC, df+C and so on and so forth. The f+C has also the good point to hit low, even if Sogetsu is still standing. Not many players consider this move as dangerous, but it can be. To hit grounded opponents use df+BC or if you have more time do a tiny bit more damage with uf+BC. Sogetsu has nearly no use for his teleports, but they can come in handy, if you for example need to get close to a Mina player and don’t want to risk to much. Even if you can be hit before you can do anything after the teleports, they can be useful. Of course don’t abuse this to much. This is everything, which you should know about his basics in SSV. Oh and for style try Sogetsu’s Taunt after a knockdown, because it hits grounded opponents.

Nearly every char has moves he or she can do unarmed. For Sogetsu the sad thing is, that he can’t do any of his specials without his sword. His bubbels, geyser, super and teleports won’t work. :frowning:

Terry _nb,

wow thanks amn, I’ll try some fo thsoe out. I’m very excited to connect his standing B into his super. Cool that you also play Sogetsu (especially after all LIVE kids play Sankuro, that morph girl, and Basara). Yea I noticed his teleport wasn’t too important (except for when I play Sankuro players). Keep up the Sogetsu love.


I’m no SSV expert (I haven’t even played it much). But I think I read once that top tier was Yoshitora, Yun Fei, Rera, and Kusaregedo. Anyone know if I’m crazy or if I really read this?

Rera and Kusa are below the other two. Basically it’s Yoshi and Yun in the God tier, and the other two in tippety top, then everyone else. This came about in the later days, before Special.

Ok…so I was right then. But that means that orochizoolander needs to work on his teir list alot…since he has the lower half of the top teir in the very bottom tier.

I got back to the game tested what u all said, fixed my tier list and i’l admit…i was COMPLETELY wrong about suija his bubble is 1 of the best moves in the entire game it alone bumps him to high tier terry u rwere so fucking right i layed a few matches on live with him and i had trouble at first asjusting to his style but i realized he is amazing for baiting to becornered and then corner jumping w/ the bubble for the anti air giving me jus enough time to score 1 free hit of whatever i want. :tup:

Rera i;ve given props to as she has somewhat more depth n speed then i originally thought and with kus i was also wrong in terms of his playability cuz his lightslashes do enough damage to warrant abusing the hell out his demon summon and/or the vomit move but other then that he’s garbage against any1 who can decently poke wit a high tier chracter and considering every1 on live uses yumeji…i don’t use kus in competative play and don’t plan on it nor do i reccomend it.

Sogetsu is a very interesting character i see potential with him he has a very solid moveset and turtling with his geysers is teh truth. :tup:

On xbl i use genjuro cuz he not only has priority but i jus flat out own evry1 with him cuz i DON’T abuse his 3x death hack and instead use it just often enough to scare the opponent into blocking at which point a good icy blade takes off a chunk of damage also i LOVE abusing the cbs(cherry blossom slice) it dissipates mid-way across the screen but the payoff is that it does above average damage and even if they block it n try to rush me the cbs bounces off there block and lands on there head still hitting them and so when the idiot finally figures it out n trys to jump into me i jus DP them EVERYONE falls for the cbs bait into DP it works so well plus u can never go wrong with his triple kick into the DP . :sweat:

Any1 got tips on using hanzo? he’s pretty complicated and i know he’s a straight up turtle fighter but i dunno how to abuse him to his full potential i dunno how to get the opponent offguard long enough to use his shrike dash.

How’d u get ssvsp ir didn’t come out yet?
BTW spacemarine i live in old bethpage

Mina was pretty low middle as I recall, due to her inability to take damage, nor chip.

Charlotte and Shizumaru were both upper mid/top tier though, but one thing I definitely remember was that Enja was bottom of the barrel.

Yes, Suija’s bubble is great. Really try to master the use of it and how to pull it off from the ground. This will help your offense game a lot.

SSVSP on MVS is the truth, alone for the fact that it is uncut …^^

Btw, also put Ukyo out of the top tier somewere into the middle. Sure he has some pretty safe poke stuff with his A and B slashes and c.C, qcb+A. But that’s nearly everything he has besides his good old d+C,hcf,uf+A as tricky combo and run AB or c.AB for punishing … He takes damage like a granny, has a very slow jump, a not that easy to connect super, only medicore damage etc. He is a Char, which needs some skill to be really good with.

For Genji I like, if his fireball gets blocked and comes back (like the SSIV Bust Genjuro projectile). You activate the ragegauge near your opponent and he/she will be hit by the card from above thanks to the push from the activation. So there is enough time for you to combo big time after it. This works in SSVSP, so first try it in SSV. I don’t know exactly if it also works there.

Hanzo is tricky to use and I would rank him in the lower mid tier. He lost his big damage potential from the fireball juggels like in SSIV, which was his main game. In SSIV you could easiely combo close A, qcb+A (powered version),j.AB for huge damage. In SSV it isn’t possible anymore to power up a move and the fireball is in generel to slow to combo. But the good thing since SSV is, that Hanzo has the best foot speed and a very good command throw with huge priority. Also his super is great, because it is a throw. An old trick would be roll with df+D under a far s.B from Haohmaru for example and cancel the roll with the super … However there are other set ups with this move and his normal command throw. The BC overhead and his low kicks are needed to be good with him. However like I said already, his run is extremly fast and he has many options out of it. He can attack low, in the back of his opponent with an overhead strike (run AB), cancel the back jump attack in mid air with his Reppuu Shuriken (qcf+A in air) and use throws for good damage. Like you should know already, his fireball is just there to control space and bring the opponent to jump or block. On block you can try some run move mix up again. Hanzo’s j.AB has huge priority and good damage. Use this a lot against jump ins. Hanzo’s f,b,f,b,f,b,d + AC and f,b,f,b,f,b,d + BC can be used to counter multihit moves like Yoshitaros far AB. The input is pretty long, but in multihit moves from your opponent, you will get enough time for sure. Btw, in SSVSP Hanzo can punish with these counter teleport moves pretty effectiv all normal!!! throws, if you don’t abuse it of course. On block of one of these, say goodbye to a lot of your lifebar. But I don’t know if it also worked in SSV.:sweat:

Btw, like Ubersaurus said, Enja is lower mid to low tier in SSV. He got way better in SSVSP.^^

HOW THE FUCK DID U GET SSVSP? it didn’t come out yet

It is out for the Neo Geo MVS since some time now, so no need to freak out just because it didn’t come for the crappy XBox. :slight_smile: :wink:

Nvm i tought u had it 4 xbox cuz on gamespot it’s TBA meaning it’s not coming out till late 06.

Thx for the tips i know hanzo isn’t as powerful in this game but he is truely a high tier character i’ve seen a few ppl on live destroy me with hanzo’s rush game and then runaway with the low game+shruiken throws jus to bait me into using poke strings so they can setup easy throws

And enja is pretty good its jus that there r alot better chracters to choose from wit more possibilities.

Genjuro is the priority king (and yes the cbs rage combo thing works) whats ur xbl gt? i need a challenge mines blood n style.

if you do a bit of searching you could find SP for mame.

Which is a better alternative than this.

I like jubei. Is he really low tier?