Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


I hope the blood isn’t that always exaggerated… I hope they would try to use if meaningful and purposeful rather than overly exaggerated effect that covers the characters on screen.

An occasional use of effects give some sort of innovation. That it would turn the blood into a successful visual aid/cue to communicate and emphasize a decent land critical hit or a counter hit to the perspective of the viewer.

The teal and orange hue dominant colors in the current visual of the game wouldn’t blend well with the frequent exaggerated huge red blood sprays.

So it will serve more wisely as an interesting Diegetic UI.

That is functionally both sensible and expressive rather than a consistent exaggerated regular bland effects that covers characters for the sake of gory impression that it feels more like a modern jidaigeki film with B-movie effects.


The blood looks great.
Anywho, I’m not too familiar with Samsho. What kind of combo system should we expect? Has Samsho ever had roman cancels?


If you actually watched the trailer more closely, you’ll note that the blood only comes out during specific hits. During Haoh’s hard slash (probably a counter hit), during Jubei’s Nikkaku Ratou, and during the WFTs. So we know the blood doesn’t come out willy-nilly. It seems to be reserved for things damaging hits.

SamSho, for the most part, hasn’t really been a combo heavy series. 4 is probably the most combo heavy, with more special cancels (inherited from III), and CD combos. Meanwhile, 1 and 2 are more footsie oriented than even SFII, with big damage (half life even) coming from a single counter-hit. And no, there hasn’t really been any sort of roman cancel type system.


I hope it is.

Classic Samsho is more on to landing a decent critical hit, that changes the tides of the battle instantly.

I hope to see some sort of crush counter and guard crush/focus attack alike mechanic.

I don’t mind them bringing in a combo system, but I hope it would not revolve into a game that is heavily into landing a combo and doing cancels. A similar system to SFV target combo would do.

Please no 3d plane maneuver along with the sides step, roll or a mechanic that would easily switch sides.

Dodge and Parry would be fine and enough.


Doing some research and I see the control scheme has changed a lot between games. Which control scheme is most popular? Also I see in some games there’s a ducking mechanic? What’s that about?


game looks really cool


Hell no to Crush Counters. those are literally the worst things ive ever seen in a fighting game. They feel random and make fights seem extremely fraudulent. Leave that garbage with the garbage game.


Crush Counters definitely feel fraudulent in SFV but with some adjustments it could be great. Just make it negative on block. I think SS most everything is negative on block anyway.


Counter hits and getting huge damage off them is a big part of Samurai Shodown. The big difference here is that instead of getting extended combos (which aren’t exclusive to SFV), you just outright get big damage.

Almost every blocked attack leaves you in a reeling animation.

Also, I believe every attack has the same amount of blockstun. At least in V Special, it was all 5 frames.


yes but said counter hits in sam sho dont stop you from playing the game or put you in a spot where theres nothing you can do. Nor do they feel like something that just “happens” arbitrarily. Crush Counters (at least how they are in SFV) do. thats the difference.


My problem with CC is the risk/reward is dumb. If they like were sweeps on block I wouldn’t mind getting hit by them so much.


Not exactly the same as SFV.


The thing is crush counters are essentially what you get when you tie Garou MOTW’s counter hits to a comeback mechanic’s meter gain and add more hitstun. I think the problem is the abusable normals that got attached to crush counters, giving people high rewards for comparatively low risk. The best crush counters give big damage combos and V-meter on optimal success, reasonable damage on regular hit, can be set up as a frame trap, and are safe on block (correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t actually played SFV for a while, I got all the most recent characters hoping someone would be interesting enough for me to get back in, but aside from some messing around with characters I’ve not touched the game and don’t know whatever rebalancing happened).

But all that has nothing to do with SS here. I’m interested if it’s weapon disarming or weapon destroying for the WFTs in this game (possibly both as we see Haohmaru having two supers in the trailer already. And the red background moments seem like the big damage sliding slash attacks after a rage burst (sorry I’ve forgotten some of my Samurai Shodown terminology)


Art director is KoFXIV’s Noboyuki Kuroki, not Ikeno.


Judging by the amount of views and positive reception the trailer has already gotten.

I have a feeling that this game will have a ton more popularity in North American than KoFXIV. It has a more stylish look, the animations look very polished, stages look vibrant, and it’s strikingly different from other games on the market with it’s overall presentation and yes even blood. It feels grounded and serious without being dry like an NRS game but I also think it’s good so far the violence isn’t gore porn level. Many fighting games these days lack a strong original art direction(SFV and Marvel Infinite), are Frankenstein titles(Blazblue Cross Tag) or feel too chaotic trying to be both serious and outright goofy such as Tekken and now Soul Calibur VI to a degree. The facial expression on Nakoruru’s face when she stabs in the trailer that look regret are one of the little things that sell the gravity of the game’s tone despite being so strikingly full of color.

So exciting to see the series re-imagined think a reboot helps a lot too.

Westerns and new generation players around the world get intermediate by long numbered series of games hence why Yakuza 0 was such a run away hit for SEGA because the game felt safe to jump into for them and SEGA riding that wave with the Kiwami remakes.

All in all, SNK is going to make a statement here; I can’t wait to play the game.


Might not be a reboot though, rather a sequel to V and prequel to 1.


This is true. I meant a reboot more in how it’s numbered rather than story because that’s all that really matters outside of this bubble to the average potential player. Presentation is everything for a first impression whether it be a trailer, title, or the boxart.

Will it be Samurai Shodown VI in the west or will it be Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown Insert subtitle

I think the latter is the way to go for SNK.


There’s already a Samurai Shodown VI.


Weapon disarming would be interesting, if they could link it to potential mind games rather than just rapid button pressing… Something like in MVC3 air tag.

I’m not into weapon destruction…

I hope that footsies are the driven strategy of the game for majority of the characters.


Part of me wonders how players weaned on newer games’ll take to it. SamSho emphasizes footsies more than even the most recent SF games and it’s definitely a slower paced, more defensive game than majority of today’s fare.