Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


So the game is in this year’s evo line-up. That means the game releases before August. Can we get a date SNK?


they showed a new gameplay trailer during the evo lineup reveal stream. should be uploaded somewhere soon to post.



No sword gauge?

Also in the trailer - some form of meter destroying mechanic, disarming, deflects.

Freeze after Haohmaru deflects Galford makes me think this might be some new mechanic as well. Counter WFT maybe? Didn’t require meter though.

Jubei’s Nikkaku Ratou knocks down like in SS4 when he had full Rage. I wonder if this is a return of that mechanic.


I wish they would either reveal characters or show two decent players duking it out in the game.


Assuming the open fans mean victoly, Haohmaru does the gold background super while in red health and down a round giving us no real context as to needed conditions to activate. I also can’t read too much into the disarming of Galford as that may have just been the result of a clash.

Jubei looks like he whiff cancelled into fb.

Background colors no longer change on rage supers (I won’t call them WFTs until I can confirm they disarm) and either counters happen on active frames or certain specials can’t counter as Jubei dp’s Haoh’s start up but doesn’t receive a counter message but we see Poppy counter Haoh in a later scene.

I just poured about an hour into analyzing this and comparing to the previous trailer, both have cuts that hide key info so I’m forced to speculate. Given the sheer amount of damage the gold super did I’m going to guess once per match, given that and rage burst/issen (rage burst not shown and issen assumed based on the previous trailer but that’s what I choose to believe got rid of Galford’s meter) should be plenty comeback mechanics for people (not to mention rage itself).

Lets hope for character reveals in the upcoming demo’s (I hear it’s going to be playable at PAX East, I hope they send a demo to Norcal Regionals at the same time as then I’ll be able to try it there).


looks like a cross between SamSho 2 and 4.

i’m just glad they finally showed more gameplay. can’t wait for summer!

looks like WFT is now a deflect/parry mechanic?


Trailer in High Quality from the SNK Channel


The stylistic choice is appealing, the hit spark, flashes and effects is looking good but kinda huge and has strong opacity? Sensory overload?


I was thinking that about the hitspark sizes too, but not every hit seems to give that huge spark, so I am wondering if it isn’t something specifically related to the system mechanics.


I hope it’s related to system mechanic like you said.

Some huge effects are okay if they parts of hits within a certain multiple hitting attack that the other player cannot respond other than taking a hit, but for certain attack that give the other player normal recovery it isn’t something necessary to have those flashy effects.

I like the overall vibe and aesthetics of the game.


That damage though… :heart_eyes:

Based SNK delivering the goods to us.


lol the damage reminds me of KOF 95



Looks good. Just maybe the particles are too flashy? Atleast for my taste.


Looks like they have some kind of filter applied. Maybe that’s just for the promos?


Looks great. I’m liking everything so far, only worried about netcode now.


Lol he did max guard cancel with a super while extremely low at health. Of course it’s gonna hurt


LOL, using meter to deal that much damage? What is this, a children’s game?


Saw the gameplay sneak peak. There’s a lot of visual noise on the attacks shown and all that sparkle is taking away from blood. Maybe they want to tone it down just a bit