Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Can’t wait for this game. Since it’s 95% done, I’m assuming we’ll get a ton of info in the coming months leading up to the spring release.


I want this game to succeed simply because I’m tired of the myriad of new fighting games where the rule is “don’t block”, and would love to see the return of a game where the rule is more “don’t get blocked”.


It does not have to be that way. Developers just need to stop over-designing gameplay, streamlining to the point of mediocrity, and including stupid characters that have no business being in a fighting game.


Can you ellaborate? My impression with modern fighting games is the opposite: it’s far easier to get blown up by attacking too much since a lot of stuff has gotten more unsafe on block with the years and it’s harder to throw it around recklessly under the “gotta commit to it” premise. Throws overall have lower damage output and throw loops aren’t seen as often so just eating the throw is not very bad idea.

Overall it feels like devs give just enough disincentives to keep people from holding downback all day long but not more, as rarely there are options to fully blow up a blocking player for big damage (guard crushing moves scale highly). At least both SC6 and SF5 feel that way. For an Arksys game, DBFZ feels more block friendly compared to something like Blazblue.



It only looks that way until you actually know what you’re doing. 2D games these days are built heavily around frame data and learning to abuse it. Look at how players like SonicFox play - they’re all about putting you in block, and then using that advantage to open you up.

In a way, it’s because of how 2D games are tuned nowadays, based on the precedent set forth by ArcSys. These games are strictly divided into 3 phases: neutral, pressure, and damage. ArcSys, and air-dashers in general have refined the system so that your main reward for winning in neutral is being able to start pressure (and not just flat out damage/combos). The consequences of this is that blocking cannot be advantageous because getting the opponent to start blocking is a reward in itself. In high level play, it’s much more difficult to “block and punish” because one of the most basic forms of opening someone up is to frame trap into a combo, that often leads back into a mixup and more pressure.


It’s a shame when some games actively PUNISH you for blocking in a sense. Thankfully SamSho has never been like that and I can’t imagine they’ll make it like that.

There have been a few new folks wanting to learn 5sp which is cool. If anyone has the game on PSN or on Fightcade and wants to learn/just get in some games, let me know. I’ve been trying to play SS2 a bit more also to get better at it and I’m starting to appreciate it more.