Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Yes. If anything the kenki gauge keeps things from becoming a spam fest and makes you have to consider your options a lot more carefully. If you have a 5AB that totally empties your sword gauge, anything you hit someone with after you whiff it will do little damage until your gauge refills a bit, and I think that’s a good thing. It encourages less autopilot type play imo


VI is one of those games that’s kind of fun but I wouldn’t want to sink a lot of time into it. It’s enjoyable to play single player to just chill out tho. Some of the character versions in that game are wack and it just feels kind of janky compared to some of the other games. I would definitely recommend most of the other games in the series before that one, but it’s still fun though.


5 SPs rolls (and evasion system ym in general) are unique enough that they can stay.


What kind of roll from the past FG that you never liked for the upcoming Samsho game?


I was being intentionally reductionistic. “Describe SS in a tweet.”

Yeah, I get that, but there’s a lot of middle ground between a too-real sim and only-in-a-videogame logic. I get that the reason it’s a roll in the first place is because it’s easier for 90’s hardware to 90-degree rotate a 2D artwork than it is to commision a new animation for every character in the cast. But we’re 3D now. That no longer applies. If Charlotte is whiffing pokes at you and you can’t whiff punish due to your shorter range, hit at her sword to get in rather than at her.

There’s crazy hitstop, hitstun, and pushback to sell you on the fact that a AB hurts. Sell me on the method to get inside a fencer’s range.


What you seem to be asking for already exists in 5SP with deflect, which is one of the reasons Charlotte’s only A-tier instead of S.

And that’s on top of all the other things such as Kenki Gauge, which discourages whiffing pokes, as well as all the D button which has all of the game’s movement. Rolls that move forward/backward a decent amount and are special cancellable, but at the cost of having a smaller invul window on startup (unless you’re 'Gedo) and not being able to go through an opponent (unlike KoF rolls). Hops that do have full lover body invincibility, and can cross up opponents for back turned hits, but aren’t cancellable. Ducks that have upper body invincibility and some special cancelability, but don’t move you forward or backward.


How about a character from SEN?
I would love to see Draco,Afro samurai,Walter,Claude and Golba.


That’s a really good shout… Completely forgot about this game, it’s also got some really good character designs.

Caska from Beserk I mean… Angelica
Viking Garros etc.


So… what do you guys think are the chances of Zetsumei-Ougi returning? I want to turn people into blood showers with Suija…


I believe the trailer pretty much hints at them coming back.


Please SNK dont put bullshit mechanic’s like explosion or those chain combo’s from ss4.
What we need are:
-SS2 mechanic’s
-Kuroko in the backround
-Overhead’s from SS3
-No fatalitie’s,brutalitie’s are good enough
-Full fleshed out story mode with cutscene’s and shit!.
-Sword parry and barehand parry
Anything beyond that should be character specific.
Let the ritual begin


As an individual guys what are the 2 SS defensive and evasive mechanic you have encountered in the past SS games? And also for the offensive mechanic?


Ok mate you call probably the best additon in the series a bullshit mechanic but you want random chicken and bombs

Tell be what random chickens and bombs bring over one of the best mechanics introduced not only in ss but in any fighting game fullstop


How is explosion a “bullshit mechanic?”


No idea what ss plays like at a high level but I want a pokey game with very little combos. Any game with good chip damage is also plus.


It depends on the game. I don’t want to see a return to something like SS4 combos but 5Sp has some combos in it yet still maintains the “pokiness” of the earlier titles. I think aiming for something along the lines of 5Sp would get us a game everyone would be happy with.


Yea been watching some sp matches and seems like it would be a game I would like playing competitively


It’s probably the most competitive entry in the series. If you’re wanting to get into it there’s a community around it on discord and Fightcade as well as the PSN version.

SamSho Discord:


I’m okay with overhead but not a universal.


Why not?