Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


I just hope those more fancied mechanics would be more into a Last Blade game someday and SS going back to more into the core.


Rage explosion can also be used to escape multiple hits, supers sort of like a burst in a round about way

so lets say haohmaru lands his super on you, you can rage explosion out of it and avoid the damage, you can rage out of hits that leave you in a standing state but you take the damage, but it is multi hitting you’ll cancel it out, also when you use rage explosion you stop time until either you die they die, your pow meter counts down to 0 which it will in around 15 seconds providing you dont land a wtf, if you do rage goes away like ottomatic says

Rage explosion like ottomatic says in unblockable and does no damage but can be used in some unblockable set ups see sogetsu or genjuro.

usually rage explosion is used to avoid damage or to stop time, it’s very common to see people pop it at the end of a round when somebody is sitting in the lead

issen is a very fast attack fast enough to punish some blocked attacks , in ss4 issens damage was tied to your health so the less health you had the more damage it would do to the point where you coud easily do 50% with issen alone, let alone comboing into it, you could also issen from a after rage explosion in 4 i dont actually remember if you can in 5sp lol
Iseen in 5sp is much weaker and i think always does 30%

it’s hard to talk about the mechanics because they are always so different from game to game


SNKP already said there’s never gonna be a last blade 3 so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You can even cancel the recovery frames after you get parried with a Rage Explosion.

Issen damage in 5sp is tied to how much meditating you do. If you don’t meditate at all, it’ll do roughly 20-30% damage but you can get it all the way up to 50% if you meditate enough.


That’s just underselling just how different in concept Last Blade and SamSho are. The former isn’t just SamSho with more mechanics.


I’m expecting at least a combo fest mode/groove. It’s 2018, they’re not going to release solely an OG poke your eyes out poke fest. Even games trying to be simple like Fantasy Strike still have decent length combos.

It’ll still be based around pokes, just not the entire game early 90’s style. There’s going to be some disappointed 40 year old men about the new game, but other than that should be one of the pokier games out there regardless.

Unless Senor Footsies gets a marketed release gotta deal with these cawmboz in 2018.


They could add and revisit a some sort of alpha2 alike custom combo with limited movement other than towards if the need of flavor for combo fest? but keeping core and classic samsho to more footsies as general gameplay of the game.

It’s like a rage mode that fits shamsho, rather than time slowing or time stop along with fancy attacks.

I’m okay with charge guard break mechanics similar to focus attack rather than instant guard crush if guard crush is necessary


Nah, sticking to the OG ways, or at least V SP style is what’ll give the game its identity. Game’s gotta stand apart from the crowd, and bring something different to the table, lest it get drowned out among the other releases.


The stupid combos are part of what make SS4 kind of a drag sometimes. You get a full POw meter for completing one of the 14 hitters in a game where damage is already high.


Yeah I’m pretty sure the game is going to either be more combo driven than other games or at minimum have a combo driven mode/groove. Not expecting SS2 levels of pure poking all of the time. Just not going to keep the kids interested in 2018.


It’ll go the other way. Combos are the norm but one groove will be the poke-to-death groove.


Or they could do a slightly combo fest character for those that have a small and light weight weapons but not everyone.


The thing is, getting big damage off single pokes is what defines Samurai Shodown and separates it from other fighters. The dev team stated that they wanted to make the fact that the characters were wielding weapons make a difference and feel much more dangerous. Keeping to this, it’s why even the more combo oriented ones (IV, “IV groove” in VI) tend to fall into dial a combo style systems with the CD/Continous Slash combos (e.g. A+B, AABBCCC in VI).

This is important because a new SamSho needs to distinguish itself from the other fighters that are out there. It has to stand out from other fare that’s out there, and sticking to what made it what it is (likely the more mobile style of V SP) is the way to go. At least, much better IMO than trying to shoehorn in mechanics from other games.

Well, there is that 4chan “leak” about Hakumen and Baiken being added as guest characters (with Nakoruru appearing in a GG game in exchange).


Yatagarasu had a button to perform a 3s style parry. It’d be neat to have something like that which allowed movement during blockstun. (As opposed to negating blockstun.)

A lot of competitive SS2 is the same button over and over again at max range. I like poking but that gets dull. A parry to allow stepping inside seems much more swordie than a videogameism like forward rolls or ten foot jumps.

The hops from 5(?) are also smooth.


V SP also had manual Deflects which stun the opponent if you get it right.


Did anyone see the 4chan rumors about Baiken and Hakumen, probably not even worth posting…


Baiken would be gdlk though lol


Any possible ideas when can we see sneak peak gameplay videos?


Rolling isn’t really a “videogameism.” I’ve been studying kenjutsu for awhile and rolls are among the first things you learn, and getting out of the way of the opponent’s blade while attacking is emphasized much more than parrying. The way it’s been explained to me, if you have to parry your opponent’s attack, you were late on the draw.

As for the continuous poking you see in high level SS2, I think a lot of that is because pokes reign supreme in that game and there’s nothing that counters them in a big way except other pokes. If you mindlessly throw out pokes in IV or V Special, you’ll get parried, rolled under, or depending on the opponent, command grabbed. The lack of good mobility options in 2 is one of the things that I think makes it a bad game competitively speaking. It’s why things like that Charlotte poke video exist. That would probably never happen against a good player in the latter games.


There are certain types of rolling as a evasion technique that is easy to do when in a sword fight, but that doesn’t mean that every kind of roll we have seen in the past FGs are that possible right? and rolling does require specific position, timing and situation to be done successful and effectively to evade an attack?

Is rolling that frequently to be used and is it really more convenient to do than sidestep if were talking about reaction time of reflexes in real sword fight?

PS: I’m not knowledgeable in real sword fight

SVC chaos used some sort of roll or invincible dash that past through opponents but need certain situation to execute… Guard Cancel Frontstep