Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


UE4 Game / Release 2019 / Website


This better not be PS4 only. I’m not buying a PS4 for this. Still, it looks pretty good. The visuals remind me a great deal of SF4.


More screens.


i doubt it. kof14 and other games come out for pc too so samurai spirit will for sure too.
i am not a fan of the backgrounds…they really look wonky, but it seems they improved the visuals of the characters a bit, compared to their previous games.


Blood comparison

Characters in the image.




Graphically it looks better than KoF14. I’m going to to be cautiously optimistic about this one. I like this series but it has a inconsistent history when it comes to quality.


KoFXIV actually had well done models. The problem was the lighting, which SNK couldn’t seem to get right since they were doing their own engine from scratch.

This time though, they’re using Unreal 4 so they shouldn’t have issues with that.


Already posted those awhile back.


I still thought the models looked like shit even with the lighting fixes. The game as a whole is still an eyesore.


Last time i was this hyped was when KOFXIV got reveald.
BTW where’s the short judge guy with the flag’s?.
Also i hope the finisher’s arent toned down becouse of ESPORT’s.


Need some gif’s to compare just how better these model’s are compared to KOF.


If Mortal Kombat can be an esport I’m not going to worry about the level of violence.


We need this for PC too! Would Last Blade come again?


I’m super excited for this because I’ve never really got the chance to play SamSho, but I love pretty much all of the other SNK series I’ve played. However I’m vaguely familiar with most of the cast. I think I’ll play Charlotte, Haohmaru, or Genjuro unless the dude with the big fist is in it.


from what we can see in the trailer, the camera may pan away during some scenes of violence. See Nako’s super scene.


i wouldnt say like shit but its def not on par with other current titles.
the ue4 switch and some changes in term or textures/effect still did improved the overall look.




Damn, this looks beautiful. SNK has redeemed itself after the terrible graphics of KOF14. I haven’t played much Samsho so I’m excited to dive in.