Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


State of nothingness and issen is not my cup of tea.


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IIRC pow reset on each round, so the game needs something to distinguish round 2 from round 1. SF meter carryover causes strategic decisions on whether to burn meter for the round but start the next at a deficit, or risk losing the match for an easier next round.

Personally I’m kinda done with supers, but mode changes that shake up the neutral are cool.


It isn’t the case in SSVSP, you have a character like Rasetesumaru who has a special that inflicts damage to self, but gains POW at max. They may sometimes, intentionally, use this and perform self-determination right after just so that they can start the next round with early POW.


Wan Fu has something similar in 2 as well. Though you can’t suicide like in VSP, so you use it purely to build meter.


Some previous mechanics can be just be character specific if those were their essential strategy rather than be a general game mechanic that isn’t necessary to other characters. Like SFV Vskill and Vtrigger.

Not my ideal mechanic for SS.

I like something like Za Warudo or something like Amaterasu but for a Marvel game not SS


Just put SS1 “Wong Foo” in this…


Top 10 characters to be in the new Samurai Shodown based on Facebook SamSho group poll:


That seems like a really weird list.


Gedo and Edgelord McGeeAsura are in it. List is invalid.


So apparently Shiki and Rimururu will also be playable?

SS’s roster isn’t that big, I wonder if they can fit all the characters in there? And how many brand new characters will they introduce?


I hope they keep State of Nothingness in the game. It gives you more meter options and it keeps characters with bad supers from being at a disadvantage because of that.

I also hope they don’t pattern this too much after SS1-2 because it’ll feel like the step back SF4 did by basically ignoring the progress the series made in the later titles.


Kinda surprised that it took them so long to put Shiki in a 2D SamSho.


Oh were following this fake leaker that can see through devs feeling without even talking to them personally.

Shiki was a safe bet.

I wonder why would they approach him? Rather than just leak them for themselves.


Uhh… Vergeben has a known track record with leaks. He’s one of the few leakers (aside from when @JohnGrimm got some KoF info) that we do stories for on the front page.

As for why not leak themselves, well NDAs duh. Harder to get traced when you go through a know leaker.


okay yet his one of those that has shady presentation and excuses and was also busted for editing his Mk post adding Ninja turtles after announcement.

Yet it would be easier if someone create a new account then post a leak.


You hate Asura design that much? For an edgelord character he does have a cool design.


He doesn’t look like he fits in the series. More so than say, Earthquake. He feels more like something you’d see in a Final Fantasy game, or at the very least, the NESTS era KoFs.


I believe the name you’re looking for is ASURA?


The series had goblins, youkai, catgirls and robots in its roster of characters. Those characters are far more out of place than he is.


The youkai are somewhat drawn from Japanese mythology. Tam Tam and Cham Cham at least still feel fitting for the period. Same with Ocha-Maro, who borrows from mechanized karakuri puppets. Asura looks like they saw what Tetsuya Nomura was doing in Final Fantasy, and decided to fit that in.