Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019



Actually, if you watch it again, the hitsparks only appear during hits that don’t use a blade.


Jubei had em. But you right, mostly on dull attacks. Other than that game is shaping up to be a solid entry. Hope they do DLC one character a time. Reveal creates hype. Release draws online/offline play and generates talk/clicks. Do this for 8 months for a total of 4 characters. Then end with a balance patch. Repeat this cycle. It has proved to work.


If they a character pass I want who it will have from the jump. I need to know what I’m paying for.

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That’s 'cause his DP starts with a shoulder tackle.


looking good so far even though i am much prefer if they made it more more like SSV Special.
and please, i hope Zankuro and Sieger Neinhart will be in this game. or at least one of them.

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I will be planning attending my first evo this it wise to just enter for one tournament?
I’m deciding to enter MK11 but also want to join the Samurai Shodown. I wonder if I have time for both or just stick to one or the other.


I’d say go for it. SamSho in general is more about footsies and match ups than any specific tech.


I’m debating Evo again this year. Normally I’d be all in already but my son is gonna be born in early July and I’m not sure what life is gonna look like yet. Still, I really want to be there, so I guess we’ll see. I’m also curious to see how I’ll stack up especially if more name players start playing this. Tbh I’d love to slice Wong or somebody like that in half on stream at a big tourney lol!

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Never heard of this publisher. I can’t find any games they’ve published.


Interesting. Originally, rumor was that it would be NISA publishing it.


out of boredom i made a sprite edit of Jubei from SS4

i never liked the way he looked from SS4 and beyond. he looks so much better in the previews for SamSho2019

bigger view

made changes to his coat (shows wrist), kimono, hakama, neck area, and made is feet a little bigger.


He was rocking JNCOs before they were cool.

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Not sure this was mentioned here before, but it seems that SS1 and SS2 director Yasuchi Adachi is involved in this.


i hope that’s true. the first two games are my favorites.

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The speed looks pretty good, more like 5Special from what I can tell.

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Me I’m more concern on how regular fgc participants react on it after getting a hands on experience along with gameplay mechanics.

Many games nowadays had enticing presentation and good in teasing but the feedback from hands on experience would see throughout.


Yeah the hands on will be the true test. Sounds to me like they’re taking their time with it which is a good sign.

Btw, Experimilk, another 5 Special player, and i will be streaming some 5Sp matches and talking about the game Monday night around 830pm CST. Come heckle, or ask questions, or whatever.


More multiplat confirmation. Game has been rated for Xbone in Korea.


PAX East panel is gonna be moderated by Giby.