Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Netcode is the one thing I’m genuinely worried about with this game. Game Mystics did a great redo of the PC version of KoF97UM with better netcode and from what I’ve heard it made a massive difference.

But if this game has bad netcode it’ll drastically reduce the amount of people who will be working to stick with it. That’s part of the issue with PS4 5 Special, it’s a way way better experience than playing on Fightcade, but because you can’t really get a solid connection outside of a certain distance unless everyone has fiber, you pretty much have to go to Fightcade if you want to play people from South America or Europe.



All I need is some SS2/SS5sp mechanics. Just a simple hack and slash with minimal combos and I’m fine. SamSho is not something you can mess up easily.

Anyone here knowledgeable on hybrid p2p? I keep reading people complaining about games not using ggpo netcode, but is it really the implementation of rollback or where the server’s located between host-peer connections that plays a big factor in online play?
From my experience playing ggpo I noticed that sometimes I get a better connection playing someone from a neighboring country/continent than playing someone an hour away from my house.



It depends of what actually “server” in hybrid model do. It can be a matchmaking server that only helps players to find eachother and maybe store some data. Or it might actually a model with nodes, where nodes are stable and work, that benefits everybody (but IDK if its count as P2P at this point).

So basically having a server or a node that actually process the information helps:
a) latency may be cut in half (or more but at the cost of the performance of other player)
b) people are not responsible for eachother connection quality (ideally).
c) other benefits that do not concern FG.

Rollback is heavily favored because only alternative is slowing the game or having input delay AND NOBODY WANTS THAT. But Rollback is not a magic and could not be applied to anything to bake it equally better, at certain point you need to get fiber and good IP.

I’m very used to just having fiber as internet quality floor. So it always baffles me when people who use wifi or some downright bad connection demand GGPO. Because its like getting new tires for your car when your engine is dying.

I also want 5SP gameplay with 5 buttons layout and uncensored Zetsumei ougis (and arenas style from 4, because “now more corpses” from 5sp wasn’t as good).



When I play against certain people on some of the PC clients like Fightcade 1, 2, or Xzone, sometimes the ones that are better in general are worse for bad connections. Like xzone is the best but against certain people it’s awful because there are so many rollbacks it’s borderline unplayable. Rollback is definitely not a magic bullet but I think it’s possible to get better connections over longer distances than input based netcode.

Either way, it’s hard enough getting good at 5Sp where I could actually potentially play Japanesers on Fightcade 1 albeit with a not great yet barely serviceable connection. If we can’t even play people in Europe or South America at SamSho7, it’s gonna make it really hard to git gud.

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EVO Japan version of the teaser trailer. Basically the same shit, except I think we got more of Earthquake.



and the samurai shodown logo!
ed- its actually the same earthquake sequence but here he is covered in blood.

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For a game coming out this year we have very little info.



yeah, its kinda strange. even some small snippets would be enough to keep people on the seat. i am sure a lot of people actually forgot that a new one comes out at this point.



I’m actually beginning to doubt the leaks regarding the Q2 release date.



Didn’t that info come directly from SNK themselves though?



It’s not like they are a stranger to delays.



James Chen finally learning SSVSP.

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Seems bloodier



Same. Unless the game is almost done and they’re being measured about what they show, I’ll be surprised if this comes out first half of the year.



maybe they didnt wanted to go under with the whole doa, mk11 and season pass/dlc stuff from other games and start promoting it later on but with mk11 coming out in april it would be a very short time period to do so afterwards. i for myself can wait but it would be still nice to see a bit more footage, even when its just work in progress stuff.

based on that new version video they didnt fixed the style they want to go with so it seems they still are in the overall tweaking phase of how the game should look like.

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Yeah now that I think about it, they probably don’t want to have to compete with MK11 in terms of release dates. Maybe it’ll end up coming later to avoid that.

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I would love for there not to be DLC, but I doubt it will happen. I hope that the base roster is filled with non-clone derived characters. I would only be willing to pay $6 for Cham Cham if the base game is legit and none of that box of chocolates season pass shit.

I don’t see Mortal Kombat 11 or DOA 6 being half as interesting to play as this game if it is done well, but I am probably in the minority.



This is one game I won’t mind shelling out for dlc because I know all the characters I want won’t be in from the jump.

I agree though, this game is going to be much more interesting than either of those others and probably even KoF

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I guess I am lucky in that regard. The characters I mainly play as are Genjuro, Ukyo, Kyoshiro, Charlotte, and Cham Cham and four of them are practically guaranteed a spot on the roster. Though there might be a few more I would support but are very unlikely to make an appearance.



As long as Amakusa and Yoshitora are in I’m good.