Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Honestly, I’d be fine with the 5SP control scheme plus an added button for heavies (but with the option to still use A+B).


Basically SS6. ABCD + SP and allother buttons mapped as combinations (and taunt of course).


If they add a button for heavies then AB will probably suit some other function like it does in 4 and I think 3. Which I’d be okay with, although I like having mobility options tied to one single button because it makes them easier to utilize. It might sound whiny but for some reason things that require CD can be tough without a macro in 5sp because there’s little leniency in inputs.

I just hope they don’t have more than one button dedicated to kicks. The control scheme’s in SS1&2 are wasteful like that.


That’s exactly why I’d like a dedicated button for heavies. I’ve had too many wasted punishes in 5SP where I get A or B instead of A+B.

That said, based on their work on KoFXIV, I assume the window for 2 button inputs will be more lenient this time.


I would prefer:
A - Light Slash
B - Kick
C - Medium Slash
D - Heavy Slash
A + B - Dodge


As far as I can remember, B has always been Medium Slash. No need to change it up now.


Well, I have always mapped the buttons in this manner or something resembling Street Fighter or Guilty Gear depending on the game. Just to make it clearer:

[] - Light Slash
X - Kick
/\ - Medium Slash
0 - Heavy Slash
[] + X - Dodge


Then you just remap C to X. No need to change series notation.

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Samurai Shodown is coming in Q2 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Footage of the game was shown to the media but recording or take pictures was not allowed.

Game is 95% developed too

And Charlotte confirmed + rating +18 and amputation effects.


Glad to see they aren’t toning down the violence like they did in SS6. Im hype af for this!

I just wish there’s be more info, especially if it’s true that it’s 95% done.


If is coming out in q2, which is the months between April and June. it going to compete with mortal kombat 11 and I’m worried that it might over shadow samurai shodown. I really want Samurai shodown to succeed and have a good tournament life.


lets be honest. no matter when it comes out it will stil be more of a side game for the majority of people. with so many fighting games out there it will have a hard time anyway.


Considering 90% of the current fighting games are trash if this game is well made it will be like an oasis in the middle of a desert.


That’s not going to happen.


you will not like it anyway because back then everything was better…it have no doubt it will be fun but my point still stands. still cant wait to get some more infos about it.


Actually Sam Sho can succeed if SNK knows proper timing and not doing multiple project at a time like Capcom does.

Focusing Samsho development then going to a new KOF rather than making both games simultaneously while making the other least priority because it’s not a flagship title. That’s the problem.


I’m ok with that. After playing games that don’t have as big of a community as, say, SF, I don’t think I’ll ever really seriously get into a major game I plan on being a part of the community of again. It cuts down on the number of shitheads you have to deal with, and it’s a lot easier to get in touch with, & play the top players of the game and git gud. The people who are serious about it will continue to play, the people who aren’t, wont. And I’d rather play people who are serious about the game than a bunch of Ken scrubs.

Good Game With Smaller Community>>>>>>Big Community Game I Don’t Like



It’ll happen, just maybe not in NA as much after the first year because most NA players would rather play a bad Capcom game than a good game made by someone else. Or they play the newest game seriously for 2 weeks then drop it for whatever just came out if they’re anything like the locals here.


We need a good modern ground footsie based game due to sfv lacking in that department


SamSho will probably fit the bill for that.