Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


I’ll study some kenjutsu vids soon, but afaik rolling is only a good movement option when you’re already on the ground. And there’s no iframes irl. If someone is keeping you out with a longer stick, rolling forward from standing has terrible frame data.


It depends on the situation. Rolling in kenjutsu (at least the ones I’ve worked with thus far) are mainly a means of dodging a surprise attack coming at you to put you in a better position for a counter.

In 5Sp rolling is a means of better positioning, what with the invincibility frames roll has. It allows you a potential in if an opponent is using pokes or projections to keep you away, but because rolls can be quick, it also means you have to consider your opponent’s distance before you throw out an attack because of the threat of a roll.


I guess it depends on whether you’re talking about in game or real life. Gaoh, from 5Sp uses a long spear and as such, his attacks have more startup and recovery than characters that have shorter weapons. So rolling in against his 5AB is a perfectly logical thing to do, especially if you have a command grab.

IRL, rolling when you’re on your feet isn’t really advantageous unless there’s no other way to avoid getting your wig split. The first few games in the series have a somewhat realistic pacing of what an actual samurai duel might have been like; two opponents feeling each other out, waiting for the other to strike, but at a certain point, we ARE playing a game and so it ends up being a question of what’s more fun. To me, 5Sp is a good balance. It’s faster than 2 but it’s not crazy like 4. And I think if 2 & 4 had some of the mobility options 5Sp has they’d be somewhat less busted games.


Who the fuck cares about what works better in a real sword fight?

Personally, I prefer the concept of rolling because there’s more inherent risk involved than in a sidestep/dodge. There’s more positioning and recovery involved.


Which is why I called it a videogameism.

I care about what works in a real swordfight because if the new game is just Street Fighter with more damaging punch buttons but now with Smash’s rolls then why bother with it. It’ll get lost among its competition.


Hoping more characters from ss64. Dude with huge ass calligraphy paintbrush is such a bad ass design.

Edit: also dont know much about SS lore but what is the status of characters like rasetsamaru, enja etc. Are they cannon or what if regular characters turned evil and non cannon (like violent ken)


You can check out my SS VI dialogue FAQ for the latest info on those characters:

For what I understand, Enja, Suija, and Rasetsumaru are treated as separate entities.


I like risk and consequences in evasive mechanics. I’m not good at SF3 but I like Parry, it’s one of the mechanics I like to see more often as defensive and evasive mechanics from the risk and rewards.


You left out the other half of the sentence. Also, it’s a video game, not a documentary; sticking solely to what exists in real life can make for a pretty dull game depending on what we’re talking about but that’s just me. SamSho is and has always been more than just “Street Fighter with more damaging buttons and Smash’s rolls” (SS came out way before smash just FYI) and if that isn’t apparent, you should spend more time with the games to see that for yourself.


Lots of post from people who obviously haven’t played SamSho.


That guy is one of my favorite designs in the series. I hope he makes a comeback but SNK treats the 64 games like poison unless it’s Shiki and Asura.


No there isn’t. That’s the problem.


So what kind of roll are you guys interested?

Im not into rolls.


I like parries then dodges. Not a fan of rolls unless it’s a wake up option.


Kenki gauge yes or no?


Sausage rolls.


Okay with it.


Anyone want to give their opinion on SSVI while we wait for new info? I’ve only ever played 1-4 on arcade, and never any console versions. I’ve played V on emulation a small bit. I was considering getting some of samsho games on PS4. VI has always sounded interesting with the grooves and so many characters, but I seem to find lack luster opinions of it. Whats so bad about it if anything?

I’m also curious if the PS4 versions of 1-4 are worth playing if you have access to the arcade versions already. PS4 is more convenient, but why bother with bad ports if you don’t have to.


I think it’s alright, there’s a lot of chracter’s there’s a lot of different styles and grooves, aestically it’s not the best ss game, the backrounds and music kinda suck balls, there’s no blood what a lot of people have a hard on over

there’s a few wierd things i dont ike about it, prolonged counter hit stun, weird oki guessing game after knockdown, weird damage, something do like no damage in the game, like genjuro in general while another things do crazy damage like amakusa in general
But overall it’s not a terrible game in fact it can be a lot of fun

I think those ps4 versions are just directports of the arcade versions with no extras as far as i know, you’d probably have to go with the wii or ps2 version of anthology if you want things like practice mode


Shrimp tempura rolls, tuna rolls, etc.

The only rolls in fighting games I like are in Fatal Fury, KoF, and Kengo II.

P.S. Samurai Shodown VI is an asset dump game released for Atomiswave arcade system, which had no real goal to cohesively bring its large assortment of characters and systems together. It is a neat part of the Samurai Shodown Collection (which omits Samurai Shodown 5 Special) for fooling around, but too shallow to dive into.