Samurai Spirits 2

I personally loved this game, but hardly anyone I know has played it. I own the PC version and played it in the arcade many a time but I have a problem, the final boss Mizuki , the possessed freak, she isn’t playable. Can you unlock her or anything?

My favourite characters are Charlotte, Genjuro and Nakoururu but I think shes a bit weak but she has a bird. How cute!


You can play as her in Samsho V-Special…and MAYBE Tenkaichi. Won’t know for sure until Sony’s stupid asses okay it for US release. LOL…“vagina dog”…

Any chance at all for a pal release?! I’m so lucky to have even gotten the second one. Are the other samsho games similar to this one or di they change the style (ie. scrolling, weapon breaks etc)

I couldn’t say. They remaining Samsho games don’t feel the same…there’s not the same…“impact” when you cut/get cut, and everything after II except for Tenkaichi looks…different. Not quite lowres, but not as vibrant and beautiful as things were in 2. The controls go back to something like SS3’s (whack, imo) setup after ss4. If you love 2…you might not want to stick with the newer titles too long. Scrolling remains…you can no longer break a weapon, you can only disarm temporarily after hitting with a “super”/chou hisatsu waza. You can fil up your POW meter instantly with a+b+c, but it’s gone for the rest of the entire match afterwards…just go to There’s been MANY changes, some good, some just for the sake of change itself.

There is no maybe about it…Mizuki and every other Sam SHO character IS IN TENKA…make no mistake about it…I’ve done plenty homework on the game…

Too bad Tenka doesn’t play like Samurai Shodown much at all. The game almost feels half assed to me. Definately does not have the personality of V or 2 imo, but if you like a more stereotypical fight feel go for Tenka. I was surprised to find it in an arcade in Philadelphia. Collecting dust, just like the one my freind owns is doing.

How about Ukyo? back in the days when I played SS2 I think he was the strongest character in SS2 (and maybe still is)

Asura and Shiki wouldnt happen to be in the game would they? I havent read much on Tenka since it was announced. I heard the PS2 version would include some additional characters though.

They are not in this game but there are supposed to be additional characters
like Kuroko in the PS2 version.

Its a shame Tenka isnt to your liking UnCauzi…I hope I like it…your opinion put some damper on it…but I hope its to my liking…I cant wait for it…

That and Battle Coliseum plus XI later=Heaven…

I finally got around to seeing some gameplay vids of Tenka in action, it reminds me of Guilty Gear with how fast paced it looks.

Yeah but I like how it looks at least(match vids etc)…I’ve been excited about it…then I hear about what UnCauzi said…made me a little sad…=(…but that’s okay…I just hope maybe when I get it its to my liking like Battle Coliseum…bc thats just a awesome game…truly is…

And how its GG, that I can kinda understand what UnCauzi is saying bc Samurai is not supposed to be a fast paced game…it relies more on positioning, pokes, “old-School” methodology…

But with all this Concentration Mode, “Safe” CD Combo Starters that lead to 20% or more damage and other stuff in the game its bound to speed up a bit…

From what I see Iroha is just plain broken…(Shes gonna be my bioch) She is VERY VERY STRONG…almost like Suija with the accesibility of the majority of her moves within a couple frames of ANY BUTTON/COMMAND that causes her to leave the ground.

But geez the more we talk about Tenka the more we stay off topic…bc there is a Tenka thread(actually a couple)…and dont wanna anger any moderators etc.

In all honesty, you just may like Tenka, this is from an super old school hardcore Samurai Shodown player mind you. I just feel this Samurai Shodown doesn’t feel like much of a Shodown.

Things that stand out:

-Fierces don’t have the friggin MEAT they used to have to the point where they have no real meaning.

-Throw range is amazing, throw range increased, damage decreased. In other
words we have to suffer more of those dull animations that they’ve kept since SSIII.

  • the lack of any roll on getup has dumbed down the getup game WAY in the aggressors favor.

-CD combos

-Sound,background, the atmosphere just seems blecht.

-Various changes in gameplay, like wtf genan now hops instead of dashes, there’s small thing all across the board which make me go huh?

-The feeling of impending doom is no longer there, they’ve replaced the holy shit factor with CVS like poking without meaty supers. Theres nothing really to worry about here! In other words it takes lots of hits to do any real damage. Supers don’t even do real damage. So it’s not a low cost poke fest instead of a high cost poke fest.

This is in an old farts opinion, I wouldn’t compare this to GG though. I actually like guilty gear hahaha.

I’m glad you broke it down how you did…proves you are an old schooler…I play them all practically…but this is more info for my “research”


Not a problem, I mean who knows maybe if the rest of the crew didn’t give up on it for those reasons I’d still play it and adjust just because I love Samurai Shodown. Fact of the matter is, I don’t give games a chance without competition. My favorite game of all time Virtua Fighter I haven’t played seriously in like 8 years for the same reason.

correction: competition that I don’t mind hanging around, lol.