Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Hard question, but I do like variation. That e veryone have unique exploits and restrict to a specific playstyles.

What are benefits of having a universal overhead?


IMO, a universal overhead works with SamSho based on the fact that it isn’t a close up, pressure based game, but rather a poke based one mostly played in the mid range.


Can we go back and start a real scene for Sam Sho VI instead?


Why though, only reason IMO to pick Tenka over 5SP is if you want to use Iroha and Andrew (and maybe the animals), or want to use IV Spirit.


Uuuummmmmmmm no.


looks great


Got 3rd at a 5SP tournament this past weekend. One thing playing the series competitively reinforces is how much patience is very much a virtue in high level play. The high damage combined with the short timer can really put a lot of pressure on people to try to get that hit. If you get caught up in it, you end up opening yourself up to getting punished - especially with how unsafe everything is.

This is something IMO that’s integral to the identity of the series, especially with how a lot of modern fighters make blocking a bad option in terms of momentum and taking your turn. In SamSho, getting blocked usually means giving up your turn.


THIS ^, well said distinction of the series.


lets see if it stays that way with the new version.


I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Even in SamSho 4, which was quite a bit different than the others, you don’t get punished for blocking like you do in other games.


Well, there’s always the fear that they’ll just screw that up in a misguided attempt to make it feel more familiar to today’s players.


I think it’s far more likely that SNK is going to try to appeal to nostalgia and the vague familiarity that '90’s gamers have with the original game, rather than catering to the hundred or so people that seriously played the last couple of games.


That’s not what I’m referring to though. I’m referring to worries that SNK will make it play more like modern fighters to cater to today’s fighting game crowd.

Lord knows making the new one play like the older games, especially SS2 would make most actual SamSho players happy.


I’m really hoping they DON’T go the total nostalgia route because there were a lot of great things that came from the last several games. That, and playing SS2 is like going back and playing Champion Edition now. It’s still a pretty good game, but it just feels outdated in a lot of ways and I think if more people played the later games they’d see that there’s a lot that could be done that would please fans of both.


As I mentioned previously, talking with Laban on Twitter. The consensus we came to was that a cross between 2 and 5SP/Tenka would be ideal. Keeping some of the stuff that later games added, especially the Kenki gauge, and maybe the whiff animations from Tenka.


I hope the game is a bit on the faster side. Maybe not as fast as 4 but faster than 2.


IMO, just keeping the movement options from 5SP, or some variation of them would help the game play a bit brisker.


I imagine that because this isn’t a Neo Geo game, they won’t be bound to the ABCD control scheme and will have more room to work with control wise.


I just don’t want them to adopt the modern game design philosophy of using every button on the controller just because they’re there.


I imagine it’ll be like one of the older schemes+another button that does something. I hope the same as you though. The 4 button setup in 5sp gets you a lot of mileage with very few buttons.